Murt’s Back On The Rag Over Prinnie

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Prinnie aka Alexandria Goddard just can’t get a break from Murt’s defaming and stalking the last few days.

Problem stems from the fact she has the goods on him, has been posting it here: truecrimecrazytown. A blog devoted to Murt’s antics over the years and I do mean years. He has been chasing Prinnie for years! Unreal.

As you can see on the blog update – Murt has enlisted one of his many socks named “Fletcher” to hopefully get some of the heat off his main account, which you can read here: @MURTWITNESSONE

Sure, Murt is old news, the same news and he runs the same news reel over and over, but he’s still an asshole that needs to be seen for what he is.

A loudmouth crazed wart.

Rumors Rampant SSM May Soon Lose Her Shit – Big Time!!

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It was well known that during the campaign devised by SSM to grab Websleuths away from Griffith that she intended to stop at nothing to accomplish her goal.

In her mind, as sent out to her little minions and carrier pigeons, she never even allowed the possibility to be expressed “she hoped she could get it” …. her mantra was “she WOULD get it” and that was all there was to it.

She was primping and strutting around as if she already was the owner and was also, behind the curtain, making some plans…. the lawsuit was nothing but an annoyance for her.

Even then the tv docu-series that has been mentioned here before was being discussed. She privately told her buddies, she wanted nothing to do with it, but as soon as Tricia was solidly out of the picture – she would hook up with the filmmakers and all would be glorious.

At last, she would truly become famous. FAMOUS!!!

However, the public reaction was so hostile towards her takeover attempt and even her personally, like all good luzers – she came to terms with her defeat and *poof* she was gone. Kinda like that old Hee Haw song!! Hahaha!

Ok, now the rampant rumors running wild are that the tv docu-series is drawing even closer and the announcement even closer. It is of great concern that when Miss SSM sees the announcement and even worse – the network it will be airing on – she may go nuts. You know – her and her best buds may go, uh, PSYCHOVILLE!

So, if you hang out over there, just reading and goofing around, you might want to put a safety helmet on, get some eye bleach and ear protective gear or hang a garland of garlic around your neck… and don’t forget to do that garlic thing for your kids if you have some. :)

Another New Blog In Town!! #Anonymous

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As expected, #Anonymous has the beginnings of their promised blog about Timothy Holmseth.

As might be expected also, lol, it will contain language you haven’t seen here.

It’s going to have a lot of “adult content”, which is seen here from time to time, but not in the detail you will see on their blog.

#Lonzie And Family

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Haleigh’s Maternal Grandmother Speaks About #Lonzie Case On Facebook

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#Lonzie – Help Find Lonzie Barton Facebook Page

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#Lonzie: Barton And Lauramore Families Speak Out; Haleigh Cummings’ Family Contacted

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Police records show that Lonna Barton has drug possession charges pending against her from a May incident in Baker County. Ebron was with her at the time.

Shirley Barton, the aunt of Lonzie’s father, Christopher Barton, said that there had been some custody issues between her nephew and Lonzie’s mother Lonna Barton, since the couple separated a couple of months before.

Christopher, 40, was married to 25-year-old Lonna Barton, whose maiden name is Lauramore, for about five years but they have been separated for two months, Shirley Barton said.

As for Lonzie’s father, Shirley Barton said he doesn’t own a car and she knows logistically he could not have abducted his son, and wouldn’t do something like that.

Shirley Barton described Lonzie as a sweet little boy who is named after his maternal grandfather.

Most of Christopher Barton’s family is from Baker County. He is currently in Jacksonville with his father while the search continues for the toddler.

Lonzie Lauramore, Lonna’s father, and his wife, Debbie, have a home in Baker County.

Tina Lauramore, the missing boys’ aunt, posted on Facebook, “Thank you very much, prayers are appreciated! Lord knows we’ve have already went through this before when another one of my cousin’s daughters was abducted, Haleigh Cummings, this hits home very hard for us all.”

News4Jax tried to reach out to Haleigh Cummings’ family to find out more about the relationship but haven’t heard back. Haleigh’s grandmother is from Baker County.

