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Deric Lostutter Seeks Evidence Of Criminal Activity

August 20, 2016 |  by  |  Blog  |  6 Comments

It has been brought to my attention that Lostutter is seeking additional evidence of criminal activity against him by Prinnie, Michelle, Pops and KP to add to the stash he already has.

It seems it is suspected they colluded in a plot to harass Lostutter and make money.

This whole affair has been a long running nightmare on twitter and when it seemed to be coming to an end, it flared up again.

Apparently, Lostutter had a fixer trying to get all resolved with those he is suing and then the deal fell through.

Lostutter’s federal court date is nearing as each day passes and is scheduled for 9/9. All eyes will be on that!

The lawsuit against Prinnie, Michelle and Pops has no court date at this time. Lostutter is pursuing them pro se and no one knows how that will work out, but most likely not well. KP is not included in the lawsuit at this time, but a Bar Complaint was filed against her with the Florida Bar by Lostutter.

To most observers, that lawsuit is extremely unfortunate. Some feel Lostutter is justified, while others believe it is extremely unfair and baseless. Time will tell I guess.

All of this has played out on twitter for some time and it’s assumed it will continue to be a twitter drama.

Info On Dimbo And Murt

August 14, 2016 |  by  |  Blog  |  11 Comments

Astro’s Dimbotz Identified

August 4, 2016 |  by  |  Blog  |  Comments Off on Astro’s Dimbotz Identified

The Dimbo and Dimbotz profiles that Astro would post were apparently always somewhat misunderstood.

It was understood that Dimbo represented Kim Picazio and was assumed the Dimbotz were what she always referred to as the RadioNewzBlog Group, which she believed to be Picazio’s enablers. But no.

The Dimbotz finally were identified.

I received the DM below. I was surprised!

Murt And Astro Are Even Quiet!

August 4, 2016 |  by  |  Blog  |  1 Comment

Hard to believe, but they are.

Astro isn’t using her profile to send messages to anyone and the messages to Dimbo and the Dimbotz have even stopped. [I spoke too soon. She’s back with the profile stuff. ]

Murt went quiet a couple weeks before the big blow up happened here with Kim.

Strange stuff indeed. Very strange.

Astro is quiet because everyone else is quiet, but Murt went quiet early and that has many wondering about exactly what all was in the candy package and for who!

I know I wonder, lol, but I have some pretty good ideas. 😎

Most likely all of this was an effort to isolate and destroy RadioNewz in every way possible. That campaign began several years ago and Holly Briley will remember that well. That drama and chaos was all about Kim then too. Poor Kim! She isn’t most likely going to do something like this to Levi, because after all, he is a good looking young man. At least I hope she doesn’t.

The new generation of socks began at that time. By new generation – I mean these were different than the ones run during the Haleigh Cummings case. These were solely dedicated to me and within a few months Levi was added to the harassment.

Those socks lasted almost 3 years and then stopped. All was great for me and Levi, but within about 3 months the ones attributed to Murt and Astro – and they were some of them, but not all – started and lasted almost 3 years.

If Levi or myself had told someone something within the last few days and we knew who we told, to then see that information appear on a sock – it didn’t really take many brains to figure out who was running the sock or at a minimum who was supplying the information to others. Sad situation.

With all the quiet, it just may be a decent weekend for tweeters.

Twitter Falls Silent On The Lostutter Legal Cases

August 4, 2016 |  by  |  Blog  |  Comments Off on Twitter Falls Silent On The Lostutter Legal Cases

Twitter has fallen silent regarding the August 9th federal court proceedings against Deric Lostutter. Nothing at all, not even from Deric.

Nothing about the $180,000 nuisance lawsuit he has filed against Alexandria Goddard, Michelle McKee and Thomas Olsen. Nothing at all from either side!

Strange stuff indeed how it all came to a screeching halt on all sides, but kudos to all of them for using restraint.

Holmseth And Mlee Get The Wrath Of A Sock On Twitter

August 2, 2016 |  by  |  Blog  |  2 Comments

Well. Socks are still alive and well it seems.

Here is a sock account that is still up – at least as I type this it is still up. It hasn’t poofed itself yet anyway.

Someone was mighty mad!
Then is was brought to my attention that KP had tweeted to Michelle McKee and when Michelle didn’t answer the tweets, KP deleted them off her twitter. In fact Michelle wiped her twitter clean. Nothing about Lostutter on it at all. Oh my! What is going on in that corral?

Whopper Of A Summer!

