Bessie Applauds Ursa!

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Whoever is Ursa, s/he has done a terrific job of posting the pleadings, such as Tricia’s amended counter-petition which spells out the claims against Sue Pruitt including Abuse of Process, Breach of Contract, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Defamation, Negligence,and more.

Websleuths Ed/Adnoid aka SLIMEnoid Gets Ripped & Exposed AGAIN!

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“But my guess is SLIMEnoid is full of shit. Did he list the sites you actually went to? And you probably already know this BUT never click a link to another site while in one site. Especially forums and blogs. Ask any blog owner about track-backs.”

Yep, my bad. I did leave it open. That’s how he tracked me. There was no spyware involved. Just my stupidity. I’m better educated now. I’ve also seen that photo of Ed holding the gun at hip level in the desert.

Many of those who got their asses banned because they trusted Assnoid, were among the best sleuthers. Back then there were mods and admins that had a lot to hide in their private lives.

And yes, private messages were read. One of mine was quoted back to me just to let me know I was “outed”.

I’m over WS and doubt if I’d ever return. I read on a case in the public area and with all the restrictions and almost all the posts had been edited, it was useless. Much better information at sites that the powers that be strongly urged members not to read, LOL.

And yes, an Admin can read PMs. On a Topix forum someone posted:

They are using a vBulletin add on that modifies the code:

It allows mods and admin to at least:

[*]read pms by entering userid
[*]Shows a list of users that have pms
[*]Search pms
[*]Read pms by entering username (or userid)
[*]Shows a list of the last X pms
[*]Parses message and separate sent from received on list of PMs

— Upload “read_pms.php” to your admincp folder
— Upload “cpnav_rpm.xml” to your includes/xml folder

Take it for whatever it’s worth. I did read in one of the exhibits that Adnoid wrote a program to put posts back that were removed or something like that. Ed/Adnoid is an evil little toad that from his photos liken him to a short, balding, getting fat, tinpot third world country tinpot dictator.


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Got it. ;)

Of course, Sue’s attorneys will try to protect Salem’s privilege. It’s up to Tricia & Tricia’s attorneys to decide if they want to go after that. Salem may have very clear conflicts of interest at WS, no doubt. Again, up to Tricia’ & Tricia’s attorneys to call that out. At some point, you have to choose your battles for budget purposes, but skeletons like this help win settlement.

See also this comment by hi jack.

Is a Beachhead Coming?

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I can’t tell. I’ve been sworn to secrecy and I always respect that, but it sure could happen and I suspect it could be devastating to those it’s launched against.

I wouldn’t blame Beach for making public everything she legally can …. and the same goes for Bessie.

Bessie hasn’t received the best treatment or utmost respect either.

Do you think they should both let it rip? It’s your call sleuthers.

Beach has been blamed for exposing(?) Salem’s online information….. huh???

After Sue Pruitt made Salem’s name public in the court documents anyone could have found it – just like I did.

Then when the sleuthers took over exercising their excellent skills, SSM and Salem got pissed and banned Beach,blaming her for all of it.

To my knowledge, she did none of it, so it makes you wonder what those two characters are afraid of from Beach and what else those savvy sleuthers may find out about them.

Raine isn’t talking, is afraid to be the hero, she’s afraid of Sue and Salem, so maybe it’s gonna be Beach who becomes the hero and spills the goods.

Giant Kudos were given to Beach though for being the mastermind of such an ordeal. LMAO!!

Atta girl Sue!  You idiot.

BREAKING NEWZ: Beach Banned By SSM For Posting On RadioNewz Blog!!

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It’s just breaking that Moderator Beach has been banned for posting on this blog, RadioNewz.

It’s a twisted mess for Beach, as Sue blames her for everything being posted about Salem. Even going so far as to say Beach encouraged all the RadioNewz sleuthers to sleuth Salem.

SSM says she will no longer tolerate Beach’s disrespect!!!

Since when has posting the truth about a situation been considered disrespectful? :shock: I mean Holy Shit, Fuck and all that!!! :shock:


I’m told Tricia tried to unban, but it’s been done in such a way she can’t and no one else has been able to either! It is believed to have been done on the server, which SSM wouldn’t have a clue as how to do!!

Basically, Sue has changed the locks on the business and not given Tricia any keys.

More to come on this expected shocker!!!

Best Descriptive Pic Of SSM, Salem, Adnoid, Kimster

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The Lowest Gutter Backstabbing I’ve Ever Seen!!!!

