What Are The Personal Connections In The #KyronHorman Case

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    • Thank you for the comment. Yes, I made a comment about the name — my ignorance of the area. My bad :(

      Sounds like they banded together from an old high school mean girls club.

      • I agree. I believe that Mazama claimed to have family from the area. So this all makes sense. Something has always been a little different about Mazama. Almost like she was bullied into maintaining her position. She honestly was too intelligent not to even admit Terri could be connected.

  1. I’m wondering how Terri plays into this group. How does she know them? What are the implications? Are they all on LE radar?
    I also wonder how they play into Kyron going missing given the comment you made earlier Radio. It worries me how crazy these woman appear to be and how it may have involved Kyron

  2. I appears Dede is the connective link there.

    Pic below is Terri. LOL! Fits.

Blink’s Blog Considered A Flop! So Is She!!

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  1. Have you all noticed that she is down to only a handful of posters who rehash the same thing over again? Blink is the worst pseudo-sleuth criminal blog I have come across. It is there to only serve her interests. She claims she is in demand in many high profile cases. She is lying. A better name for all the shit she passes off as expertise would be “Blink is Bullshit.”

    Blink is a haughty, condescending, racist busy body that poses as a journalist, super sleuth, law enforcement officer. Another wannabe that will never be. Crazy bitch.

What On Earth Is Wrong With The Women Who Support Mark Redwine’s Bizarre Fetish?

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Then why do we have to fight Erin/Bayou Mistress/Helena Roubanes and Cathy Rhodes?

Why do they insist on causing as much pain for this family as they can. Cathy Rhodes can say she stays away from the crazies, SHE is the crazy that everyone from this case has been trying to avoid.

What do they have to gain by making a page, lying to the public to get an audience, and then just post stupid shit to upset the family? I will never understand why the likes of Helena Roubanes, Melissa Viebrock, Darci Riley, Kimberly Bowman and Cathy Rhodes, and there’s more.. felt this was their fight.

I don’t think they were fighting to protect Mark, they were fighting for control of the narrative of the case, just like they did to Tricia at Websleuths, this is their game.

I know the people from CMR have had to fight these people from day one, they even posted pictures of the Admin of Find Missing Dylan’s home on one of their pages and pictures of her kids and parents, why? what is to gain by that? And that was Helena Roubanes who did that. These people are really horrible, awful people.

Criminal Mindz Blog #KyronHorman

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Trashy’s Too LMAO

Have you visited Criminal Mindz yet? You should. There are many thoughts and questions about Kyron Horman’s disappearance and people who might be associated with his disappearance. There hasn’t been a recent post, but the facts we know have not changed, i.e., same suspects. LMAO
  Trashy’s Too LMAO Maryann Gilli writes the blog, and she can be found on Facebook. Lots of interesting posts there too! LMAO

What You Can Do To Help Bring #KryonHorman Home

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What can you do to help Kyron home?

You can SHARE our page.
You can SHARE Kyron’s pictures.
You can SHARE ALL articles Kyron.
You can PRINT out fliers.
You can PASS out fliers.
You can TAPE a flier in your car window.
You can TAPE a flier to your house window.
You can TAPE a flier to your business window.
You can DONATE to Kyron’s search fund.

THANK YOU for loving and supporting sweet Kyron and his family. heart emoticon

www.gofundme.com/kyronhorman <—- Please click to donate to Kyron’s 2015 search.

Thank you!


Kyron Horman's World Soldiers's photo.

More Questions About Sandi Lessman And Terri Horman

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“However, Terri’s dream team of attorneys have to be reeling!! They know Lessman was at the house. Law Enforcement has been watching everything Lessman has been doing this whole time. Not the brightest decision Terri has made thus far, but she really isn’t all that bright to begin with.”

This quote is from the blog Puzzled by Stones, Glass Houses, and Integrity

It really makes you wonder about the secret life of Terri Horman.

Kaine Horman, has said publicly that Terri live a double life. One which he was completely unaware of.

What exactly did that double life entail?

Based on comments dropped here and there about the internet  – it doesn’t sound that great. Bizarre in fact.

Kaine was Teri’s 3rd marriage and since we know she had “friends” of questionable nature, it makes you wonder. Wonder about a lot of things. Commonsense wonderings to most people.

Most of all it makes you wonder about those who support Terri Horman. It really does. A group that has been dropping in numbers recently. But they take the 5th as to why! LOL!