July 31, 2016 |  by  |  Blog  |  2 Comments

Well peeps, it’s been a whopper of a summer hasn’t it? LOL!! Maybe this post should have been titled “the unexpected summer”! I know a lot of unexpected things happened with me and I sincerely hope you fared better!! LOL!!

Twitter has stayed steady with the political campaign for the presidency and the Deric Lostutter indictment. That’s about it.

There is a rumor slinking around twitter DM’s that Murt told a Canadian woman he was under a federal gag order and could not tweet or blog about Levi Page or Kim Picazio!! SMH!

He had put up a post with KP’s name in the title and I’m sure she forced him to take it down. Not wanting to admit that – he just made up the federal gag order story. Sounds a lot better to him and maybe impresses those he’s telling that bs too.

I assume he can rip and roar about this blog and most likely will!!! 🙂

Other than that, there isn’t much to blog about. Since KP has taken over the anti-Deric Lostutter group and seems to be leading the charge to take Lostutter down, that may be interesting to watch play out. [if you know what I mean, lol] *wink*

Remember, August 9th is Deric’s court date to face the results of a grand jury. What will it be? Will they say there is enough stuff there to call for a trial? Will he skate free? Be given bail? Be held in a federal prison until a trial? We will find out 8/9!

He is suing Prinnie, Michelle and Pops… and doing it pro se. Yes, he is representing himself in these cases. SMH! He is suing them for $180,000 and whatever assets they have, including domesticated ‘pets’, so he can sell all of what [he won’t get].

He also has a bar complaint in Florida against KP! Complaining about her internet behavior. LOL!! I know – twilight zone stuff – but it’s real.

The lawsuit stuff and bar complaint will most likely fail…. and if he is held without bail by the fed’s on 8/9 – then he won’t even be able to proceed with them!! At least I wouldn’t think so, but if he can carry on legal proceedings from behind bars – well, you know Deric and if he can – he will continue to pester all these people.

If you use twitter and are like me – you have followers and you follow people that you have no clue as to why! Maybe I followed a lot back that followed me as a courtesy, but my timeline is a mess. I have written about what I see and yes, I’m as bored with it all as you most likely are. LOL!!

Astro Loves Who??

July 23, 2016 |  by  |  Blog  |  2 Comments

Lostutter Petition Circus Seeking The White House’s Attention!

July 22, 2016 |  by  |  Blog  |  Comments Off on Lostutter Petition Circus Seeking The White House’s Attention!

If his kind of stuff won’t make you snort coffee or coke all over your computer – nothing probably will.

A petition battle has broke out amongst those involved in the Deric Lostutter/KYAnonymous feud.

I shouldn’t laugh, because nothing is funny about this to those caught up in it – but really….

This stuff has a long history to it and those of you who have followed the saga or have been aware of how it all developed know, so I needn’t drag all that dirty laundry out. You already know it.

I also know a lot of you don’t use twitter or Facebook. It’s all been posted here in the past, but if you missed it – and to make things even more ridiculous than they are – check out Murt’s twitter and blog. We could say he is the “authority” aka “Mr. Know It All” on all this. LMAO!!! https://twitter.com/MURTWITNESSONE

Of course, at one time KY was a hero to many, then he became a POS to many and so it goes… and goes…

There’s always 2 sides to every story and everyone seems to have an opinion on this one. LOL. Oh boy!

There’s this petition done by someone supporting KY aka Deric Lostutter: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov//petition/justice-deric-lostutterhacker-exposes-rapists

Then there is also a petition by his detractors: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov//petition/justice-deric-lostutters-victim

Deric has been grifting donations for several years now on twitter and Facebook. That’s nothing new. He is suing a group of people for all kinds of stuff and they are having to seek donations for a legal fund to pay a defense attorney.

Eventually this circus will end. Right? Maybe?

Finally Catching On To The 2 At Least?

July 20, 2016 |  by  |  Blog  |  Comments Off on Finally Catching On To The 2 At Least?

Murt’s 2 Faced Approach To Lostutter And Others

July 20, 2016 |  by  |  Blog  |  Comments Off on Murt’s 2 Faced Approach To Lostutter And Others

Isn’t This Cute?!

July 20, 2016 |  by  |  Blog  |  1 Comment

Of course I am suddenly “unfollowed” by this account.

Astro AKA Tessalana – Maybe Your Memory Needs A Reminder!