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I’m also told savvy sleuthers are busy finding the public deets on Miss Sue Pruitt.

More than just maiden name and marriages, but exactly how many litigations has she been involved in, business dealings.

Litigations seem to be a hobby of sorts and now having hooked up with Salem…wow!

Everyone has a public record and so does Sue Pruitt… and that’s just a bonus to the public record she has made available about herself in the Websleuths Lawsuit… and Ed… and Salem… and Kimster.

All fair game peeps. All of it. All of them. None of them deserve any kind of protection.

They all made a public spectacle of Tricia Griffith, so no less is expected to be made of them.

There’s more to Salem and Ed/Adnoid and Kimster than has been posted. Much more. None of these people are clean.

The lowest backstabbing morals I’ve even seen. They deserve no mercy. Look what they did to Tricia?

Decent moral people do not do this kind of thing to another human being who they have embraced as a friend. It’s more than low… it’s gutter morals.

If you know stuff on these people but are shy to post it yourself … email it to me at and I will personally see it gets on this blog and exposed.

I will say this again… I know Tricia is not perfect… but not no one should be able to take what is hers away from her — that isn’t right, it isn’t moral and it should not happen. It isn’t the American way or ideal. It’s wrong on every level.

If you, whoever you are, have a moral bone in your body… you will speak out against this crooked, immoral hostile take over and try to stop it. It doesn’t matter whether you like Tricia Griffith or not… you know this is WRONG.

Sue Pruitt can take this to a jury, to the Supreme Court of Texas… but it’s still gutter litigation.

RNB Sends Humanitarian Aid To SSM And Salem

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JUST IN: Current Conditions At Websleuths

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War Quote Of The Day!

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“People who have sleuthed and arrived at unkind opinions have done so on their own. Why? Because they’re pissed. And this blog has given that pissed a place to land.”  – Anonymous Commenter

Stern Warning Goes Out To SSM & Salem! Plus Possibly Relatives?

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There has to be an older wiser, grown-up partner(s) at H-Laporte, involved in the acquisition of Ron’s practice, who could intervene, talk sense into Sue, beat back the incompetent Salem, and reach out to Tricia’s attorneys. In spite of Sue’s unreasonable personality — you’d think a stronger effort (by H-Laporte) on behalf of Ron’s widow would be made out of a duty to mitigate damages and help her preserve her estate.

It reads like H-Laporte shoved Sue off on their junior attorneys b/c of the “professional courtesy” no-fee arrangement, and the attorney(s) was just too young and inexperienced to control a high-conflict personality like Sue (and Salem).

Did H-Laporte actually complete the acquisition of Ron’s practice? Or did they call it off during due diligence. Has Sue burnt bridges there?

Are there any kids to watch over newly-widowed Mom and offer her support with her difficult business problems? Would they rather avoid Mom than intervene, in spite of the financial losses she’s risking?

Reports are that Ron was a nice guy. It’s usually the nice guys that end up stuck in co-dependent relationships with the psycho-sue types. They’re willing to enable — cover up and excuse the abuse.

Shame on Salem for stepping in and being Sue’s next enabler.

And shame on Salem for not seeing that when Sue loses this lawsuit, and suffers real financial loses, Sue will not be able to accept the loss, and her own responsibility for her choices that led to the loss.

Nope. It won’t ever be Sue’s fault.

But guess who’s fault it will be?

Yup, that’s right.


Get ready, Salem. You’ve lined yourself up perfectly to be SoSueMe’s next victim. She’ll come after you for incompetent representation, she’ll report you to the Bar, she’ll threaten your livelihood, demand you reimburse her losses, publicly destroy your reputation, and … as you well know … she will never ever ever ever let it go. Ask around. Ask Beach. There’s no other possible outcome but slash and burn — this is the rule of toxic personalities.

Given the fact that you’ve gone and firmly planted yourself directly in range of Sue’s vindictive blame-shooter — you’ve gotta ask yourself one question, Salem.

“Do I feel lucky?”

Ron’s mom’s maiden name is Buford, as is Salem’s maiden name?…Did Salem and Sue just happen to find each other at WS, and Salem jump into helping Sue takeover?

Sue might shoulda considered not filing the suit, or at least not having it play out so publicly. Could be why they seemed to be so freaked about Salem’s name getting out.

The Public Deets On Websleuths Bully Moderator, Salem

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I’ve seen it posted Salem wasn’t an attorney at all and even if so – got her JD online. I was shocked. Couldn’t believe it.