Again, police said the mother and the child’s father are not considered suspects. At this point, they are victims looking for Lonzie and are being cooperative with police.

Jacksonville searchers deploy to Northside for Lonzie Barton; reward up to $10,500

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As a week lapsed in the relentless search for missing 21-month-old Lonzie Barton, community support grows and investigators likened the case to a puzzle being snapped together piece by piece.

“As you start to put a puzzle together, you start getting key pieces in and as the key pieces start coming in … the puzzle will be put together much faster,” Chief Tom Hackney said at a noon briefing Thursday.

But Hackney didn’t point to any breakthroughs in the case that centers on the boyfriend of Lonzie’s mother as a suspect in what police are calling a murder investigation.

He said he has been in daily contact with Sheriff Mike Williams, who has been on a pre-planned vacation. Undersheriff Pat Ivey said later that Williams is out of the country and is scheduled to return to the office Monday.

“I’m the chief of detectives, if I happen to take a vacation, that investigation train keeps rolling,” Hackney said.

He said investigators have found a “couple of things that look promising,” following a request for private surveillance system footage from businesses and private homes in the northeast quadrant of Jacksonville, where the search shifted Wednesday.


Ut Oh!! Watch Out for Astro!!

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More than just silly tweets from this Murt & Astro shared twitter sock account, is the fact this is an excellent view as to how they view their existence on twitter and no doubt, a prelude to Astro unlocking her account and going to battle.

They both believe they are some kind of operatives that are going to do people in. Everyone is the enemy!

In other words – they believe everything is war and they must be vigilant at all times or their frontline’s will be overrun by hooligans. LMAO!!

OMG! Murt Has Called Someone A “WHORE” On Twitter! SSM’S Forum Also Endorsed!

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Good grief!!! :(  How rude!!!


The new real crime forum he joined and is raving about must have been a big letdown for him. LMAO!! You would think he would be spending all his time there, not fighting on twitter!!! Good grief!! :( Murt is losing his shit!! I’m sure when his twitter rant is over, he will delete it all. That’s what he usually does when he acts out on his main account.


Lonzie Barton, JSO: Police efforts are now for a murder investigation

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The search efforts into the disappearance of Lonzie Barton has more fully moved to a homicide investigation, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Chief of Investigations Tom Hackney said at a press conference Monday afternoon.

“It breaks my heart I have to keep coming down here without answers,” he said.

Hackney has said that the principal suspect in Lonzie’s murder is Ruben Ebron, little Lonzie’s caretaker at the time.

Evidence has lead search crews to the Philips Highway, I-295/I-95 interchange area in the Southside. Numerous retention ponds litter the area there, and JSO has been searching them since Sunday morning.

Officers are also halting the trash pickup of specific dumpsters in that area.

While a JSO spokesperson has said they aren’t searching the Trail Ridge Landfill, officers were scene combing the closed Sunbeam Road Landfill.

Hackney said the key to the investigation is Lonzie’s mother’s boyfriend, Ebron. “The answers are in his heart,” Hackney explained.

“The one thing that will solve this case is by Ruben Ebron cooperating with police and telling us where Lonzie is,” Hackney said.


Did The #Anonymous Group Think Holmseth Would Remove His Blogs?

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No, they didn’t because they know he can’t, even though they gave him the opportunity to do so. He’s completely addicted to the type of blogging he does. Some say he has found a clever way of blogging what is actually pedophilia, plain and simple, even camouflaging it with his claims of “facts” and “legal filings”!

Whatever it is – it is disgusting and whether his blogs go away or not isn’t even the issue.

Handling the Op in such a way that he has no voice left is one of the obvious aims, imo!

That – they have been very effective in doing and the project isn’t over with yet. As I said there will be a blog about the Holmseth’s that will bare all. I mean all, from what I’m lead to believe.

Once the naked truth is out there – Timothy Holmseth’s voice will have been silenced simply because his nuttiness will have been laid bare.

No one will care. No one. His voice will be worthless and that’s the same as being silenced. Those that tag along after him now, will continue to do so – all voiceless. All of them will thrash about, not being noticed or heard. Some call this an “online death”.