Lack of of commonsense?

Sandi Lessman said she was banished from the Portland bondage community after she told Betty’s family what was going on. http://www.katu.com/news/local/91995929.html

What was she doing there in the first place? And now living with Terri Horman! My God!!

Sandi Lessman is Terry’s number one supporter.

What kind of world did little Kyron Horman end up in via his step mother? It’s a fair queston.

There is nothing known about Terri Horman that makes her look like as good person. Much less a normal balanced person. Nothing.

Blink, Angry About Desiree Young’s FB Post, Stoops To Racial Slur

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Some of Blink’s crowd is upset over Desiree Young’s post on the Facebook page, Kyron Horman’s World Soldiers, so Blink jumps in and has to stoop to using an ethnic slur to make her frail point. Shame on Blink.

Desiree Young Comments About Kyron’s Last Picture

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Dede Spicher Eating As Usual, Chomp, Chomp!

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Looks like it might have been a recovery breakfast from a rough night!!! 😯

Terri Horman Sexting Michael Cook, Kaine’s High School Buddy.

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I had heard this happened, but I hadn’t seen the actual transcript of the texts with Michael Cook. They were posted on Oregon Live.

Nothing unusual about sexting… but this occurred approximately 26 days after Kyron went missing… and she didn’t even have her daughter.

That makes it appalling!!

You can read them and see how absolutely silly she is on this Google Docs link provided below. And as always, if you haven’t seen these before or the pdf they are on – you are welcome to use the link anywhere you want.


Mark Redwine Wears Women’s Clothes, Diapers And Eats His Own Feces

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Mark Redwine is not a stupid man.

Although many may take exception to the above sentence, in analyzing his statements, I have learned not only that he is deceptive, and that he possesses guilty knowledge in the death of his son, Dylan, but that he has a pattern of deception, likely learned in childhood, in which he cleverly dissects the words given to him, and chooses not only which words (and questions) to respond to, but precisely how he will respond.

Dr. Phil’s polygrapher found this to be frustrating, but if you listen to Redwine, you will hear this, consistently.

Mark Redwine picks and chooses what words and questions he wishes to use, or answer.  It is his method of deception.  Just as Casey Anthony likes to qualify each deceptive statement with, “perhaps, either/or” and so on, so it is that Mark Redwine is an intelligent, accomplished liar, who is able to grasp just how disgusted the nation is with him due to the revelation of his perversity in wearing a diaper and eating feces.

Mark Redwine is a prime candidate for suicide.

Objection:  He likes himself too much.

Answer:   So it is that he has now had the veil pulled from him, and his extreme perverse nature is exposed.  There is nothing he can say to justify his actions.  There is no one to support him.  He is utterly undone and has nothing left.

Previously, he had some sympathies from his appearance on the Dr. Phil Show, and Elaine’s lack of expressed concern in sending Dylan off to his father’s conspired together to make him, at least to a small minority, a figure to be pitied.

Eating his own feces turned that tiny minority to nothing.

Anger has been expressed at Elaine Redwine.  There is no excuse to be made for not giving this information to the judge, or for sending Dylan off to someone so horrifically perverse.  This failure to protect is shocking, as I know of no judge who would ever send a boy off to such a grievously offensive pervert.

What is worse than this?

Apparently, Dylan had confronted his father about this very thing.

Dr. Phil, however, did not.

Analyst Kaaryn Gough, weighing on on why Dr. Phil did not address this stark perversity took a most generous position:  perhaps law enforcement asked him not to, since they may have looked upon this as motive.

Dylan was like a lamb led to the slaughter:  he was seeing a man of whom demands respect, yet his 13 year old son, still a boy, saw pictures of his father in women’s clothing and in a diaper.  Mark Redwine’s rage and perversity, as well as being exposed just prior to this visit, was the perfect storm of risk factors all come together in one last venting.

As he lashed out as his son, I believe his own shame from the lingering guilt of perversity, projected itself towards Dylan, blaming, with each blow, Dylan’s mother and Dylan’s alliance with his mother.

Mark Redwine has no place left to hide.

He was seen by most of America as a killer of his own child, yet he clung to a semblance of dignity, demanding that his older son, Dylan’s brother, show respedt to him, or that Dr. Phil would correct his son.



