Are #CayleesWarriors turning into an #Anarchist movement before our eyes??

January 12, 2012 |  by  |  Blog

The Casey Anthony trial verdict upset many… and they have lashed out… but how far do they want to go is the real question as I personally see it? JMO

Do you want to riot in front of Court Houses – Federal Court Houses in every city?

Maybe the Supreme Court?

Do you want to throw Molotov cocktails at Judges and Police over one case gone bad according to you? I’m beginning to wonder!!! :(

It’s one thing to tweet about wanting justice in a case you think went wrong — but it’s a whole ‘nother thing to allow yourselves to be led by an Anarchist – who would lead you to exactly that… Wow – how American!!! Such Constitutional respect for the American Judicial System, duh!!! :roll:

The Briley’s seem like hard working American’s to me – who I may think are to involved in hatred towards Casey Anthony, jmo… it does not mean they are evil, etc… maybe, just maybe they are doing what they believe is the “right thing”… but maybe they are as evil as has been tweeted and maybe they have just been tricked into something much more complicated than they bargained for…

A lot to think about, imo!!!!

It’s your business and your choice. Choose wisely!


  1. ROTFLMAO!! Whut you afraid off Amelia???

    But, Gawd, let’s hope so….

    Amelia Noel Sobel @AmeliaSobel 1h
    Last tweet until Casey’s next slip-up, it shouldn’t be long. Thanks for all the support #ChooseCaylee #wewillbewatching!/ameliasobel

    Brave exit I admit -- LOL!!!!

  2. But the Brileys have a name. How come u hid behind this site. What is your name? Amazing how so many bitch and moan on the internet but would never do so in the real world.

    • My identity is none of your business sister -- just like the identity of Amelia Sobel is none of your business… the Briley’s chose that path… otherwise GO FISH!!!!

      Stings don’t it?? :)

  3. lol..Oh Radio, must you be dragged into it??? WTF?…You’ve been nothing but neutral really, and you’ve given these goofballs another place to have the BS read about…now you’re getting called out? what-the-fuck-ever….

    oh yeah, you don’t mind if I link your stuff to my new blog do you…:D please say yes!! pretty please!!

  4. You’re the bestest!…once I get a few posts up I will give you the blog addy so you can stop by..thanks a bunch 😀

  5. amelia sobel was a writer she is dead now. these people have nothing to do with her or the rest of our family.

    • Whatever.

      I restored your other comment left earlier this morning. You simply want to have fun – so have some…

      • they are hackers who stole those accounts. Im her brother.

        • I think what you gals and guys should do is put up a blog… or open a new section on the one you have up — and write your “purpose” -- you know “intent” … or maybe your “manifesto”…. about what exactly your goals are regarding Casey Anthony. You know -- the Justice for Caylee mantra isn’t working anymore. The no money for Casey mantra isn’t working -- so why not just be out in the open while maintaining your anonymity and state the true and honest purpose?

          If you don’t have time or do not want to use the blog you have -- hell, write it here in comments… and I might even consider taking it to the front page -- depending on how well written it is and if it is honest aka not a joke…lol…. Think about it.

          Think about it because things are very out of hand/control… I understand who you are and a honest piece from you could clear the air… or at least define things. Tweet after tweet by many is not being well followed…. so think about it.

          • You are a liar….. that’s exactly what you want. You cherish great hopes of inspiring someone to do it or worse.
            Amelia Noel Sobel
            @kkennedy38 Won’t say yes or no, you don’t want her to get hurt.
            51 minutes ago via Twitter for Android Favorite Retweet Reply

            Lame response Amelia -- very very lame…. “your kind of justice” does not need to burn the heads of the regular #CayleesWarriors
            Amelia Noel Sobel
            Our goal is justice. Our goal is truth. No more media lies. End yellow jounalism. #ChooseCaylee #boycott
            42 minutes ago via Twitter for Android Favorite Retweet Reply

  6. NOW they want an end to yellow journalism?!

  7. OMG, I needed a good laugh tonight…bored shitless. I just knew lurking around your place would be most entertaining. Gonna have to check some of this out. Thanks Radio…glad to see you back in your hip-waders again!!!!