Well, the online JD turns out to be fact.

Well, here are the public deets on Salem.

So, all the rumors of no degree, etc… should now be put to rest, ‘eh?!

Misty Croslin Transferred To St. Johns Jail. Filed Habeas Corpus

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Sue Pruitt’s Moderation Style?

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A lot has been said about Sue Pruitt, her character, or lack of it. Her devious nasty nature, but nothing has been said about her moderation style.’

I’ve seen quite a bit about Tricia’s, but not Sue’s.

So, what is/was it?

I hear she has been very quiet lately. No doubt the thought of losing you is causing a great deal of despair… along with plans for that not to happen.

Is/was she mean, nasty, heavy handed or fair and equal to all? A queen complex?

Fair to all or did she treat you all like …. well, you know. Did she think she owned you or was she very liberal with her moderation decisions and let you play around as you wished? :)

Mods On The Wall Of Blame

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Who’s Still Horny?


Admin/Mods still sporting the Orange HORNS.
(there may be others in signatures…if you notice, feel free to add to list.)








Supporting a friend/owner/management privately is one thing. Supporting a legal position or strategy publicly away from your place of “work/home” is another.

But declaring “sides” at Work/Home, and doing so PUBLICLY by using the Resources and Forum you’re entrusted with in that HOME environment, and attempting to intimidate and influence members and guests — is just all kinds of twisted.

As mods, sporting the Orange Horns (original memorial intent notwithstanding) has clearly become a public show of mod/admin bias in the Websleuths litigation.

This passive aggressive behavior is exactly the opposite of the definition of “Moderator”. It’s excruciatingly poor judgment for those in positions of trust and authority.

So tone-deaf.
So unprofessional.
So divisive.
So entitled.
So flagrantly biased.
So manipulating.
So intimidating.
So childish.
So wrong.

When members and guests see Mods making avatar and signature choices like this — we realize that’s a choice — that there is some serious messaging being delivered with intent. And it’s hardly subliminal.

The message?

Your show of support for only one of two owners is part of it. But the stronger message is that which speaks to your character.

The message is that you’re willing to abuse your leadership role, your authority. The message is that you’re happy to flaunt your breach of the implicit trust between moderator and owner(s) in front of members/potential members.

What is communicated through those horns is your disdain, your vengeful heart, your insecurity, your immaturity, your twisted sense of entitlement, and your very public eff-off to the forum, its members and to an owner to whom you have the duty of trust and respect.

You’ve lost our respect, you horny malcontents.

Salem Hangs Tough Under Fire

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Salem hung tough under rancid things being said about her and said in public.

What good could come of such a thing? She now knows how Websleuths members feel about her moderation style.

I’m not a member, so I’ve personally never experienced it. Yes, I have been spared. LOL. I have never been crucified by the infamous Salem. Not yet anyway.

Anyway, it ‘s all been said and said right out in public… and she did not respond to any of it.

She did send me a chiding type email to LOL at me trying to draw her out and also that she didn’t need to to defend herself from anything. :shock:

She also tried to bully me. :( LMAO!!

I personally think she should have stated that to you all here in public, but her choice is her business and that’s how she chose to handle it.

I don’t know Salem. You all do and you all had plenty to say.

Somehow, deep down inside I feel she took it well… and even if some of it had her boiling hot mad … she now knows.

Other mods have been mentioned and I’ll get to them later… but soon.

This Websleuths lawsuit has created a huge fucking mess and no one should skate…

And just for some extra fun… at Salem’s expense of course… a commenter and their snark. LOL.

Salem, honey,

Just dropping by to say hello and to remind you that you have a law degree and better things to do with your time.

Hoping to be proud of you soon…



Texas Juries Are Not Friendly To Sleazy Dealings

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The best thing about this trial would be to do the catering to the jury…. or be the desert lady.

Nothing else will be going on except the jury members twisting and squirming in their chairs wondering when lunch will arrive.

I can’t imagine the boredom they will be put through having to listen to this pathetic case.

Texas juries are very conservative and they are not friendly to sleazy dealings… especially after all the stuff Tricia’s attorney is going to expose.

My goodness!! It seems one of the co-owners has a rich history in litigating everything and anything, SMH!!

What About Salem?

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I’ve seen may comments that Salem is hated as a moderator.

I’ve seen she deletes posts because she doesn’t like them. She bullies members who are posting.