Terri Horman Fearful Of Being Ratted Out

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Terribot And Roommate Of Terri Horman “Convicted” Of Animal Abuse

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EUGENE – A Marcola woman was convicted yesterday on five counts of animal abuse and neglect after two starving horses and an injured and diseased cat had to be removed from her house in April.

A Lane County District Court jury heard six days of testimony and deliberated less than two hours before convicting Sandra Lessman, 37, on all counts.

The horses gained about 200 pounds each in the two months after their removal from Lessman’s farm. Both are in foster care and will be auctioned to an approved buyer if the judge orders them forfeited. The cat, which had broken ribs, a punctured lung and several infections, also is in foster care.

Lessman claimed she was doing the best she could, but veterinarians testified to the contrary.


Terri And The “Hell Hound” AKA Sandi Lessman Are Roommates In Eugene, Oregon

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Trashy’s Too LMAO via Don’t Blink

Gag!!! Terri and her kewl bondage BFF together?! How can someone who is on government disability afford to support Terri too? Let me guess the ways. LMAO

From Don’t Blink:

“Terri is living in Eugene with a “roommate”. This person is rumored to be her main supporter, the one I call “The Hell Hound” because she’s posted in defense of Terri across the internet. I’m sure you’ve seen her name. She makes fake profiles, threatens Kyron supporters on Facebook, calls their employers and trys to make trouble for them. She makes posts tearing Desiree and Kaine to shreds, and posts information (and lies) about the case that could only come from Terri.

“What you may not know is she was convicted of 5 counts of animal abuse and neglect because she starved 2 horses until they were 200 lbs underweight, and she had a cat with a broken rib and punctured lung. This woman was also involved in an elder abuse scam, and admitted to being part of the BDSM community. She quit posting as much in December/January, right when Terri started working in Eugene.

“Her history is documented and LE has copies of everything. If you are contacted by this person, tell her to stop contacting you. If she continues, report it to Facebook and the police.”


EUGENE – A Marcola woman was convicted yesterday on five counts of animal abuse and…

Desiree Young Accused Of “Hooking Up With Hater Groups”!! #KyronHorman

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Just when you think you’ve seen it all — something pops ups that almost takes your breath away.

Accusing Kyron’s mother of hooking up with hater groups? My God!! How callous!!

Accusing Stacey Green of “buying likes” and it goes right on to calling me shady – and that is the nicest part. LMAO!! Then invents a reason for the 4 Million hits on Kyron’s website. Pathetic!

No one likes getting called out – and they call it all lies when they do, but Rose – you are getting called out for being stupid.

Call that a lie if you want. I could care less. You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!!!

If believing Terri is guilty and wanting Kyron found, then that makes 99.99% of the case followers “haters”.

Blink nor any Blinkette can handle the truth. When confronted with it – they dive into their imaginations and come up with anything that soothes their emotional needs. Sad!


Terri Horman’s Behavior Of Guilt

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It all boils down to Terri’s actions. She pleaded the Fifth in her divorce and refused to answer a single question or produce any information. She chose to give up custody of her daughter. If she was innocent, she would not have pleaded the Fifth, or give up her daughter.

Terri, we ask you again…WHERE IS KYRON?


Kyron Horman's World Soldiers's photo.

Durango Herald: Dylan Redwine’s family says father moved remains

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Dylan Redwine’s mother and brother told talk show host Dr. Phil during their second appearance on his show that they suspect Mark Redwine moved the teenager’s remains after he killed him.

Elaine Hatfield, formerly Redwine, and her son, Cory Redwine, taped the show with Dr. Phil in mid-April, and the show aired Wednesday. During the show they maintained that they believe Mark Redwine killed his 13-year-old son when he was on a court-ordered visit with him in late 2012.

“He murdered his son,” Hatfield told Dr. Phil.

Dylan was reported missing Nov. 12, 2012. Part of his remains were found June 26, 2013, on Middle Mountain Road near Vallecito Reservoir.

Dr. Phil asked Hatfield during the 16-minute segment why only some of her son’s remains were found.

“I believe his body was moved,” she said.



The Searches For Missing Children Highlighted On This Blog

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This isn’t much of a post, but I find some things here curious.

Searches are done for Kryon Horman. Great efforts go into raising the money to pay for them, because they are expensive to do.

Searches are also done for Dylan Redwine, even though his father thinks it’s a waste of time. I don’t know as much about how those searches are organized or financed, as I do in the Kyron case.