July 20, 2016 |  by  |  Blog  |  8 Comments

I don’t believe in posting private communications and don’t, never have, but since Astro aka Tessalana refuses to own up to all she knows about Murt’s shit stirring and who he used to accomplish that… I will post this “one”, for now.

Astro – I have them all. Even the ones where I wasn’t taking the “bait” and how you responded.

I don’t take false accusations, backstabbing,  betrayal or outright lies lightly. I’ve made that more than obvious on this blog. Only 2 people had my phone number to plug it in to the Sammy twitter – if that’s even true – which I am doubting at this time, but you know who was playing cards behind the scenes. Or playing the “slots” maybe.

I’m well aware that Murt cries and whines on soft hearts to help him out. You also know this.

Kyron Horman’s Mom Prays ‘For The Evil One To Grow A Conscience’

July 20, 2016 |  by  |  Blog  |  Comments Off on Kyron Horman’s Mom Prays ‘For The Evil One To Grow A Conscience’

Full article here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/kyron-horman-mother-missing-six-years_us_5755be91e4b0c3752dce561b

Read Desiree Young’s letter here:


What is it like to have a missing loved one? Every day is just as painful as the last. You struggle to hold on to hope when you are constantly riding a roller coaster of emotions. You struggle to remember and find any bit of happiness, but are convinced that it no longer exists. Many moments and events in your family’s life that should be celebrated are just reminders that you still have someone missing from it. Each day you wake up and pray that he/she will be brought home to you because you just can’t bear another day without them. And each day as you go to sleep, you pray for it all over again. You are stuck reliving all of the regrets you have, over and over and over again. If you could just go back in time and change it. You pray for the evil one to grow a conscience and do the right thing, to give you answers, to give you some measure of peace even if it’s small, and you pray for them to give you your loved one back. Against all of the odds you never give up, you never stop, you always pray, you wish on every star, and you continue getting up and doing it all over again because you will never give up on hope, you will never give up on them.

We have so many missing children in the World and their families are going through similar feelings and experiences.

What is it like now that Kyron has been missing for 6 years?

Each year I reflect on where we are and how I can change it, I try to think of at least one more thing I can do. I can tell you of all of the things that we have done to bring Kyron home, but you have all been here with us to see it. And still, we don’t have Kyron home. Each day I still expect to get that phone call that I am waiting for, you know the one, “Desiree, this is the police, we have found Kyron!” I want that phone call more than anything, I want to see the police standing on my doorstep waiting to tell me they’ve found him. I have dreamt of the day I get to hold onto Kyron again, and hug him until he says I can’t breathe Momma. I have gone over that moment and planned it out in every detail, in my head. I have dreamt of it so many times that it feels real, until I realize it’s a dream and I have just woken up.

I hope that today you will think of Kyron and all of our missing children … I would love to hear how you raised awareness for a missing child, shared their picture and story, or simply did something to recognize the day.

I hope you think of Kyron today because it takes just one person to save a life and bring him home.

Desiree Young, Kyron’s Momma

Websleuths BlogTalkRadio: What Happened to DeOrr Kunz?

July 19, 2016 |  by  |  Blog  |  Comments Off on Websleuths BlogTalkRadio: What Happened to DeOrr Kunz?

Listen here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/websleuths/2016/07/12/what-happened-to-deorr-kunz

“While iHeartradio.com finds us a new studio we will be broadcasting on Blogtalkradio.com Tonight, Monday, July 11th at 8:00 PM Eastern Sheriff Lynn Bowerman discusses why missing toddler DeOrr’s parents are now suspects. Sheriff Bowerman doesn’t hold back and this interview will be no exception.”

“Welcome to True Crime Radio on Blogtalk.

On the latest edition broadcast live Monday, July 11th at 8 PM EASTERN  we discuss the disappearance of DeOrr Kunz.

Tonight we are thrilled to have Sheriff Lyn Bowerman from Lemhi County Idaho on True Crime Radio to answer your questions about the case.

DeOrr Kunz has been missing about a year. His parents say DeOrr went missing from their campground and in the beginning the sheriff believed the couple.

Now the Sheriff says DeOrr’s parents are full blown suspects.

What happened to change Sheriff Bowerman’s mind?”

Tricia Griffith


Hey Deric – Look How Much Prison Time This Hacker Got!

July 19, 2016 |  by  |  Blog  |  1 Comment


Former Cardinals executive sentenced to 46 months in Astros hacking case

Monday afternoon former Cardinals scouting director Chris Correa was sentenced to 46 months in prison by U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes for his role in the Astroshacking scandal. Correa pled guilty to 12 counts of what amounts to corporate espionage earlier this year. His sentencing was delayed three times prior to Monday’s day in court.