If there are other complaints about Salem – they should be aired out here.

She should be told why she is so hated – what she does that causes that and then she should have the opportunity to defend and explain herself.

I don’t know if she will come public and do that or not, but she has that opportunity here. Free and unfettered, just like everyone else does here.

I had a few dealings with Salem via email. One I ignored and the others I responded. She was civil and pleasant and did not make ridiculous requests…. so I can see there must be two sides to Salem.

Whatever they are can be vented out here, She deserves to know how people feel about her and she can respond if she so chooses.

As I said earlier – there are scores to be settled.. some will settle easy and some will rage for a long time. That’s how online enemies are. Just the way it is.

The Websleuths Drama – A Growing Experience

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What Websleuths has been going through is unprecedented in my opinion. I’ve never seen anything like it and hope to never see anything like it again.

Why some of Tricia’s friends turned on her, backstabbed her, told lies about her, gossiped with no morality about her is absolutely beyond me. How she can be so forgiving is also beyond me. I would want to lay hands on those people… and I think she should. In a way.

Forgiveness is a good thing – they say it’s healthy, but I will be honest and say that beating the shit out of them with some righteous punishment and a good dressing down would be much healthier in my book.

Fake people are everywhere and they will never be eradicated from any of our experiences, but some of these people, in my humble opinion went beyond anything that can ever be called moral or decent.

Each and everyone of you have opinions about all of this drama and you have the right to state your opinions. It’s your constitutional right. You own it. This country gave it to you, so use it.

Trust me, I know there are scores to be settled… lots of them. Some will get solved easily and quickly, while others will rage on for a long time. That’s just how these things are.

I have said in comments I support Tricia because I think it is wrong to try to take something away from someone that is theirs. We say we are a people founded and built on hardscrabble and pulling up by our boot straps. Just because someone has a few personal problems and a few people who don’t like you doesn’t give anyone the right to take your stuff away. It’s wrong. It’s not the American way.

After all, we are Americans, the people of second chances and even thirds and fourths, not animals… but this whole saga has drawn that into question. We have a history of working to get what we have and now we have long seen a culture where you go to court to get what someone has. Frivolous lawsuit after frivolous lawsuit clogging our courts. Disgraceful.

I hope Tricia prevails in this lawsuit and Sue finds some peace in just telling her supporters to lay down and they all go away. Yes, away. This is an unprecedented moral failure on the part of many. They know who they are and so do all of us.

They may be nice people in real life, but they have proven without a doubt they are unfit to serve in Websleuths. Tricia has to step up to that. It will be painful for her I know… but like I said earlier –  this is a growing experience and without that growth, no matter how painful the growing pains are …. it has to be done.

Wise Commentator Has Direct Message to Sue Pruitt!!

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ADNOID. And perhaps Others…

INSISTING to Sue that Raine is the tip of the WS-members being bilked by Tricia iceburg.


Sue;s Nature:

No, Sue. It’s not Tricia’s fault. It’s YOUR fault for entering into a partnership without exchanging personal and business financial statements, without understanding Tricia’s personal indebtedness, Tricia’s education and professional CV, without proof of vetting of existing staff, without customized organizational documents that reflected your understanding of manager’s salary, without consulting skilled corporate attorneys, without consulting accountants.

YOUR FAULT! You failed Due Diligence 101. So what? You made a mistake. Deal with it. Put on your big girl pants, get to work on resolutions, and get the hell over it.

Settle this thing and leave the takeover fantasy behind.

For goodness sakes, you bought into a 40% annual return. That’s nothing to be ashamed or upset about. There’s no crime to solve here.

Sit back, read about real crime cases, hire and fire mods, and enjoy a relatively stress-free retirement.

This misery is all YOUR choice, YOUR doing Sue. If you don’t like being miserable … don’t blame the business partner YOU chose.

Look in the mirror. Start working on you. It’s not to late to learn life’s greatest lesson.

Sue’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

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  • Sue’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

    Take note, Tricia!