I’ve never heard of any such searches being done for Baby Lisa. No fund raising, no car washes like the Kyron family does.

That just seems strange to me. I am giving the Irwin’s the benefit of the doubt here in that they so strongly believe she was kidnapped, searches wouldn’t yield any results. But getting her picture distributed every where they can think of – I don’t hear that being done either.

It just seems strange and curious to me.

Missing Baby Lisa Irwin’s Mom Confesses Why She Feels Guilty Over Her Disappearance

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Ways To Identify #KyronHorman

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Here are some ways to help identify Kyron, if you think you have seen him. Kyron has a very light V shaped birthmark in the middle of his forehead, and a mole under his right eye, on his cheek. If you feel you have seen him, please call 911 right away, yell out his name, take a picture. You can also contact the Tip Line at 1-503-261-2847.

Kyron Horman will be missing for 5 years on June 4th, 2015. There is a $50,000 reward for information leading to Kyron. If you have information on Kyron Horman’s whereabouts, please call the Tip Line: 1-503-261-2847.

Please keep sharing Kyron’s story, we need as many eyes as we can get for sweet Kyron.

Thank you for loving and supporting sweet Kyron and his family.

www.gofundme.com/kyronhorman <—- Click here to donate to Kyron’s 2015 search. Thank you


Kyron Horman's World Soldiers's photo.
Kyron Horman's World Soldiers's photo.
**I would like to add that anyone who can help out at the gofundme for Kyron, please do so. Kyron’s Mother, Desiree Young, organizes and pays for the searches with that money. It’s horribly expensive to bring in all the qualified people and search dogs. It costs money and a lot of it.

Dylan Redwine case back in spotlight; father says it’s a ‘waste of time’

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DENVER — Two-and-a-half years after a Colorado teenager vanished while on vacation, his murder case is back in the national spotlight after his parents appeared on a syndicated talk show.

On Wednesday, Dylan Redwine’s mother Elaine Redwine shared her thoughts on the investigation and two year-long mystery about her son’s disappearance and death.

On the show, Elaine continued to press her ex-husband, Mark Redwine, for answers about the circumstances surrounding the 2012 disapperance.

Dylan Redwine vanished while visiting his father in southwest Colorado for Thanksgiving break. A nationwide search for Dylan ended eight months later after investigators found partial remains in Vallecito, Colorado.

“This in my opinion was a waste of time, the time would have been much better spent, if we were searching for my son’s killer,” said Mark Redwine, in an interview with FOX31 on Wednesday, the same day Dylan’s case appeared on the Dr. Phil show.

A search of the area near where Dylan’s remains were found was scheduled for last weekend but was indefinitely postponed because of inclement weather.

A spokesperson for the La Plata County Sheriffs Office stressed the investigation remains ongoing and that both parents remain cooperative with their investigators.

TrueCrimeRadio: Dylan Redwine’s Mom Elaine To Be Our Guest May 21

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What happened to Dylan Redwine? It’s been almost two years since Dylan’s partial remains were found near his father Mark’s home. Elaine, Dylan’s mom makes an appearance on the Dr. Phil show Wed. May 20th. Mark called into Dr Phil and the fireworks began.

Elaine Redwine is my guest on True Crime Radio Thursday May 21st. Elaine will talk about the Dr. Phil show and will update us on how she is doing as she continues to work for justice for Dylan.

Show starts at 8:00 PM Eastern. Chat opens at 7:30 PM Eastern. Click on the Listen Now tab at the top of the page at show time to listen to the show live on iHeart Radio.


**This is Tricia Griffith’s of Websleuths radio program.

Police Say 5-Year-Old Haleigh Cummings is Dead, Identify Persons of Interest in Case

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(Old Article)

Haleigh Cummings, the 5-year-old who vanished from her father’s Florida home more than a year ago, is believed to be dead and investigators said that they’ve identified several people of interest.

Speaking from the edge of the St. John’s River, where divers have scoured the murky waters for traces of the little girl for the past three days, Putnam County Sheriff Jeff Hardy said Thursday the case is now a homicide investigation.

“Over the past few weeks, information has been obtained by investigators that lead them to believe that Haleigh Cummings is most likely deceased,” Hardy told reporters.



Chilling details in the case of Haleigh Cummings

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(Old Article)

Chilling new details about the fate of missing Haleigh Cummings emerged Thursday from the attorney of Hank “Tommy” Croslin Jr., proposing that the 5-year-old was dead hours before her disappearance was reported.