Back in 2014 Correa hacked into the Astros’ internal “Ground Control” system. He said he was acting alone and intending to see whether the Astros had gained access to proprietary information from the Cardinals. Astros GM Jeff Luhnow worked in the St. Louis front office from 2013-11.

Correa faced a maximum sentence of five years and a fine of $250,000 per charge. Because he acted alone, he can not testify against others in exchange for a reduced sentence. As a result of Correa’s hacking, Astros information such as scouting reports and trade discussions were leaked online.

More: http://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/former-cardinals-executive-sentenced-to-46-months-in-astros-hacking-case/

Internet Bed Bugs? Do They Bite And Tell??

July 17, 2016 |  by  |  Blog  |  8 Comments

This article is about an insect, yuk, but can’t humans act the same? With all the twitter sock accounts I’ve seen attributed to Murt by knowledge he was given and then gave to “associates”… they just may!

E-twitter socks?!!! Holy shit!

OMG, you should be thankful you didn’t see them!! You would need bleach for your eyes and something much stronger than something called bedbug spray to get rid of the horrible things you read.

Bedbugs are small, oval, brownish insects that live on the blood of animals or humans. Adult bedbugs have flat bodies about the size of an apple seed. After feeding, however, their bodies swell and are a reddish color. Bedbugs do not fly, but they can move quickly over floors, walls, and ceilings. Female bedbugs may lay hundreds of eggs, each of which is about the size of a speck of dust, over a lifetime. Immature bedbugs, called nymphos, shed their skins five times before reaching maturity and require a meal of blood before each shedding. Under favorable conditions the bugs can develop fully in as little as a month and produce three or more generations per year. Although they are a nuisance, they do not transmit diseases.

Where Bed Bugs Hide

Bedbugs may enter your home undetected through luggage, clothing, used beds and couches, and other items. Their flattened bodies make it possible for them to fit into tiny spaces, about the width of a credit card. Bedbugs do not have nests like ants or bees, but tend to live in groups in hiding places. Their initial hiding places are typically in mattresses, box springs, bed frames, and headboards where they have easy access to people to bite in the night.

**Cellphones, emails and Twitter DM’s have also recently fallen into suspicion! Do not use the internet while in bed or splashed out on the sofa!

As Astro would tweet – this song goes out to Murt and his insecurities. He must have many due to the way he has been carrying on – in and out of airports, planes and well, God only knows where his luggage has been. He probably has PTSD tbh! Exorcism may be his only hope.

Anonymous Tweeter Says Apopka Tweeter Got His Ass Busted On TV!!! Bless His Heart!

July 17, 2016 |  by  |  Blog  |  3 Comments


Below, Murt must have been in contact with the Florida Bar, but about what? Who knew his broke ass could afford a reputable attorney like Deric Lostutter’s??

Apopka Tweeter, Which Way Does The Wind Blow? Lie In Public Much? Poor Thing!

July 17, 2016 |  by  |  Blog  |  1 Comment

The North wind doth blow and we shall have snow,
And what will poor robin do then, poor thing?
He’ll sit in a barn and keep himself warm
and hide his head under his wing, poor thing.

Haleigh Cummings: THE CHARLEY PROJECT BLOG And Many Other Missing Persons Cases

July 16, 2016 |  by  |  Blog  |  Comments Off on Haleigh Cummings: THE CHARLEY PROJECT BLOG And Many Other Missing Persons Cases


“Book about Haleigh Cummings – 7 Comments

The Examiner says a guy named Timothy Charles Holmseth has written a book about Haleigh Cummings. It’s called In Re: HaLeigh Cummings: The Shocking Truth Revealed. Though Holmseth says it will soon be available “through major bookstores” right now you can only pre-order it through this website for $21.

Frankly, it looks dreadful.”

Many More Postings On This Blog About The Haleigh Cummings Case.

Colorado Springs Gazett: Dylan Redwine-The Journey to Justice

July 16, 2016 |  by  |  Blog  |  Comments Off on Colorado Springs Gazett: Dylan Redwine-The Journey to Justice

The mothers of three children who went missing or were killed in unsolved Colorado cases spoke in favor of a bill last week that would create harsher penalties for those convicted of tampering with dead bodies in an effort to hide evidence.