    Reported today:

    A former client of Ronald B. Pruitt & Associates of Houston filed a negligence and breach of contract lawsuit against the firm and the estate of attorney Ronald B. Pruitt, who died earlier this year, alleging Pruitt’s advice to set up a guardianship was “erroneous and most likely given in order to churn unnecessary fees.”
    Plaintiff Kristi Ann Sorrels, trustee of the Henry Milton Sorrels Living Trust and the Lilian Dagmar Sorrels Living Trust, alleges the trust unnecessarily spent money to establish the guardianship of a former trustee.
    “Since the guardianship was completely unnecessary, it required being closed, which in turn cost the trust attorney fees to close the trust,” Sorrels alleges in the petition filed Nov. 21 in the 333rd District Court in Harris County.
    Kristi Ann Sorrels alleges in Sorrels v. Estate of Ronald B. Pruitt that Henry and Lilian Sorrels hired Pruitt and his firm to advise them on estate issues. As part of that counsel, Pruitt drafted the Sorrels’ living trust. Sorrels alleges Pruitt advised her as trustee to set up the guardianship for one of the original trustees, but it was not necessary.
    Sorrels brings negligence and breach of contract causes of action against the defendants and alleges they violated several Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct: Rule 1.01 on competent and diligent representation, Rule 1.03 on communication and Rule 8.04 on misconduct.
    She seeks actual damages in excess of $50,000, attorney fees, costs and interest.
    Plaintiff’s attorney Lance Kassab, a partner in Kassab Law Firm of Houston, said the actual damages consist of what it cost the trust to “undo what [Pruitt’s] done.”
    Sorrels alleges the defendants can be served by serving Pruitt’s widow, Susan. A phone number for Ronald B. Pruitt & Associates was changed to a number that is the number for another Houston firm. A message left there for Susan Pruitt was not immediately returned. A phone number obtained online for Susan Pruitt has been disconnected.

    The link to all of this is posted in comments.

A Less Professional Murt – His Fake Online Suicide

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Original Video – More videos at TinyPic

Original Video – More videos at TinyPic

Murt And His Friend Windchime – LIVE!!!

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Who Is Ursa? The Bear of Websleuths?

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I’ve noticed this poster named Ursa has become a subject of question by some.

So, if Ursa is such a bitch, who is she? Or they?

One poster thinks Ursa is a single poster from  Australia.

I believe Ursa is a powerful consortium of like minded people within Websleuths.

Whoever Ursa is – she/they/it is a wielder of power within the Websleuths community.

Regardless of who or who all Ursa is …. they are are powerful influence.

JoJo CAMP – American Hero Or Fraud?

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I know JoJo, not personally, but we’ve had our rounds on this blog in the past and we both come from the Great State of Missouri. I know some peeps who know him. Yes, I get around more than most people think, lol.

Anyway, with Joseph Camp being the current subject of this blog… giving Tricia Griffith and Websleuths a break… what about Joseph Camp? Did he really out Windchime? I don’t know.

But I do know backroom twitter watercooler gossip is that he now may have become interested in the entire Websleuths Lawsuit and especially with the Pruitt’s, since they seem to have the some questionable legal activities in their lives.

This could get interesting. In fact, it could get ugly if JoJo digs into the Pruitt’s.

The Return Of Windchime?? Exposed??

December 10, 2014 |  by  |  Blog  |  147 Comments

Joseph A. Camp, an American hero and hacktivist recently exposed Terri Stipp aka Terri Cavitalo as Marcie Wogan. Terri, who is the former moderator of Websleuths has created many hate blogs about Toni Ingram and her supporters which include Jodin Davunt, Sarah Afshar, Joseph Valo, and many others who support the grieving mother who lost her daughter to murder in early December of 2011. Tricia Griffith, the current administrator of the crime forum Websleuths claims she banned Terri Stipp(Windchimes) years ago and they are no longer friends. Check out the conversation here where Terri was busted recently for trying to create even more problems for innocent people using stolen money while making the real Marcie look like a nutcase.

Report Terri Stipp aka Terri Cavitalo here. Contact the real Marcie’s son J.B. and share your story with him. Email him.

Current State Of Sue’s Lawsuit

December 9, 2014 |  by  |  Blog  |  46 Comments

Sue Pruitt – Predator Or Victim?

December 9, 2014 |  by  |  Blog  |  53 Comments

It’s time to ask the serious question as to whether Pruitt was a predator or a victim.

Many have portrayed her as an unwitting victim of two faced deviant enemies of Griffith.

Others have portrayed her as a savvy predator with an attorney husband in demise and looking for a new hobby at his demise.

Anyway you look at it… what happened was savage and immoral.

It really doesn’t matter the reasons behind her personal decision, whether bilked by others or of her own power grabbing greed… the results are what they are. Horrible!

Sue Pruitt needs to go to a come to Jesus meeting and come to terms with what she has done.