Croslin, now 24, was with his cousin Joe Overstreet when the two went to a Putnam County boat ramp with the girl where she was dumped into the St. Johns River inside a bag, said attorney James Werter.

“He saw Joe take Haleigh down to the dock,” Werter said Thursday. “When he came back, he didn’t have Haleigh.”



Tommy Croslin claims Haleigh Cummings died in her own home, according to his attorney James Werter

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(Old Article)

The missing 5-year-old, vanished from her trailer in February 2009. According to Werter, Tommy Croslin says he and his cousin, Joe Overstreet, visited the home where Haleigh Cummings lived with her father Ronald Cummins and his then girlfriend, Misty Croslin, the night Haleigh Cummings went missing. Werter says Overstreet wanted to borrow an automatic rifle at the home to go deer hunting and that Overstreet became irate when he learned the gun was not there. “Things happened from there,” Werter said, explaining Croslin, Jr. went into the trailer bedroom to find Overstreet in a rage and Haleigh Cummings no longer alive.



Haleigh Cummings Mystery Feeds Online Obsession

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(Old Article) Same thing has happened in the Kyron case.

Local stories like Haleigh’s become national fixations when observers with opinions take rants to the Web.

The disappearance of 5-year-old Haleigh Cummings eight months ago occurred about the time Ellen Johnson got Internet access at home in east Texas.

“I didn’t even have a computer in my house until just before this,” she said.

Now, the 46-year-old petroleum engineer has a Twitter account called haleighnewz dedicated to the case and at summer’s end, was in Putnam County to help with a school supply drive for Haleigh’s classmates. Johnson met Haleigh’s mother, Crystal Sheffield, and grandmother Marie Griffis there. She spends hours sharing her thoughts online and probing for information about the ongoing investigation.

It is as if the Internet has removed a wall.



Mark Redwine Phones Into Dr. Phil Show

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Redwine would not appear in person on the show, but he did phone in and it will air tomorrow.

Wonder if it will be interesting or a flop?

Guess we will all find out tomorrow.

#KyronHorman – Latest Developments

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Friends and family members of Kyron Horman plan to hold another search for the missing boy this summer as the fifth anniversary of his disappearance approaches.

Horman was 7 when he disappeared on June 4, 2010 after leaving Skyline Elementary School in Portland, leading to an extensive search and criminal investigation.

Kyron’s mother, Desiree Young, told KGW this week that supporters are holding car washes this spring to help pay for a new search.


**Old video, but new developments.

UPDATED: 4 Million Hits Bring Kyron Website Down…..

May 20, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  12 Comments

Web site is down to overload of web traffic (viewers) on the site. Over 4 million hits in 4 days – LOVE IT. Now to get it back online… will post an update when fixed. Keep posting and sharing even if traffic volumes keep the web site down. Kyron still needs us!!


Web site is back online. Sorry for the delay. Completely new server to handle any amount of traffic. Had to rebuild the site template and am still re-adding content. Information is being updated on the site and we’ll have a few new announcements for you to share shortly so have those mouse fingers ready.


The Two Terri’s!

May 19, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  2 Comments

Oh and this one lol this one she hates!!

Terri And Dede Wanna Tawk

May 19, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  2 Comments

Terri Horman’s New Ham Butt Figure

May 19, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  2 Comments

Terri Horman, What Is This All About??

May 19, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  3 Comments

New #KyronHorman Support Facebook Page

May 19, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  1 Comment


WARNING: Terri And Terribots Open Fake #Kyron Facebook Support Page

May 19, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  7 Comments

Terri’s team of cracked-out creative geniuses have opened a Facebook page with the title “Portland Supports Justice for Kyron Horman”. Yep. The title copies the real Kyron support pages, but the only person that page supports is Terri Moulton Horman and her constant refusal to tell the truth about Kyron’s disappearance. Terri’s supporters have lots of misinformation and deflections from Terri to offer. Stay away from it! LMAO

The page opened in March, and so far it has one (1) “Like”. Terri’s supporters are shy about Like’ing the page! The page even has a link to the bunk crime blog … of course. LMAO


#KyronHorman – Terribots Engage In Stalking, Harassment And Violence!!