He may continue to be an online joke, but that’s all the power he will have. He will have been and is being stripped bare.

Stick a fork in him. He’s done. LOL!

He was given an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and has refused.

#Anonymous Group’s Cleverness In Handling Op ShutDown Holmseth

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I’m told it took months for this Op to put together and the strategy to be developed.

I’ve got to hand it to them for the cleverness they used and the cover they chose.

The way the twitter @ShutDownTH was handled was pure genius. It was made to look like a very localized effort by using what Holmseth and trolls would assume was the same old same old. I retweeted, Prinnie, LyndaLubner, NoniCatarina, etc… the usual suspects. Levi Page didn’t RT, because he never RT’s Anonymous activities or OP’s.

The @ShutDownTH twitter tweeted to all the old Haleigh Cummings case follower’s twitters that could be remembered. Clever.

Normally, an Anonymous Op is all over twitter with all kinds of other Anon’s tweeting and commenting. Not this Op. This Op has been one of the most secretive Op’s I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a few.

The Anonymous group that made the video’s are busy on the ground and online dealing with Holmseth in ways he hasn’t comprehended yet. His daughter hasn’t either.

Soon a webpage will go up with the Holmseth’s made naked to the public and when I’m notified or I see it on twitter, I will post the link here.

I think Holmseth and his daughter have a rough ride ahead of them.

Timothy Holmseth has long been an utter joke with Minnesota authorities all the way from East Grand Forks to St. Paul and I haven’t been blogging much due to dealing with emails that are absolutely thrilled with the activities of this Anonymous group, as posted on this blog. I believe much more has been done by this group that has not been made public, but has been privately sent to Minnesota authorities directly.

Especially hysterical to these authorities is the fact Holmseth is spinning like a spinning top filing all kinds of charges and making complaints against all the wrong people. LOL! It is funny!

Good luck Timothy and Marina. You both are going to need it.


Jeremiah Regan to sue pedophile Timothy Holmseth

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Timothy Holmseth: Haleigh Cummings crack pot

Jeremiah Regan, a man in Florida that helped run the “Haleigh bug Center,” a station set up to help raise awareness for missing child Haleigh Cummings is planning on suing Timothy Charles Holmseth, from East Grand Forks, MN. I’m hearing that a very well respected law firm in Saint Augustine, FL has agreed to represent him and for the last week a private investigator was dispatched to East Grand Forks, MN to dig up dirt on Timothy Holmseth. He’s scheduled to be in East Grand Forks, MN for another week finishing up some final touches on his investigation.

Timothy Holmseth has accused Regan and his father of being involved in Haleigh’s disappearance, and even accused his father of being a pedophile. Furthermore, I’m hearing he is seeking a protective order against Holmseth, because Holmseth is obsessed with him and this is of major concern.

For those of you not aware of Timothy Holmseth’s background, he is a blogger that is so obsessed with the case of murdered child Haleigh Cummings that he refuses to get a job and is on welfare so he can sit at home and blog about her. He dedicates his time to writing self published books and blogs about the missing child. Holmseth has been characterized as a pedophile because he is obsessed and has been writing about the vagina of Haleigh Cummings for years. He also uses the Haleigh Cummings case to act out his fantasies about child rape and child porn.

Missing boy is related to Haleigh Cummings, another missing child

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PUTNAM COUNTY, Fla. — As the search continues for 21-month-old Lonzie Barton in Jacksonville, details have emerged that he is related to a little girl who disappeared in 2009.

According to family members, Lonzie and Haleigh Cummings are distant cousins.

Haleigh’s paternal great-grandmother says the family relation exists on Haleigh’s mother’s side of the family.

Haleigh Cummings disappeared from her Putnam county home in 2009 in the middle of the night. A massive search took place for her and her story made national headlines.

Haleigh is still missing.

Her great-grandmother, Annette Sykes, said she is praying for Lonzie’s family.

“We understand exactly how they feel. To realize that not only is Haleigh missing but so is her cousin,” Sykes voice cracked as she spoke. “I don’t even know the words for it.”

