Chaos!!! Caylee’s Warriors say Hell No, We’re not going to take it!!! Oh My!!!

January 4, 2012 |  by  |  Blog

The Caylee’s Warriors have said “Hell NO” to their bashers and ignited a firestorm on the internet….

These warriors are busy tonight planning just where to strike those matches – they say they’ve had it!!!!

One Warrior after another has bonded in the common purpose of burning Levi Page’s ass and uh, maybe some of his vocal supporters on twitter, omg … and they are one by one striking matches to show how serious they are!!! 😯

I’m being told by some of the top leaders of the Warriors that they believe Levi was led astray by two of their biggest twitter haters – JusticeChick98 and Queen_LaQueefa – who they believe have promised Mr. Page sexual favors to bash them!!!! *THUD* *GASP*

And they say if Cobra is working for Team Cindy – they will more than burn his ass!!!! 😯

They are putting the word out that if Nancy Grace, Diane Dimond or JVM snoop around their twitters or facebook pages and then run to air or print with their stuff – giving them no credit for it — they will gladly burn their asses too!!!

Chaos everywhere… I don’t think I’ve seen so much chaos since I wuz a poster at WS… but I really don’t want to go into that!!! :(





  1. LOL! Some people really need to log off the internet and get a real life.

    I couldn’t give less of a fuck what these uptight, bitter, old, Casey-obsessed bitches think of me.

    I speak my own mind, voice my own thoughts and since they’re so good at being lemmings/sheep/followers, they could stand to follow my lead.

    Whether anyone cares to acknowledge it or not, even though Levi is young, he is still a grown ass man that can think for himself. You all ride his dick harder than I do. LOL!

    Really, none of these bitter old bitches know me, so I say let them keep on hating. You do nothing but motivate those you hate on.

    Keep stalking my page. Keep retweeting and favoriting my tweets. I’m not bending to any of these worthless chicks.

    It’s all a worthless cause, simply because everyone knows that CMA will pull an OJ Simpson and eventually be back in trouble with the law. Good things come to those who wait!

    I’m on the next level. :)

  2. Hey Radio have you seen this video of the Blond Casey Anthony?

  3. LOL, I just read on one of the other threads that you’re not following any of the Casey/Caylee things…oops sorry to have posted that then! My bad :/

    • LOL -- no worries… I see stuff pop up on twitter sometimes and if you watch HLN -- can’t avoid some of the sound clips… I haven’t seen the video, but had heard about it, etc…

      I did watch closing statements of the trial and when the verdict came in… and it was hard to avoid the nonstop coverage of all the reaction to that verdict…. etc., etc…

      I do like Dr. G and Linda D Burdick…

  4. I hear ya…I just like that the name of video is.”could this be Horseface”…LMAO.