Can Casey Anthony Boycott Groups Survive Casey’s Future?

January 26, 2012 |  by  |  Blog

Most likely not!

American’s have boycotted anything and everything since the beginning of this Country – just as Mankind has boycotted whatever it didn’t like since the beginning of time.

If something offends you – you stay away from it and you have bad things to say about it. This morning I wanted to throw a stink bomb into a Whirlpool appliance manufacturing facility. By afternoon I had gotten over it – but I will never buy another Whirlpool appliance! However, I have not as yet checked out FB or any other place to see if there is a Boycott Whirlpool page where I can spend a lot of time posting hate comments towards that manufacturer over and over. Then over and over some more!

Your average American may be outraged about something, may say a lot of things and they will not purchase anything they don’t like, watch tv programs they don’t like, eat food they don’t like, buy clothes they don’t like or go to movies they don’t like. The Majority do not join boycott groups that soon slide into hate groups. Even if some do – they soon move on as hate is a very tiring thing! It inhabits you and infests everything around you and as we have seen over the last several weeks – makes some people go completely off their rockers.

Haters hate! When they can find an object or person to direct that hate at – they have found their utopia. The ideal community. Call it anything you want or proclaim moral high values – it still is what it is – the ideal community for such people who like to hate. Everything has a season and most move on when that season has ended.

The majority really don’t like group think or group hate and they are well able to boycott on a personal and individual basis anything and everything they want to without a support group. Just like they always have.

Casey Anthony is a young woman and if she is able to live a long life – today there are many middle aged women who will grow old, while risking their health and cheating time from their families, all to sit behind a keyboard way too much simply to hate Casey Anthony!

Geniune boycotters? Not anymore.



  1. LOL .. thanks -- but I’ll pass!!! :)

  2. Some of these haterz will have heart attacks or strokes while Casey enjoys the rest of her life.

    Sad for them.