Sykes said she does not know if there is any connection between the two cases.

She does find it unusual that both Haleigh and Lonzie were each with siblings when they disappeared.

“It gave me cold chills,” Sykes said.

#Anonymous Message To Timothy And Marina Holmseth

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Stern warning to sickos Timothy and Marina Holmseth

What I Believe To Be The Issue With Timothy Holmseth #Anonymous

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Anonymous has an issue with Timothy Holmseth and it has bled over to his daughter, Marina.

Kim Picazio, an attorney in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl, had an issue with Timothy Holmseth over the lies he was publishing on his numerous blogs about her and her family. She took him to court, had him thrown in jail and he was ordered to remove all content about her. He violated that court order and was placed in jail. He couldn’t prove a thing he had written. He had to remove all mention of her name and her images.

No one appreciates being lied about. And that, I believe, is the issue with Timothy Holmseth, plus his refusal to remove the lies he has published about innocent people.

The same goes for all the local East Grand Forks officials, police department, State of Minnesota and federal agencies. Who could blame them? He has sued them all with ridiculous allegations.

It also goes for Levi Page. Not only does Timothy defame him, but his dedicated trolls, Murt, Mlee and Astro join in. A pack of dangerous sick people, who delight in lies, not the truth. All looney conspiracists.

At some time it goes over the line and people like Anonymous take note, which has happened. They have even drug his adult daughter, Marina, into the fray. She has issues of her own, stemming from no doubt how she as raised.

According to court documents, and per her little half brother, her own father constantly call her a “higgied up whore”. She was just a kid, a teenager, and to face that kind of verbal abuse from a father is rough. Joking or not.

Why his daughter? She is believed to be completely aware of what he does and makes no attempt to stop him. She can’t stop him, of course, but she is also known to have joined in with some of his twitter bullshit, during the Haleigh Cummings case, in the past and God only knows what else. Her voice has been heard on phone calls being quite vulgar. Vulgarity is all she knows. This is how she was raised, between visits with her mother.

Her mother? More on that in a later post.

Missi Viebrock – The Cyberbully? Say It Ain’t So!!! #Dylan

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Melissa Viebrock Accuses RadioNewz Of “Bullying” Durango Herald #Dylan

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Missi took exception to my tweets to the Durango Herald Newspaper. I will show you the the tweets that set this off and then I will link the account said to be Helena Roubanes that joined in.

Expressing an opinion to a newspaper or anyone else is not bullying. I didn’t spam them, I simply issued to 2 tweets to them.

The only 2 tweets I issued to the Durango Herald.

As you can see – I politely asked them to reconsider. No threats. No bullying. If that is bullying, free speech is dead.

The account said to be Helena Roubanes, Auntie Rosa, and I have no doubt it is, linked here: She tried to turn the whole thing into a major twitter melee. I didn’t take the bully’s bait. LOL!

Helena Roubanes needs to be ignored. By everyone. She is a worthless criminal.

Dylan Redwine Warrior’s Pre-emptive Strike At Durango Herald Over Coming Article

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I have been advised of the following.

The Durango Herald is planning to print an article in support of Mark Redwine as a victim, a poor harassed father who is just trying to grieve the loss of his murdered son.

The article if printed will be in the paper in the next couple of days. Dylan’s Warriors are making a pre-emptive strike against this outrage.

This post on Dylan Redwine – The Journey to Justice Facebook page shows the extreme lengths that Mark and his supporters went to Harass Elaine, her friends, family, and many of Dylan’s warriors.

We are not going to tolerate Mark Redwine being painted as a victim. Dylan is the victim. Mark Redwine’s victim, and we are proud that we fought back against the harassment we were subject to and did not allow a murderer to walk around free to enjoy his life as if nothing happened.

Dylan mattered. It’s shameful that the Durango Herald doesn’t think so.

#Anonymous Group Has Timothy Holmseth Facing Deadline To Remove Blogs

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An Anonymous group has Timothy Holmseth facing a deadline of Sunday, 7/26, 12:01am to remove his blogs from the internet.

