Reverend Darci

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Those Of You Who Have Believed “Murt”

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How sad if you did, because you found yourself caught up in his world of hatred and fantasy.

I won’t even go into it all, because it is so debasing, no one wants too. Yes, “low moral character.”

You, who are into his web of spin, will learn and learn the hard way.

It’s up to you, however, if you want to jump into that abyss.

I only mention this because it’s obvious some did via his “hater of bullies” twitter sock account.

Sad, sad stuff. Sad, sad man.

Good luck!!! LOL!!

Neighbor of Missing Baby Lisa Breaks Her Silence

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Baby Lisa Irwin Age Progression Story….

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Duh!!! Puhleeze!!! #KyronHorman

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Desiree Young, Kyron Horman’s Mother, Deserves Answers

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Desiree Young deserves more than answers. She deserves her son back in her arms.

This has been a long saga of hurt, pain and sorrow.

Why Terri Horman hasn’t been charged and arrested is beyond me. That’s my opinion. Other’s have different opinions and that is fine, I accept them, but the one thing everyone has in common is they want Kyron found and returned to his family.

It’s a disgrace, in my opinion, this case has lingered so long without answers.

Put yourself in Desiree Young’s position.

I don’t know what you would do in that position, but I believe she has shown considerable restraint in not dragging Terri Horman out of her residence and beating the shit out of her. I admire Young’s restraint. I wouldn’t have it to be honest.

If you are in a position to put pressure on Horman – do it.

If you are in a position to put pressure on DeDe Spicher – do it.

If someone at the school has laryngitis – put pressure on them.

It all seems so simple, but the law is complicated.

Kyron Horman’s family needs answers and those answers exist. It’s simply a matter of finding and pushing the right pressure points.

The Bully Crew Posts Can Stop… If…

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The Bully Crew posts can stop and I hope I am given the opportunity to stop them.

Everyone has opinions about every case and every thing else in the world, but these posts happened because I was enlisted as the publisher to announce it was time for the notorious Bully Crew to stop.

I believe most, if not all the the names, of the worst offenders have been published. Sure, I know there are more, but I hope they have gotten the message that their reign of terror, without consequence, is over.

Some things I’ve seen and heard have even been shocking to me… and I thought I’d seen it all. Well, I hadn’t. I’m ashamed of every person named here as a Bully Crew member and I know there are more. I’m even shocked at some of the comments, but I understand people are angry and beyond their limits for patience.

Many good people contributed to this effort to get the Bully Crew stopped and I believe it has had an effect… if not… then the calling out and naming will continue.

Trust me – it’s a miserable task, but one I was willing to sign on for. I’ve always said this blog was “about the peeps” and that hasn’t changed.

If those who have been “named and shamed” STFU and leave people alone.. the same will happen here, but one thing you can not do, no matter who you are, is insult and defame my best friends.

That I do get personally upset about and you will get a response. My time and my choosing. I own this blog and I have the right of expression and I will use it. You can have opinions about my best friends, but when it goes into slurs and defamation, that is a different matter. I know my friends are not perfect. LOL!!

Some play I am Levi. Some play I am Kim. Some play I am Holly. I am none of those, so those in the dark will just have to deal with my anonymity, which is my constitutional right.

You can have any opinion on any case or world event you want. Everyone has that constitutional right, but you do not have a constitutional right to attack, smear, destroy and defame others over an “opinion”. That has to stop.

If these outings stop – that’s up to the major bullies named here.

What say you? Willing to stop or so addicted you can’t?

Time will tell won’t it?

Bully Crew’s Little Miss Missi

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My goodness, no wonder she doesn’t want to show her mouth on her Facebook page. No one with a nasty mouth like Melissa Smith Tom Dick and Harry Viebrock would.

Of course she could have just been busted in the mouth before she took the selfie – OR – she had fallen down some cement stairs drunk the night before and busted up her mouth! Who knows?! I’ve also heard her teeth are rotten, so it’s anyone’s guess.

I think the look she was striving for was “mysterious”! #FAIL

At least she finally got married and actually has a husband!! They share an “apartment” (with all those kids? An apartment?) No money honey!! LOL!!

418 N Van Buren St., Apt. 4
Versailles, Mo., 65084

Now speaking of MONEY, she got charged for passing a bad check! Case #  07G2-CR01146 , 2007 in Sedalia, Mo., Pettis County.  18th Judicial Court, where she plead guilty of course.

On top of that shit, she got evicted in 2007 for owing $2,953.00!! That was handled in the Pettis Associate Circuit Court, case #07G2AC00223.