Elaine Hall, the mother of Dylan Redwine, who went missing when he was 13 years old from his father’s house outside of Durango, urged members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to approve Senate Bill 34.

“We continue to search for the rest of Dylan’s remains,” Hall said, describing how just a few of Dylan’s remains were found scattered all over Middle Mountain a few miles from his father’s house. “While a person of interest, his father, has been named we continue to fight for justice for Dylan and hope at some point the district attorney in Durango will actually do something to bring justice in Dylan’s case.”

Hall noted that Dylan would have turned 17 on Feb. 6, so “you can imagine this time of year is very difficult for my family, but working toward changes that would help all families in our state also helps us cope with the loss of Dylan.”

The bill passed out of committee on a 3-2 vote.

By: Megan Schrader February 6, 2016

FindDylan.com, A Non Profit Org.

Facebook Posts Following This Article By The Colorado Springs Gazett

Twitter Stalker Caught On The Prowl

July 16, 2016 |  by  |  Blog  |  Comments Off on Twitter Stalker Caught On The Prowl

Twitter And Facebook Skid Marks

July 16, 2016 |  by  |  Blog  |  Comments Off on Twitter And Facebook Skid Marks

Have a great poop!

KYAnonymous Meets Scorn Online

July 16, 2016 |  by  |  Blog  |  1 Comment

As has been reported in the MSM, Facebook and all over twitter – KY has been indicted for his role in the Steubenville rape case.

While the MSM has taken a soft glove approach to Deric’s predicament – not so in twittervese. Infact twitter has been quite hostile to him.


Because he is once again asking for donations, while claiming to live the high life, including owning a lucrative business.

This time the donations are for his legal defense and he hasn’t even been charged yet, not even arrested… simply indicted by a federal grand jury – which isn’t good by any means, especially when done buy the FEDS, but the has a top notch lawyer, so who knows how this will actually turn out? Will the DOJ use a heavy hand or soft glove?

Tweets from various individuals claim the only work KY does is the work involved in raising donations!! LOL!!! They are not bashful about calling him a grifter, a fraud, a scum, a swindler, a scam artist and those are some of the nicer things! They say he has already grifted and run through 50K living the high life

Twitter hasn’t seen a celebration like this for a long time and once he is charged, which he likely will be – expect a twitter explosion equal to the 4th of July!

Dylan Redwine search: ‘Items of interest’ found

July 12, 2016 |  by  |  Blog  |  1 Comment

POSTED 3:33 PM, JULY 11, 2016, BY ANICA PADILLA, UPDATED AT 03:41PM, JULY 11, 2016

LA PLATA COUNTY, Colo. — Teams searching for clues about what happened to Dylan Redwine found “items of interest” during a new search, officials announced Monday.

The 13-year-old boy disappeared from his father’s home in Vallecito, about 40 minutes east of Durango, in November 2012.

Some of Redwine’s remains were discovered on Middle Mountain in the summer of 2013.

In the years since, investigators have combed through Middle Mountain each summer hoping to find new information in the boy’s death.

On Monday, the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office, along with at least 16 other groups, concluded a five-day search on the upper reaches of Middle Mountain.

“A total of 69 people took part in this search,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement released Monday. “Most of the people who searched came at their own expense, with several traveling hundreds of miles.”

Investigators called the latest search a success.

“Items of interest were recovered,” the sheriff’s office stated. “They will be tested and added to other evidence collected during the 3 1/2 year investigation.”

An examination of the search results will help determine the next steps Investigators will take to move the case forward.

Middle Mountain is located near Vallecito, not far from Dylan’s father, Mark Redwine’s home. Mark Redwine was named a person of interest in the case.

No arrests have been made in the case.


Ten Hacktivists Who Shook the Web

July 12, 2016 |  by  |  Blog  |  Comments Off on Ten Hacktivists Who Shook the Web

Written 3 years ago by :  @machinestarts on Twitter

“the ten most important internet activists, from Wikileaks to hacking marathons on the CIA”

Until his tragic suicide in January, Swartz was a noted internet activist who encouraged hacktivism, not least in his afterword to Cory Doctorow’s latest novel, Homeland. “It’s up to you to change the system… Let me know if I can help,” he wrote. Perhaps more than anything else, Swartz campaigned for the public to have free access to information and scholarship. His release of legal documents from a system called PACER exemplifies this.

Apparently one of the most prolific and mysterious hacktivists, The Jester (who is deeply critical of Anonymous) claims to be responsible for a large number of DoS (Denial of Service) attacks and hacks against WikiLeaks, Islamist sites, homophobic sites and even the President of Iran. He asserts that he helped create the popular DoS software, XerXeS.