They have said if he does not they will blast public court documents and other stuff all over the internet about things he has done and have even told his daughter, Marina, they will expose her.

They further say they will establish a website to post all the negative information about Holmseth and continue exposing him until he removes his blogs, which they call all kinds of things, but mostly “sick” sums it up I guess.

The websites they want removed are as follows, I believe.

This is his twitter:

You can view these blogs and most likely understand why they are demanding they be removed. You can form your own opinion of the man by reading what he writes.

I try to keep my readers informed of what’s happening on social media, good or bad, and this is what’s happening now. If I get more information, I will post it. Sometimes I get it via email telling me to watch twitter or this or that and sometimes the information is contained in the email. Sometimes I am told nothing — I just see it on twitter somewhere.

It’s very stressful waiting and wondering what’s next and will I see it when it gets posted somewhere! LOL! This whole Op is stressful. Ugh!

I was told this Op would be a rough one and so far, I would have to say it has been. God only knows what’s next, but I had to laugh when I found out that with his attacking Levi Page, who lives in Tennesee, all the time – that his daughter, Marina, also lives in Tennessee, is pregnant, not married. LOL!! SMH! Family traditions continue I guess.

#Anonymous Message To Marina Holmseth, Daughter Of Timothy Holmseth

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#Anonymous Issues Ultimatum To Timothy Holmseth Over Libel, Slander, Defamation

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East Grand Forks, MN: Involuntarily commit Timothy Holmseth to a mental institution!

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We are making this petition to get the government of East Grand Forks, MN to involuntarily commit deranged lunatic Timothy Charles Holmseth into a psychiatric institution. Why? Because Timothy Holmseth has been running rampant on the internet for years, using the internet as a weapon to stalk, harass, slander and defame too many individuals to count.

Stalker Timothy Holmseth was taken to court for harassing a well respected lawyer in South Florida, just because she was involved in a high-profile case he was obsessed with in a delusional and psychotic way. That well respected lawyer was granted an injunction, which Holmseth violated.

Moreover, Timothy Holmseth has harassed his public defender, and has written several conspiratorial blogs about him. He has harassed judges that he has appeared in front of, slandering them. He has harassed several law enforcement officers in East Grand Forks, MN as well. Even accusing several of being involved in child rape pornography. With no evidence to back it up. How much is the government of East Grand Forks, MN going to put up with in regards to this psychopathic stalker?

Timothy accused a preacher in Saint Augustine, FL of being a pedophile and running a sex trafficking ring. There was no evidence to back it up. That preacher died, and sicko Timothy still continues to harass him.

Timothy has targeted the mother of one of his children multiple times using his blogs to slander and lie about her. Moreover, Timothy has also appeared in family court in regards to allegations that his son was affected emotionally due to his weird obsession with the Haleigh Cummings murder case. His child is now only allowed to see him during SUPERVISED visitation.

Additionally, Timothy Holmseth has filed too many baseless lawsuits to count, against everyone and their mother. He has cost the city, county, and state a lot of money to defend against his delusional lawsuits, to pay for his public defenders because he is too broke to afford his own lawyers, etc.

As you are aware this broke, uneducated, mentally unstable welfare Queen weirdo has also applied for disability and is constantly seeking out the government to give him monthly checks so he can stalk, harass, and defame people. He also wants to be given a monthly government check so he can continue to blog and obsess over murdered children, instead of getting a job. Please East Grand Forks, MN. The only “assistance” Timothy Holmseth needs is psychiatric assistance!

Also, when will Timothy Holmseth be declared a vexatious litigant? When will the government force him to remove his website that he uses to stalk, defame and harass? He also uses his website to act out his disgusting child porn and rape fantasies. Causing pain to the families of multiple murdered children. Please take steps to shut down his filth!

It is time that we DEMAND the government of East Grand Forks, MN to involuntarily commit Timothy Charles Holmseth into a psychiatric facility and ban him from her using the internet again. Everyone is sick of his stalking and perverted actions.