Missi is really into social media it seems… but everyone knows THAT!

A real social media butterfly, I’d say. One up to no good!


Now….I’ve noticed she must have developed a psychosis about her weight problem, because she sometimes says she weighs 125 and other times 135…. I’d say it’s something more like 165 based on the “Missi Squats” pic. She better pick up the pace before she hits 185 or worse and ends up looking like her good bully buddies Darci and Helena! She’s already 40, so….

Helena; Old Obese Woman Running Circles In Missing Child Cases

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So ashamed of her – her own family didn’t want to photograph her face attempting to hide the obesity, I suppose!

An obese child abuser who is on probation and she is 60ish.

Cyberstalking and trolling are just a few of her online activities, along with being involved in questionable donation seeking.

It doesn’t end there with questionables!

She is also known to maintain questionable relationships with families of missing children. Pretending to defend them while preying upon them promising to raise money to help find the missing child.

How much of that she does is actually unknown, because she like others in the Bully Crew spend most of their time defending the innocence of parents who the public perceives and senses are guilty.

Running circles on the internet to bash, trash and hopefully ruin anyone who disagrees with her opinion or her activities. No one who holds an “honest opinion” does those things. They just don’t.

That behavior doesn’t add up does it?

Helena’s Personal Facebook Page??

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A reliable source sent this to me indicating this was Helena’s personal Facebook page, using a last name not seen before. The only evidence (circumstantial) is that the coffee shop she reviewed on here is in her area in Ohio. Otherwise, it’s locked down tight. Maybe one of you sleuthers can make a more certain connection.

Helena Roubanes has been fucked by so many men, clit leaves her body!

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Because of her whorish behavior, she filed a lawsuit against her gynecologist! Shameful behavior Helena aka Gracie A Marks!

helena case 1 for real

Helena case 1large

Did Helena Roubanes aka Gracie A Marks run scams during Lisa Irwin case?

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Interesting post about alleged child abuser Helena Roubanes aka Gracie A Marks…


Teresa Nordbrok Martinez
Bridget Redwine/Simmers
Melissa Smith Koch/Viebrock/Mixologist74/Truthforlisa/Inconsiderate Bi**ch
The Real Deal/Starving Zombie
Annette “Annie” Dabbada
Cathy Rhodes/Pixie Dust/Raine/Estrella/On the Docket, Off the Record (OTDOTR)
Sharon Wright
Michele Overton/Chele Gonnate/DylansGma (NOT related to our Dylan)
Gracie A. Marks
Grace under Fire/Bayou Mistress/Bayou Mists
Darci Riley Winters/LI Footprints in the Sand/Footprints for the Missing
Alicia Sale/Sandage
Jodi Baker Key/Jodi Key/ Alolliegag
Rachel Phelps / YidArmyRach

Nancy M. Turnage/Money Girl
Jacie Estes/Wastela
Louis Charles Sturgeon/Bandido Sinn
Emma Coleman/Emma Ems/nightsangel/Artemis/Tris/Shadowhunter

It seems strange when a small band of people create a page to support a likely suspect, but there are people, sometimes referred to as murder groupies, who tend to be attracted to high profile cases (as mentioned on Tricia’s True Crime Radio on 7/22 with Marc Klaas that also discussed Mark). Maybe that was it? Then we found that some affiliated with this group have criminal records, or family members with records, so maybe they identified with Mark? Disturbingly, we believe we may now know the motive behind the attacks and attempts to draw people and media to their sites, and their anger especially aimed at Katt & Elaine for not allowing them to take over Dylan’s case.

You see, some of the individuals above have been cyber bullying for years, especially as part of the Lisa Irwin case. Some are affiliated with multiple sites seeking donations for T-shirts, bumper stickers, bottle cap charms, flyers, postage, etc even without nonprofit status. In fact, the finances around the Lisa Irwin case have been under scrutiny before. It seems no coincidence that the organizations pitched by the LI website appear connected to these same individuals. We believe this is a group that has found it profitable to attach themselves to the missing and the ill. Be careful who you donate to and affiliate with!

Helena Roubanes Unusual Child

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It was just posted by Executioner that Child Protective Services should look into whether this child is safe in the care of his mother, Helena Roubanes.

I don’t know how many names she has had, but this kid isn’t a Roubanes and I don’t know if his father is involved in his life or not.

But I do know by looking at the features, the lips, the eyebrows,  the nose and the eyelashes, are those fake? A man needs to be involved in his life or Helena needs to stop giving this kid estrogen or whatever is going on there. Something just doesn’t look right with this “boy”.