A writer turned hacktivist, Barrett Brown was a key ally of Anonymous who, despite limited technical abilities, became instrumental in how the group represented its actions to the wider world through tip-offs and interviews with news organisations. Currently facing a string of federal charges related to hacking, Brown is also known for his connections to the group of Anons who helped “overthrow the government of Tunisia.”

Sabu co-founded the Anonymous splinter group, LulzSec. While irritating many other hackers and members of Anonymous, LulzSec achieved press notoriety following a 50-day hacking marathon which targeted websites of the CIA, Fox Broadcasting Network and the US Senate among others.

Briton Jake Davis became famous for LulzSec hacking (activities which eventually resulted in his arrest and conviction) but was prior to that, a highly active member of Anonymous while still a teenager. In court in 2011, he pleaded guilty to a charge relating to an attack on the Serious Organised Crime Agency’s (SOCA) website.

Oxblood Ruffin is a Canadian hacker and “Foreign Minister” of the Cult of the Dead Cow network of hacktivists. Cult of the Dead Cow is where the term “hacktivism” was born and members of the group are seen as stalwart proponents of hacking for purposes of political change. Oxblood himself is notable for his outspoken presence in the media, in which he frequently criticises the actions of Anonymous and LulzSec.

Manning, more correctly a “whistleblower” or “informant”, finds himself described these days as a hacktivist by some, thanks to his digital method of disseminating diplomatic cables and his association with the politically motivated group WikiLeaks. Manning downloaded 1.6 GB of classified data from the US military intranet and burnt it onto a CD on which he scrawled, “Lady Gaga.” The contents were later passed to WikiLeaks.

When two members of an Ohio high school football team were charged with the rape of an intoxicated 16-year-old girl, Lostutter decided to take matters into his own hands. In particular, he helped leak a video of the two accused joking about the rape, but also faces charges of hacking a fan page for the football team. Though he denies responsibility for this, he could face a 10 year prison sentence if found guilty.

A Dutch hacker who has spoken out about the data on citizens stored by governments and the vulnerability of public electronic voting systems. Gonggrijp was involved in WikiLeaks’ Collateral Murder leak and later granted the US Justice Department access to his Twitter account during their WikiLeaks investigation.

Another member of Cult of the Dead Cow, Appelbaum is noteworthy for being a key individual behind the Tor project – hacktivist-friendly software intended to enable online anonymity. It works by sending encrypted relays of information across a distributed network of computers owned by Tor volunteers so that the originator of the traffic is extremely difficult to trace.

* There are many hackers who disagree sharply over what qualifies as “hacktivism.” Some argue that DoSing and website vandalism is simply misadventure, for example. However, widespread popular use of the term indicates a much broader definition. For this reason I decided to present a list of hacktivists which captures the confused and complex nature of this word as it exists in common parlance.

Correction note: The article has been amended to say that Deric Lostutter ‘faces charges’ as opposed to ‘is charged with’ after conflicting reports.

Videos and pictures at: http://www.dazeddigital.com/artsandculture/article/16368/1/ten-hacktivists-who-shook-the-web

Will The Infamous Sammy Sock Of Florida Return?

July 12, 2016 |  by  |  Blog  |  Comments Off on Will The Infamous Sammy Sock Of Florida Return?

I doubt that none of the socks will return now that the deed has been done and the great mystery solved. LOL!!

But somehow I just don’t see Astro, Murt or Mlee using such an avatar. Just don’t. 85% of the socks were eggs anyway, except for Miss Sammy. The other 15% were hack photoshop jobs done by someone who was pretty bad at it. Nothing original or any quality.

Neither one have such a lustrous self image of themselves. Definition of lustrous is: “A bright smile and a glowing reputation are both lustrous”. Hahaha and we all know they don’t have either one of those, rofl. Oh my!

Levi Page and I are both nightowls sometimes and would watch these socks do their thing. Very sick and treacherous. “A treacherous friend will betray you.”

There is a long history of dislike/hatred, dating back to the Haleigh Cumings case, for both Levi and me. The old timers from that case remember it well and have been contacting me…. some laughable memories. What else can you do but laugh. Especially when they know and I know who it was.

What they didn’t like was the change in relationships, but there came a point when that was advantageous. Not for me!! Ugh! I took numerous beatings over it. Sigh!

Someday the time will be right to tell all that story, because timing is everything.