Pedophile Timothy Holmseth stalks, harasses, slanders Levi Page

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Screenshot 2015-07-18 at 3.23.19 PM

Veteran journalist and former HLN talk show host Jane Velez-Mitchell calls Levi Page “intrepid.” When she appeared on Levi’s talk show, she also said: “Levi, I love when you’re a guest on our show, you’re very smart, and you’re going to go places, so remember me when you are a big executive please.”

Levi was a regular guest on Jane’s HLN show for many years covering many high-profile cases such as Haleigh Cummings, Caylee Anthony, Kyron Hormon, Holly Bobo, Lisa Irwin and more.

Levi Page appearing on CNN/HLN.

Levi Page appearing on CNN/HLN.

In addition to Jane’s show, Levi has appeared on HLN’s newscasts, Nancy Grace, and TruTV’s Insession trial coverage, among other talk shows.

Levi is on the verge of completing his Bachelor Degree in Journalism and he recently made the Dean’s List, and from what I hear has many TV prospects in the future.

However, Levi has managed to find himself the target of a jealous and malicious pedophile that resides in East Grand Forks, MN. Timothy Holmseth, is a man that writes baseless and perverted theories often revolving around rape and child porn in regards to murdered little girls such as Haleigh Cummings and Caylee Anthony. When normal people read his ramblings, which are often described as convoluted and incoherent, they are creeped out.


Stalker Timothy Holmseth’s mugshot when he violated an injunction for harassing a South Florida lawyer that he was obsessed with because of her involvement in the Haleigh Cummings case.

In his recent stalking of Levi Page, the pedophile started contacting guests that Levi has booked to appear on his talk show. Holmseth began trying to intimidate them into not appearing. When the guests, including a former FBI profiler did not play into the pedophile’s hostile demands, Holmseth began writing slanderous content about them on his shitty blog.

Moreover, pedophile Timothy Holmseth has also defamed Levi on his bizarre blog, even going so far as to call Levi a “homicidal pedophile” and “person of interest” in the Haleigh Cummings, Caylee Anthony and Kyron Horman cases.

The only logical conclusion as to why the pedophile/stalker from East Grand Forks, MN is harassing Levi Page is because of jealousy. Levi has appeared on national TV programs, Timothy has not. Levi Page made the Dean’s List and is expected to graduate in less than a month with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. While Timothy Holmseth is uneducated and the last job he had was working as a janitor, which he was fired from. Many of his former co workers, claim he showed up to work looking like he just rolled out of bed.

Timothy Holmseth has also filed (and rejected every time) to get a government check for some “disability” so that he can sit in his apartment all day and write perverted shit in regards to the Haleigh Cummings and Caylee Anthony cases. The welfare queen of East Grand Forks, MN was also receiving a monthly government check to help him raise his daughter, who is now an adult and no longer living with him. He was getting a government check in regards to his other minor son, but the son was removed from his custody and the only time he is able to see his son is when he attends court ordered supervised visitation.

Pedophile Timothy Holmseth, is known as a deadbeat dad and womanizer. He has had three children out of wedlock, and all of them with three different women. One of them was given up for adoption.

Levi Page is not the only person this devious pedophile stalks and harasses. Holmseth targeted a high-profile Fort Lauderdale, Florida attorney for years until she finally took him to court and got an injunction. Forcing the dirt bag to remove all mention of her from his perverted website.

Additionally, a Preacher that resided in Saint Augustine, Florida was falsely labeled a pedophile and accused of running a sex trafficking ring (there was no proof of the baseless accusations). That preacher died, and the obsessed stalker Timothy Holmseth continues to write about him.

This delusional stalker has also accused members of his local law enforcement of distributing “child rape pornography” (another weird obsession of his) even though he has yet to produce evidence showing any proof.

A petition is going to be made in hopes of getting the state of Minnesota and the East Grand Forks, MN police department to civilly commit Timothy Charles Holmseth involuntarily into a mental institution to stop his deranged stalking, harassing, and defamation over the internet.

People are finally getting tired of this pedophile running rampant on the internet and harassing many with his sick delusional bullshit.