Good people do bad things… and this may be the case here. Of course, it might not be. I don’t know.

Exorcism? It might help.

Websleuths Will Fail Without Tricia Griffith At The Helm. #FACT

December 9, 2014 |  by  |  Blog  |  8 Comments

There are some very deluded people within the ranks of Websleuths that have bought into the narrative and the rumors that Tricia just has too many personal problems to run Websleuths. That is so sad it decries description.

Tricia Griffith has taken Websleuths to the place it is — a nationally recognized real crime board, where many victims and families of victims go to seek help and hope for some measure of justice.

So, what if Tricia has some personal problems, even problems with money management or other sordid things being said about her? Who among any of us could say we are lily white – have no issues or problems?

None of her problems or issues have damaged Websleuths one bit. What they have done is provide ammunition to take advantage of a nice woman in Texas, who no doubt thinks she is doing the right thing, based on exaggerated lies and bullshit she has been fed, non-stop.

What these jokers have done is defame Tricia Griffith beyond imagination and used the trust of a woman in Houston t help get it done. Shameful!

You dare take Tricia Griffith out of the Websleuths picture and what you will get is nothing but a failed true crime forum. One no one wants to participate in. It will mean nothing. Nothing, but an embarrassment to anyone who admits they belong.

Not a single player who is jockeying to take over Websleuths could accomplish anything even close to what Tricia has or will.

Talk about a failure — that happens and you can kiss the good name of Websleuths and it’s national reputation goodbye.

What a tragic ending to so much hard work that would be.

The Main Players And Bias, But Who’s The Joker Who Got To Sue?

December 8, 2014 |  by  |  Blog  |  18 Comments

We all know the main players here are Tricia Griffith and Sue Pruitt.

Having said that, I can say my bias is with Tricia.

And having said the above I can say I don’t know Sue.. have no bias against her as a person, don’t dislike her … just don’t like this lawsuit deal she has pulled.

But assuming, and I think we all can, that Sue is a decent and moral person in real life… who got to her online? Who convinced her she needed to do a lawsuit takeover? Who was so angry or fed up with Tricia they wanted her gone?

Who is the joker behind this whole mess? Or were there several? Someone knows. Someone will eventually tell. It’s just a matter of time.


Perhaps we can determine who played what Role during the reign of terror at Websleuths?

Queen Bee:
alpha female; popularity is based on fear and control; charisma, looks, money, will, force, manipulation; weakens ties between others for the sake of strengthening her own power base

second in command; appears to be the Queen’s twin but has no real power on her own

keeper of the gossip; strategically dispenses tidbits to her advantage; can be as powerful as the Queen but does not publicly seek power

has friends in several groups and can freely move between them; good characteristics (attractive, intelligent, charismatic) but not enough to threaten the Queen; often has good self-esteem

Torn Bystander:
caught between parties in conflicts; rationalizes the Queen’s behavior even knowing it is wrong; values access to the clique’s power more than her own principles

supports the Queen and Sidekick at all costs; desperate to fit in but does not want to be seen as trying too hard; often ends up doing the dirty work for the Queen

victim of the clique; can be outside the group or inside; if inside the group, the status is likely the result of challenging the Queen’s power

Referencing the link this info came from:

Where Are Sue’s Supporters On This Blog?

December 8, 2014 |  by  |  Blog  |  33 Comments

I get asked this question everyday… sometimes multiple times a day.

Due to some of my staff sleuthers aka “sneaks”… they are hold up in little secret chat rooms, flipping coins, forming little secret gossip societies and among other things –  keeping their mouths shut, but with ears wide open.

My answer is simple and it is this… and this picture I used for this blog says it quite plainly.

Sue, Legal Team And Supporting Cast Seen Stampeding Out Of Town!

December 8, 2014 |  by  |  Blog  |  13 Comments

Super Kimster! “I Am Woman!”

December 8, 2014 |  by  |  Blog  |  112 Comments

I am a woman, not a princess. I have an attitude, opinions, and a very loud voice. I am not a liar nor a cheat. I am independent, intelligent, and strong. Just watch me strut my stuff in that Texas courtroom. Ha!

SoSueMe’s Lawsuit Melting In The Heat

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With Sue’s lawsuit melting a bit every day and exposing hidden hypocrites everyday making outrageous claims,,,, it does seem that climate change is in high gear in the state of Texas.