I do think he should be evaluated and CPS should do it.

Something just isn’t right here!!

When I saw her ridiculous attacks against Levi Page – I thought WTF is she doing insulting a young man’s good looks when she has a kid that looks more like a girl than a boy. Unreal at that hatefulness. Jealousy I guess.

Glass houses were meant to be broken.

#BullyCrew’s Gracie A Marks aka Helena Roubanes a child abuser?

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Screenshot 2015-04-24 at 12.19.31 AM

Meet Helena Roubanes aka Gracie A Marks, a troll from the Lisa Irwin case. Tonight on twitter this “lady” attacked Levi Page. Do you think this Bruce Jennier look-a-like has room to attack anyone else’s appearance?

Screenshot 2015-04-24 at 12.23.48 AM

Here is some background on this bitch.

Helena Roubanes (Jeffreys), has been married at least 3 times.  She married George Zumsteg back in the 90’s, which was her 3rd marriage.  By 2002 she was married to Robert Dean Jeffreys, who went broke when he was married to her.  I don’t think they are still married.

This skank filed for bankruptcy twice! Geesh, bitch!  Stay off the internet and get to work!

Social Media under only known email address (HELENAROUBANES@JUNO.COM)

This bitch also plead guilty to assault. Allegedly a 12-year-old was the victim of this bitches assault. Gee, maybe this explains why she defends the parents of Lisa Irwin?

Docket 1

Docket 2Docket 3Maybe child protective services should look into whether or not her child Alex is safe in her care? She does have a history of child abuse.

Also ironic is the fact that this crazy bitch works at a correctional institute. Do they not screen their employees? Guess they take any uneducated POS that applies to work there?

Chatter That DeDe Spicher And/Or Terri Horman In Contact with Deborah Bradley

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There is a lot of back chatter about these people being in contact with each other.

Possibly a sympathetic shoulder to lean on… or it could be something else.

The something else could be conversation about how to cope with being a suspect, while not named as such by police.

It could be even worse than that and I think you know what I mean. Every guilty person wants to tell and discuss with an understanding sympathetic person.

I don’t know if it’s true, but someone does and if you do – you need to speak up about it.

Someone knows where both of these missing children are.

DeDe Spicher is the friend and rumored lover of Terri Horman…. she is also suspected by the general public, just as is Terri Horman and Deborah Bradley.

It is suspected she is the “contact” – the “go between”!

Massive Deets on MYRA!! AKA Rachel Thornton

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Who is Myra? It’s no longer a secret who Myra is.

Let me tell you what is sick. Not only with Myra, but with all of these bullies. You are having an online conversation about a missing child and suddenly one of the bullies shows up and starts insulting you. They make fun of you. They start calling you names. They start posting your private information online. Photos of your kids which are intended to be private but they pretended to be someone else to get access to your Facebook files that you had set to private. They post a Google map to your house. They call your employer hoping to get you fired. They report your social media account and get you suspended. Deleted. Why disrupt a conversation about a missing child with these antics, cause so much drama that you get an entire page ran by a news corporation shut down?

These people are sick. Click download in this link. Radio, confirm to the viewers it is just a pdf document and it is safe. (I converted it to a Google Document. This stuff is shocking! – Radio)


If you’ve ever encountered any of these aliases online in any of the missing child cases you are following, these are Myra.

Myra Darling

Brass Monkey

Can’t Unring That Bell is

Dear Prudence


Olive Oyl

Rachel Self

Rachel Thornton

Rogue Tree Hugger

Sheral Jones

Stray Kitty

The Rogue Hugger

Violet Hickey

Yes I Soaked My Tampon in Vodka

Deets On The Kyron Horman Case Bullies

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I think Rachel Self and Thornton are the same person.

Terri’s main mouthpieces:
Sandi Lessman (thatkewlgirl, IAmOliverTwist, WalterJC at OL and other sites, Maddie Barclay on Facebook)
Dawn M. Perciful Coffey (Mazama at OL)
Trilby Marietta Wilks (vwoolf at OL, Magadaline at Blink on Crime)
Shannon Stoy (aka Christina Stoy, Blink on Crime)
Malasada from OL (unknown, would pay good money for a name)
Eagle for Freedom from OL (unknown, possibly Carol Moulton)
Cheryl Freeman – cherylcf at OL (deceased)
Deborah Godfrey (deceased)
Bourbon at justice Quest (Joan Loureiro)
Musterion at Justice Quest (unknown – would pay money to get a name)
Theresa Kao (Grasshopper at Blink on Crime)