Welfare Queen Timothy Holmseth, a pedophile that refuses to get a job and constantly seeks government assistance so he can obsessively blog on the Haleigh Cummings and Caylee Anthony cases. When will he be locked up?

Levi Page on CNN/HLN.

Levi Page on CNN/HLN.

Durango Local Writes Hateful Letter To Elaine Hatfield! #Dylan

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Time for Hatfield to move on with life

don’t know either Elaine Hatfield or Mark Redwine, but I have to write about Elaine filing a wrongful-death lawsuit against her ex-husband. How long is she going to concern herself with Mark’s involvement. I do believe he left the 14-year-old and went to Walmart and returned. I do not believe he had any involvement with the boy’s disappearance.

Elaine’s complaint that her ex-husband had a duty to provide proper parental care is laughable. The kid was 14 years old. His dad left to go to Walmart early, and Dylan didn’t want to go. Mark was back in a couple of hours.

Elaine needs to accept that her son is tragically gone, but she is eating herself up with anger against her ex, so she and an attorney filed a lawsuit. I hope the courts throw it out. She has no case, and she just needs to try to go on with her life. I have no respect for her at all.

Naomi Beans


Parents believe 2-year-old Idaho boy is still alive after getting lost a week ago

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Leadore. Idaho (CNN) Search and rescue crews resumed their search for a missing Idaho Falls toddler Thursday.

Advanced teams and K9 dogs were brought in to find any sign of Deorr Kunz Jr. Searchers focused on the Timber Creek and Stone Reservoir near the campsite where Deorr was last seen Friday afternoon.

“We searched it yesterday and searched it today,” Lemhi County Sheriff Chief Deputy Steve Penner said Wednesday afternoon. “We’re searching the reservoir again and we’re gonna’ keep searching.”

Deorr was camping with his parents, great-grandfather and a friend of the grandfather. His parents said they left the child with his great-grandfather and when they returned 10 to 15 minutes later, Deorr was gone. The great-grandfather assumed the child was with his parents.


Timothy Holmseth Gets Dissed With Truth Big Time!! Hahaha!!

July 17, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  1 Comment

Who’ll Stop the Raine

Geez Timmy, you sure are so self important. Blogging lies and innuendo about a little girl’s vagina does not make you a journalist, it makes you a pedophile freak, and it sure as hell does not entitle you to ANY explanation of anything from Peter Klismet. He owes you NOTHING. He has the right to except an invitation from any member of the legitimate media to do an interview at any time for any reason and with your reputation, you aren’t going to convince anyone with a sound mind that there is any kind of self-invented scandal going on. You are nothing more than a piece of gum on the bottom of Peter Klismet’s shoe from which he is about to scrape you off you sick, self-absorbed fucktard.

Holmseth Continues To Harass Former FBI Profiler, Pete Klismet! #Dylan

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“Holmseth asked Klismet by e-mail:

Did the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office approach you and ask for your profiling assistance? Or, did you approach the County?

Do you have any other ‘client(s)’ other than the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office that you are working for regarding the Dylan Redwine case?

Klismet replied, “None of this is any of your business”.

Klismet has told Holmseth he “picked the wrong guy to mess with” and he “might be messing with the wrong person”.

This is a developing story.”

Timmie’s Rag Blog Of Lies

All of this nonsense is a result of Klismet appearing on Levi Page’s radio show… and we all know Timmie doesn’t like Levi Page, so now I guess he intends on harassing any and every guest Levi has on his show.


Timmie Has It All Wrong – As Usual

July 17, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  1 Comment

“After Timothy Charles Holmseth (this writer) wrote an article about the matter, Page posted online sexual threats against Holmseth’s children.


The evidence shows Page published the online sexual attack, as well as a promise of more attacks to come.”

Timmie’s Ranting “Wrong” Blog Entry

What a drama queen he is.

He expresses concern about his children, while showing no concern whatsoever for Caylee Anthony and Haleigh Cummings. He writes pornographic lies about both of these unfortunate minor children all the time.

Timothy Holmseth shows no respect for minor missing and/or dead children. He repeatedly defames their very memory.