You can read every court document here, thanks to Ursa,

And here is some more of the melting that is dripping on Sue, Kimster and Ed…

I find this whole matter disconcerting in more ways than one. Ed Jaeger and I shared a LONG conversation one evening and he presented a very rational, kind, compassionate and above all else, ethical person. I believed Ed during our conversation…and for a time afterwards.

It was Ed who, in my opinion, took the “ethical and moral indignation” against Tricia and blew it up to be something more than it ever was. Now, to read where Ed gleefully sabotaged Tricia’s own site to annoy and frustrate her is beyond my comprehension. How can someone who purports to be ethical, moral, law abiding, honest, etc. possibly explain or defend his own behaviors?

The entire Sue Pruitt vs. Tricia Griffith meritless lawsuit makes we feel the need to shower…and shower….and shower some more. Will it ever wash away completely?

In addition to Ed, to read Kimster’s 7 page deposition, which, I might add, is very well written but COMPLETELY MERIT-less where this lawsuit is concerned, while keeping in mind that Tricia thought she was a friend…Keep the water running…more showers needed.

I hope the rest of this case is dealt with swiftly and justly. Tricia’s been living under a hailstorm of accusations, threats, betrayals and public humiliation. The whole thing is absolutely ludicrous, heartbreaking and unwarranted.

To Sue Pruitt: I hope you’re satisfied. Although, what did you gain??? $14,000.+ dollars? Was it worth it?

And Ed Jaeger…do you still feel morally superior?

And Kimster, aka. Cynthia…I’m glad you’re not my friend. To trust you would obviously be a serious lapse in anyone’s judgement. BTW: Aren’t you the same individual who sent me a CD of Christian music? Are you truly a Christian? Living a Christ-like life? Is that what a Christian looks like? You, IMHO, provide the strongest argument for Atheism that I have ever encountered. Rest in peace, hypocrite!

Ed, The Super Member!

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Some people are downright scary!! Can you imagine having a guy like Ed, who is now known to be Tricia’s enemy, being your main backroom guy? Knowing all about the forum, how it all works, how to do tricks…. sounds like some dirty tricks at that.

Master tech guy!

Having access to every member’s personal information. We even have a comment of being a peddler of lies when confronted with one dirty deed against a member. How many more are like this or worse! What does he know about you? What does he know about Tricia and all the mods? :shock:

People constantly ask why Tricia puts up with some of the people who have stabbed her in the back… but in the middle of a lawsuit — it’s better to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

When dirt piles on dirt, it’s hard to dig out.

I promise once this frivolous lawsuit is complete I will make sure this script that is being discussed will be removed. This includes any others that may have been put in place for malicious purposes by those seeking to shove Tricia out the door.

I am committed to Tricia and the betterment of her web properties. I have seen first hand the actual abilities of the person that placed this script on the server. I am not at all impressed. It was not long ago he accused me of hacking WS and deleting files. Turns out 1 file (not files) were actually deleted because of his failure to set proper configurations in the server settings. I actually provided the proof with a link to the software knowledge base. Like Sue, plenty of allegations but facts gave him a kick in the gut.


I find it very unnerving that someone like Adnoid has access to people’s IPs and personal information on Websleuths. There is a long standing rumour that Adnoid has dropped posters personal information in the mod forum in the past, if this is true he should have been shown the door years ago. I guess the other mods had no issue with him being an internet creeper while they were all on the same side. Since members can’t use Gmail or other internet email addresses to create a Websleuths account that means Adnoid has posters real names in a lot of cases. Sobering thought no?

Tricia Griffith New Star Of Google

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Almost everywhere you look on Google – there is Tricia Griffith and headlines of the Websleuths Lawsuit… and most importantly other things about Tricia Griffith. Radio star, talk show host, crime fighter, super sleuth, victims advocate,  etc..

Tricia Griffith is the face and voice of the most successful real crime forum on the internet.

One article after another, but the one interesting fact is that Sue Pruitt is barely mentioned other than as a party to the lawsuit.

Google logs major players, be they good or bad, but to not be mentioned hardly at all is a major diss.

So, who is Sue Pruitt? According to Google – nobody!

Interesting how things play out on the internet isn’t it?


Motion To Compel Tricia Griffith Re: Gambling Denied

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UPDATED: Big Win For Tricia Griffith In Texas Court!!

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D Reply to Response to MSJ (OMEGA) dec 4 2014 FS.PDF


Radio’s Forum Makes Historic Opening to Accommodate Websleuths Members!!

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It looks like due to the amount of posting here in the blog…. we need a forum format… and guess what? I just happen to have one.