May 19, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  2 Comments

Nice!! Thanks for posting this. As I read it, I can tell you who the liar is. The liar is Terri. No one, especially Stacey Green or I have ever threatened one red hair on her head. We want answers, Terri has those answers. We want Justice. To get that, pressure has to be put on Terri. Searches have to be done to find Kyron. The entire thing is one giant lie under oath.

We are the ones that have been stalked, harassed and threatened. All documented, all given to law enforcement. Employers have been called, some people have lost their jobs. Trespassing and vandalism have occurred on my property while on a very publicized search last June. All done in Terri’s name. For Terri. I am sure in some instances, ordered BY Terri.

For everyone’s information, every time LE was called by Carol, or anyone for that matter, RBPD told us, great job!! Keep up the good work. No police reports have ever been filed. Not even the one she claims in this paper work.

James, he came to the people standing at the end of Terri’s street. He snuck his car around the corner and approached THEM!! He KNEW he was being filmed. He welcomed the questions, and he thanked everyone for caring about his little step brother.

Terri Horman is a LIAR!! Everyone who supports her are LIARS!!

We are going to find Kyron. Justice is going to be served on all of the people who helped her. Bank on it!!

“Look At Me – I AM a ROCKSTAR And I Am NOT Fat!!!” #Kyron

May 19, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  1 Comment

Dede Spicher

“Buffet Dinner Dates And Eating All You Want Are So Much Fun” #Kyron

May 19, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  No Comments

Dede and Terri

“What Do You Mean No Triple Whoppers And No Fries Either???” #Kyron

May 19, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  1 Comment

Terri Moulton Horman

Terri Horman And Dede Spicher Have To Be Rocked Back On Their Dirty Heels!

May 18, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  No Comments

These two pigs read every Facebook page and every post. They have to be stunned and concerned at the huge amount of new support that has sprung up for Kyron and his family over the last few days.

This is the last thing either of them want to see. They want this story to go away and these Facebook people to grow tired and go away with it.

It doesn’t look like that is going to happen anytime soon. Both are suspects by an overwhelming public opinion, with them waiting for police to get the proof and arrest one or both of them.

Below is an update by Trashy’s Too LMAO and she asks that you go to the Facebook page and join in. The link for that page is in her update.

The more pressure put on Terri Horman and her supporters the better. The Facebookers call her supporters “Terribots”, LOL!! Dumb bots for sure.

WOO-HOO! UPDATE! OVER 20,000 people Like (Love) the Kyron Horman’s World Soldiers page! In less than 24 hours the page gained 5,000 more Like’s!!! That’s a lot of love for Kyron, and he deserves it all.

Please join in by sharing and Like’ing the page! Thanks!


Non-Profit Organization
Kyron Horman's World Soldiers's photo.
Kyron Horman's World Soldiers
17,155 talking about this
This is an article from 2012, but it is as true today as it was then.

The stepmother of missing Oregon boy Kyron Horman was called a “prime suspect” in his disappearance by a judge who ruled a $10 million civil suit against the woman could proceed.

The opinion was issued in the civil case filed by Desiree Young, Kyron’s birth mother, against his stepmother Terri Horman.


Deric Lostutter Sinks Into Disgusting Scandal After Scandal

May 18, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  2 Comments

Once admired by many as KYAnonymous in the Steubenville rape case, all of that has changed.

Deric is no longer admired for anything and has done some outrageous things.

From a blog that I will post the link to, “Deric threatened to rape a girl and film it? Also threatened to stab her in the face and threatened her kid.” http://dericlostutter.org/blog/2015/05/14/deric-makes-more-threats-of-rape-physical-harm/

That’s just a small sample of the scandalous behavior Deric has sunk into.

Deric Lostutter has scammed countless individuals out of thousands of dollars. He comes up with excuse after excuse after excuse to gain donations, each one being more bullshit then the last. We have piles of evidence against Deric Lostutter and it will all be posted on this website in various areas. We will continue to expose this corrupt individual until everyone is made aware. This website was setup as a quick resource for those researching Deric, where all the information, past, present, and future, will be posted.

Deric Lostutter admired no more. It honestly makes me sad, as I was one who once admired him.

Go to this blog to get all the shameful and scandalous deets. http://dericlostutter.org/blog/

Heartbreaking Plea From Kyron’s Mother And Aunt

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For 5 very long years we’ve been waiting. Waiting for Kyron to come home. Waiting for answers. Waiting for someone to do the right thing. That someone has remained silent… therefor, we have no answers. So we search. We search because we have to, because no answers is not acceptable. We will never accept this fate. We will never bow down to these horrible, disgusting and heartless people. We will always be Kyron’s voice, never accepting this fate of the unknown.