Request for shorter prison sentence fails, Croslin must serve 25 years in drug cases

July 11, 2016 |  by  |  Blog  |  3 Comments

By Dana Treen

Misty Croslin, a central figure in the 2009 case of missing Putnam County 5-year-old Haleigh Cummings, will have to serve the full 25 years of a drug-trafficking sentence imposed in 2010, a judge has ruled.

Croslin, who in March based a request for a reduction on the belief she would get a six-year youthful offender sentence and was not told the minimum penalty was 25 years, did not convince St. Johns County Circuit Judge Michael Traynor, who wrote a nine-page order denying the request.

Croslin and her family have contended the trafficking charges, which included undercover surveillance videos inside a car and ended with the convictions of four others including Haleigh’s father, were being used to leverage cooperation in the high-profile case of the missing girl.

Haleigh, who never was found, disappeared from a mobile home in Satsuma in February 2009 while Croslin was baby-sitting. At the time, Croslin was the 17-year-old girlfriend of Haleigh’s father, Ronald Cummings. Putnam County Sheriff Jeff Hardy has said he believes the girl is dead.

MORE: http://jacksonville.com/news/crime/2016-07-05/story/request-shorter-prison-sentence-fails-croslin-must-serve-25-years-drug

Because You’re A Nasty Sex Fiend, That’s Why

July 11, 2016 |  by  |  Blog  |  Comments Off on Because You’re A Nasty Sex Fiend, That’s Why

Plus, it will be a very very cold day in Hell before I would ever send you a DM. Well, I wouldn’t even then!

You have me blocked remember? I also have you blocked. Now I wonder who just might have the know how to send a fake DM from me or anyone else? Since no one has access to my twitter account.

Assuming it’s even true – like your BFF Sammy tango wasn’t!

One month Sammy was you. Next month if was Astro. Next month it was Mlee. Next month it was a shared account of all 4 of you backwood hillbillies, because then Astro blamed Deneale. Then said Murt wanted to kill some dogs.

Only problem is that none of you speak or write good English, can’t punctuate or imitate the style of others. Not well anyway, but there are a few who can.

Then, pow, it was me. Imagine that? Someone is insane!!

Who has a habit of claiming DM’s, mentions, phone calls, emails? You do. That’s who.

Who the F is Mlee babbling about anyway?

You Bet I Do, But Not The Kind You Want!!

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This, below, should be Murt’s bio. He needs to include the words “I am”.

Molestation survivor on paper! @TheNordlofs611

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Fletcher aka Murt Frothing At The Mouth Subtweeting Conspiracy

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Deric Goes From Court Tweets To Police Tweets! Also Lil One On The Way

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Despite MSM Sympathy For Lostutter, Low Hopes By Tweeter Expressed

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MSM Sympathetic: The Steubenville Hacker Might Get More Jail Time Than the Rapists He Exposed

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By Leigh Cuen July 08, 2016

On Thursday, a Kentucky hacker who helped expose and convict two rapists associated with the Steubenville rape case, was indicted on four felony counts.

Deric Lostutter, a member of the hacktivist group Anonymous, uncovered social media evidence that led to the conviction of two Steubenville, Ohio, football players, who were accused of raping a 16-year-old girl. If convicted, he could face a maximum penalty of up to 16 years in prison — more jail time than the rapists in the Steubenville case served.

By contrast, convicted Steubenville rapist Ma’lik Richmond was released early after 10 months in a juvenile detention facility. He later returned to playing football with the Steubenville High football team. The second convicted Steubenville rapist, Trent Mays, served a full two years in juvenile detention. He later became the star quarterback at Hocking College in Ohio.

More: https://mic.com/articles/148164/the-steubenville-hacker-might-get-more-jail-time-than-the-rapists-he-exposed#.4pQrjmlrX

Deric Becomes Spokesman For His Attorney. Or Grock?

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Grilling In Prison

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Silent Murt? Whut On Earth?

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Crews Search For Clues In Dylan Redwine Death Investigation

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By Matt Kroschel

Astro’s London Bridge Fell Down

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Basic Karma

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Lostutter Indictment

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3 years after taking off Guy Fawkes mask, Kentucky Anon indicted

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by Jul 8, 2016 6:30am EDT


Federal prosecutors in Kentucky have formally indicted the man who revealed himself as “KYAnonymous” more than three years ago.

On Thursday, Deric Lostutter was charged under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the notorious anti-hacking statute that dates back to the 1980s, among other accusations.