An SMF forum that was opened in 2010 primarily for the Haleigh Cummings case, but added other cases as well. It hasn’t been active for a long time… but it’s ready to go.

You can register or not… Guests can post…

The url is

And the Websleuths Clearing House is right on top.

The same moderation rules apply in the forum as here in the blog. Filty vular comments and threats to harm another person will not be tolerated and will get deleted.

No time outs. No bannings, unless someone makes themselves an issue..

Have fun. Enjoy yourself!! :)

Websleuths And The Elephant In The Room

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Everyone knows there is an elephant in the room over at Websleuths and for this blog to ignore it would be careless at best, since so many members have contacted me about this very thing. This is not the kind of post I enjoying making, but it needs to be made.

The burning question on the tip of everyone’s tongue and in their questioning minds is who is lying – Beach or Raine? Was Chico listening in on the calls with Tricia as Beach says or not as Raine says? Beach admitted to listening to 3, while Raine says it was many more. Why all the dancing?

First mention of Calls and first Denial ..

2nd Denial + Chico …

More denials along the same vein …

Raine was invited to blog her story on this blog, but has been consumed with worry over all the hatred she expected to receive.

Also of concern is will Websleuths ever be the power house in the real crime world it once was? Will it return to being a super sleuthing community or will it just be a forum of news links with polite gossip? Are members signing in out of mere habit or are they they there to help solve cases as they once were. It seems to many the sleuthing has ceased.

People are asking these questions and wanting a forum to discuss it and express their opinions. Has SoSueMe damaged a once great crime sleuthing community beyond repair? It’s a fair call.

JUST IN: SoSueMe’s Current Emotional State

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Welp, There Goes The SS SoSueMe! Wonder If There Will Be any Survivors?

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Weblseuths Lawsuit – Planting The Seeds Of Embezzlement; Typhoid Mary

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On The Docket, Off The Record | The Secret Lawsuit Threads.

I believe information is to be shared and read by as may people as possible. I know a lot of the Websleuths members read that blog, but what stuck out to me and I want to drill it in is the sneaky back handed ways SoSueMe has poisoned the minds of said members…. good members, unsuspecting members. All unsuspecting recipients of slanderous suggestion. All that was required by SoSueMe was to coyly “plant the seed”, “say the word” , just saying it in passing and then go on.

Just cook it up and let it simmer in the mind she left it in.

What has happened to Tricia Griffith and Websleuths is  reminiscent of the typhoid epidemic that hit America around 1900. It was all spread by one woman. Yes, one woman who infected many others. Mary Mallon was a carrier. She simply spread the disease wherever she went, She became known as Typhoid Mary.

Don’t you think we have a Typhoid Mary in the midst of Websleuths? Don’t you think others have become infected? Some are on the path to recovery, some aren’t.

Please re-read and really take in the exiibits and commentary set forth below.


Don’t skip the emails in Exhibit A, here is just a taste ..

“That’s fine the good news is she has a lawyer and I bet the lawyer knows she isn’t going to be able to afford a long legal battle. Hopefully the lawyer will tell her to settle if not but for the lawyers own interest!”

“I’m going to be working on this like a maniac the next few weeks. God willing, nothing else will come up.

Oh, I also told Ciro he’s going to have to hit her hard during the depo. That is the only thing that will scare her enough to go away. But she has money now. Ciro said she’s already paid for trial time. Where the hell she got it, I don’t know. Did Zoomama die or something? My guess is she finally sold that property in Utah that she and her brother owned out of the trust.

Why, just why does everything seem to work in her favor? I’m damn sick of it.


“So, while Tricia has rights as a 50% owner, the only thing we can do is keep holding her feet to the fire on our TOS and Rules. She can’t re-write them, nor should she violate them.”

SoSueMe To Lobby For New Texas State Song!!

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STFU! Don’t You Know Who I am Peasant? Which Way Is Utah From Texas Dammit?!

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The Most Fair And Fragile Princess In SoSueMe’s Court Of Royalty

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Salem/Carrie, Raine And Cetan Get Caned Singapore Style!

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Websleuths Members Line Up To Take Aim At Benedict Arnold Mods!

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Submit Names For Mods Who Should Walk The Plank!

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Websleuths Lawsuit – Here’s The Beef!!

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Response to Motion to Compel


“Ed, we’ve got to come up with the proof for my lawsuit…..It’s up to us to prove everything up. It sucks.”