So we search, and we will keep searching for as long as it takes. The time for our coordinated searches for Kyron is fast approaching. With the help of Klaas Kids, and certified K9 dogs with their amazing handlers we will be conducting searches in the coming months. There is a GoFundMe account for for Kyron set up that helps to aid these searches. 100% of the donations to this site will be used in our continued search to bring Kyron home.

No one will ever detour us, because Kyron matters. He will always matter!!

This fund needs our continued support. Please pass this on, tweet it, tell friends about it. If you would like to donate to this fund you may also use PayPal by using this email address:
Mail in donations or letters to:
Justice for Kyron Horman
P.O. Box 725
Medford, OR 97501


This is a Quote of something Kyron’s Mother wrote just last year, just before the searches:
“As I sit here in the silence of our home, my mind wanders to Kyron. I miss all of the giggles that have filled our home since he was born. The smiles that Kyron gives us are infectious and I am a different person without them to brighten my days. I need my Kyron home so that I can smile again. I miss him even more today.

I will never give up looking for Kyron, I will never stop, and I promise all of my Kyron supporters….

I will find my Kyron.

Now let’s bring him home!”

June 4, 2010 is the day that Kyron disappeared and our nightmare began. It has been four years now…

Interest in Kyron Horman Case Surges; Gains New Supporters!

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**Please share**

We have received 12k plus NEW likes to our page, just in a matter of days. Thank you all SO very much for loving and supporting Kyron and his family. ‪#‎JusticeforKyronHorman‬ ‪#‎MissingKyronHorman‬ ‪#‎FindKyron‬‪ #‎WhereisKyronTerri‬

Let us ALL implore Terri Horman to cooperate with the investigation….lets share this picture far and wide, lets let the WORLD know who this monster is, and that she is still walking OUR streets in Eugene Oregon. We want answers, we want Kyron.

Terri Moulton-Horman, WHERE IS HE??

www.gofundme.com/kyronhorman <—- Click to donate to the 2015 search for Kyron Homan. Thank you. 


Kyron Horman's World Soldiers's photo.

Terri Horman Court Docs Alleging Stalking By Stacey Green

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I didn’t fib when I said these wouldn’t be available until tomorrow afternoon. I really thought that’s when I would be able to get them all in some kind of displayable manner…. but I was able to get them in a folder… and besides, you all know me well enough to know I probably wasn’t going to be able to sleep until I got this done. So, here it is.

You know, I am thinking Blink must have been Terri’s legal counsel on this mess and yes, it is a mess. You will see that for yourself. Must have been their group crayon therapy time when this was written!

The long and short of it is displayed right here below – DENIED!!
But still, you need to see all the bullshit Terri Horman alleged against Stacey to see how her mind works. I say she has her nerve. A child disappears on her watch, she refuses to cooperate with police as does, her little flying ass monkey, Dede Spicher.

Stacey Green is one of the nicest people I have encountered on the web or in any case. Terri was feeling the heat and thought she could pull this off, scaring all of Kyron’s supporters, but she was very wrong. A judge threw this nonsense right out of court. It didn’t see the light of day!

Enjoy the read. Click on each image to enlarge the size for better reading.


#KyronHorman Troll, Malasda, Deletes Blog

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The Register-Guard: Judge denies stalking order sought by Terri Horman

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The stepmother of missing Portland boy Kyron Horman has been denied a temporary stalking protective order against a Washington woman who allegedly posted missing-child posters outside a Eugene business last week where Terri Moulton Horman was working.

According to papers filed in Lane County Circuit Court on Wednesday, Horman wrote that she is fearful of Stacey Green, 35, of Cowlitz County, “and her cohorts (who) have demonstrated repeatedly that they will physically, verbally and in written form, threaten me and have done so obsessively for over four years.

“They are now escalating in this behavior to where I fear they will kill me.”

Judge Charles Carlson denied the petition.


**More will come on this story, including all the court papers, for you to read, filed by Terri Horman, proving what a loon she is. I expect to have it up by late tonight or tomorrow. If it isn’t up by late tonight – it will be tomorrow afternoon.