 As Ars reported previously, in late 2012, after The New York Times published an account of a horrific rape against a teenage girl in Steubenville, Ohio, an online vigilante campaign began against a few local officials believed to be too close to the suspects, some of whom were high school football players.

In December 2012, rollredroll.com, a website devoted to Steubenville sports, was hacked—a video appeared, with a man in a Guy Fawkes mask. The masked man, who Rolling Stone identified as Lostutter, threatened to release personal information of Steubenville football players unless they apologized to the rape victim by January 1, 2013.

Two teenage boys ended up being charged, and when the case went to trial in March 2013, the two were convicted of rape and sentenced to one to two years. Much of the online vigilantism was spearheaded by someone calling himself KYAnonymous.

Most recently, Matthew Keys, a California journalist, was charged and convicted earlier this year under the CFAA of passing along a CMS login in an Anonymous chatroom that eventually resulted in a Los Angeles Times article being defaced for 40 minutes. Keys was sentenced to 24 months in prison, but has appealed both the conviction and the sentence.

It is not clear why the indictment took more than three years to be filed.

In previous media interviews, Lostutter has denied that he hacked rollredroll.com. According to his own account on ProjectKnightSec.com, Lostutter identified a man named Noah McHugh (aka “@justbatcat”) as the actual hacker. The new federal indictment mentions @justbatcat as a co-conspirator, but does not name him. That Twitter account has not been active in over three years.

In a Thursday evening tweet, Lostutter referred media inquiries to his attorney, Tor Ekeland, who also represented Keys.

Will Lostutter Have A New Rapping Gig?

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Fletcher, Murt’s Big Imagination Alter Ego, Is About To Piss His Pants! LOL!

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‘KYAnonymous,’ who drew attention to Ohio rape case, indicted by federal grand jury

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Deric Lostutter, the Clark County online activist known as “KYAnonymous” who helped draw national attention to an Ohio rape case, was indicted on four felony counts Thursday by a federal grand jury in Lexington.

The indictment says Lostutter violated the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act when he “knowingly and intentionally joined and voluntarily participated in a conspiracy” to access a computer without authorization. The purpose of the conspirators was to “harass and intimidate and to gain publicity for their online identities,” the indictment says.

The indictment does not identify Lostutter’s co-conspirator other than to say that the person lived in Virginia and used the online identity of “JustBatCat.”

The indictment comes more than three years after FBI agents raided Lostutter’s home in Clark County in April 2013. A search warrant filed at the time said authorities were looking for evidence of computer crime, identity theft and conspiracy.

Read more here: http://www.kentucky.com/news/local/crime/article88289687.html#storylink=cpy

Remember The Good Old Dayz?!

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Meet MURT-A-LICIOUS – dating site pic! LOL

Nancy Grace Gets Owned

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Hey Astro Remember Those Old Tweets You Deleted?

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Some time ago Astro came on twitter as herself, or a sock, I don’t remember which it was. Binges and rants get confusing.

But, she was mad at Murt, so she pretended, but one tweet she repeated several times was kinda interesting or a spazz, whichever.

Over and over she tweeted to him that he kept this Sammy sock on “speed dial”!

Who would he have on “speed dial” and for what purpose?

The most curious thing was that Astro alluded she knew who this Sammy was, but never revealed who or what.

Fact or delusion?

In my opinion if Astro had the real balls, she brags about, instead of cotton balls down there, she would elaborate a bit more on that “speed dial” sock.

UPDATE: Tricia Griffith’s True Crime Radio To Return

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UPDATED: 7/19/2016

“While iHeartradio.com finds us a new studio we will be broadcasting on Blogtalkradio.com”

Contact me at: triciastruecrimeradio@gmail.com …….. Based on the wildly popular true crime forum Websleuths.com (www.websleuths.com/forums) and Forums for Justice.org (www.forumsforjustice.org/forums) this radio show is unlike any other show you have heard before. Each week Tricia’s True Crime Radio features several intriguing true crime cases. Host Tricia Griffith is a veteran radio disc jockey and owner of Websleuths.com and owner of Forums for Justice.org. She brings her unique brand of broadcasting, knowledge and (at times) humor her Websleuths radio Websleuths radio, True Crime, Current Events, Always Discussed with Common Sense!!! The opinions expressed on Tricia’s True Crime Radio are those of the hosts and guests


There will be no True Crime Radio show this week. However, we encourage you to take a moment and listen to one of your favorite shows from our Archives.