UPDATE: The documents are now posted here: http://radionewz.net/2015/05/terri-horman-court-docs-alleging-stalking-by-stacey-green/

“Blink”, Major Liar In Kyron Horman Case, Politely Asked To SHUT UP!

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I’ll be very honest here. I was told by a very knowledgeable source – one close to those on the inside – of the Kyron Horman investigation – that Blink will be very lucky if she doesn’t get charges of her own for interfering with this investigation.

Her blogging has been disgraceful in this case, as well as may others.

“For years Blink said that Kyron was seen with an unknown man inside of the school. At first she said that Kyron left at 9:45. Then she changed the time to around 9:10. She said that a teacher gave Kyron permission to leave with the unknown man. She posted the teacher’s name. Recently, she admitted that there a boy who look identical to Kyron was seen at the time. She falsely accused an innocent teacher, gave false information about when Kyron was last seen, and by doing so hindered the investigation of a missing child. She didn’t even apologize to the teacher.”

Here are some quotes from Wikipedia concerning her credibility. Of course, she does sucker some into believing the falsehoods and trash she puts out.

Disassociation with websleuths.com
The owner of websleuths.com, Tricia Griffith, has publicly commented that Stoy is a liability to any organization she is affiliated with.


Inflammatory tactics commonly employed by Stoy, according to critics, include fabricating stories (in conjunction with Scared Monkeys, main site of the server that hosts blinkoncrime.com), posting private information about non-suspects and family members of ongoing investigations, and intentionally misstating factual accounts of ongoing investigations to insinuate connection of non-suspects to well known crimes. The primary criticism of these tactics is that while purporting to expose important information, her tactics are more successful in obscuring truth with disinformation. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Blinkoncrime/Sandbox

Saturday, May 16, 2015 at 8:42 pm

Blink if you read here could you SHUT THE FUCK UP? Thanks.

Update On SSM’s Forum Membership

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Since I last posted about SSM’s new crime forum having 150 members, the count as I write, is now a whopping 189!! I’m happy to report that all those I mentioned in this POST heard the call and have responded.

Woo hoo!! Maybe even a “woot” would be appropriate at this point!

Those who join every forum they know about and then forget the link rushed to participate.

The curious also responded and these are the ones who forget the nic they used and the password as well.

The “sitters” aka lookie loo sleuths also must have responded and will read and snoop the private area with great glee. The curious also will prowl the private area for as long as they can remember their login info!

It’s a water cooler rumor that if SSM doesn’t get more members than Websleuths, she will invest in a “password generator” and think up names all by herself along with her staff. It seems she thinks a password generator would speed things up and they wouldn’t have to spend time thinking up good passwords.

She and her staff, of course, will have an email containing the name and password of every fake account generated. No forgetting passwords for this crowd or wannabe’s!!

Sounds like desperation to me!! Hahaha!!

Furthermore, a very telling comment was left here about the condition of the new forum.

Friday, May 15, 2015 at 7:17 pm

I had a look and either hardly anyone’s posting or they are all bitching in the private bit. Most threads have single figure posts and they are mostly from the countless admins. It would be funny but its such a pathetic little place.
Sue is so desperate for websleuth members that Tricia had to advertise it on the websleuths banner as part of the settlement.

FOUND AT CrimeWatchers.net

I would say based on that comment, Sue’s forum sounds dead as a doornail doesn’t it?

Wow Is Right!! Over 15k Likes On Kyron Horman Facebook Support Page!

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**Thanks to Trashy’s Too LMAO for posting this information! It is great!

Kyron Horman Supporter, Stacey Green, Puts Rude Facebook Commenter On Blast!

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You want to write my page (in a message) and act a fool, you get put on blast! Shame on you! Thank God you weren’t talking to Kyron’s Momma (who does NOT run this page). Learn some damn respect and get a life!!!

I am just a very dedicated supporter, there is me (Stacey Green) and one other person (CJ) who runs this page and my others. We do it for Kyron. His family reads our pages, so please always keep it respectful. Thank you!

Kyron Horman's World Soldiers's photo.
Kyron Horman's World Soldiers's photo.
**This commenter is absolutely disgraceful, plus totally disrespectful of the work these dedicated Facebook supporters of Kyron’s family are doing for them. As Stacey said, the family reads the Facebook pages… it gives them hope and comfort to know Kyron has not been forgotten.
I hope putting that nutcase on blast shows the way for others not to follow in her footsteps!!