Trilby Marietta Wilks
Substitute teacher for Portland Schools
Posts on Oregon Live as Vwwolf
and on Justice Quest as Magdalene
Also posts on Blink on Crime
Trilby was Magdalein at JQ kicked out and posts as VW at BOC, just to clarify
Alias: Rachel Jackson
She passed a note to Terri at a hearing
Published Desiree’s SSN

Dawn M. Perciful Coffey – From Seattle,
lives in Canada
Posts on Oregon Live as
Alias: Marceline Perrot
IP: 174-112-200-61
IP that was used at private message board:

Teresa Kao – Portland
Alisa: Emily Rose
Posts on Blink on Crime as Grasshopper
She has been to a hearing in support of Terri

Cheryl Freeman (deceased)
Alias: Cheryl Leopold
Cherylcf on Oregon Live
Cheryl used to work for Paul Sorene who is owner of Anorak publishing in the UK, passed information for him to publish
Cherylcf on Oregon Live

Shannon Christina Stoy
She claimed that she talked to the witnesses who saw Ms. Matthews let Kyron leave with an unknown male. Interviewed DeDe Spicer, probably in contact with both Spicher and Terri Horman

Joan Lourerio
Posts on Justice Quest as Bourbon

Sandi Lessman – Lowell, OR
Alias: Thatkewlgirl, IamOliverTwist, WalterJC, Maddie Barclay on facebook, many others
Former admin of facebook pages THSP (Terri Horman Support Page), THSG (Terri Horman Support Group), Kyron’s Kubs and A Mother’s Love – THSP, Dede Spicher Support Page
IP: 72-221-66-244
Harassed Kyron supporters for years. Nasty to Kaine and Desiree. Directly in contact with Terri Horman.
Convicted of 5 counts of animal neglect and cruelty. Self-admitted Portland BDSM community member. Involved in an elder abuse case.

Mary Wheeler (formerly Coker)
Alias: Lucy Wheeler and Lucy Wheels posts on Trasheys facebook page, trolling Kyron supporters

Lori Coker – same as above

Brenda McNay Allgeyer – posts on Trashey’s FB page, a page trolling Kyron supporters. very nasty

Bully Crew Member Rachel Thornton Confirmed

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Rachel Thornton came from the Kyron Horman case – in that case she used the nics Pfigment and Psychic Left Boob on the Oregon Live blog!

So numerous people know what a fucking nutcase she is.

She then migrated to the Baby Lisa case as Psychic Left Boob profile to Baby Lisa’s case where she posted on the first Footprints page!

What next peeps, what next?

She had many profiles, but Myra Darling was the most notorious and she fit in very well with the bullying group.

Myra and Gracie were a real pair. As Myra would say they were both “batshitcrazy”.

Gracie? Gracie involved in such?

The Reign of Bully Crew Member Raine -Time For A Drought

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As far as “Raine” goes – it’s time for a drought! Long past actually.

I can’t think of anyone who stooped to the low levels she did to harass and attempt to set up people – mainly Tricia Griffith.

Who, other than a criminal mind, even thinks up such things, much less acts on them and Raine did act on them. And with a fury!! The Redwine case, the WS lawsuit. :shock;

She recorded phone calls for devious means, she established a forum for devious means. So, that leaves a trail of deviousness.

As Executioner posted HERE, Raine has a long history of criminal activities – those will come out later.

I believe we have a split personality disorder here… which Cathy are you dealing with at any given time?? 😯

Cathy Rhodes does a lot of good things in her community and at the schools in her area. So why can’t it be this Cathy Rhodes online instead of what can actually be called an evil person? The “good” Cathy Rhodes is the person I like… not this evil POS online person.

Cathy Rhodes has a lot to answer for and it’s time she started answering! Period.

I have no doubt she is sorry for a lot of the sinister things she did, but fuck that, she needs to make a public apology to Tricia Griffith and a lot of other people – like all the people she fucked over and misled in her forum. And there are many and their minds still aren’t right. LOL!!

You got what it takes Cathy Rhodes? I will make you a Guest Blogger account for that post. You got the courage, nerve, balls? Let’s find out.

I’m calling your out to come clean – no matter who or what it involves. As Executioner said – you can make all of this right – so do it. I know you have a story to tell and you have as much right to tell it as anyone else.

Who Knows Rachel Thornton Of The Horman and Baby Lisa Cases?

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Please, don’t stop exposing those trolls! They made many lives miserable and i wondered who was doing this. We were tortured in the Red wine case by MSK, Helena and that Cathy Rhodes. There is a Rachel Thorton that someone who follows the Lisa a Irwin case found.

#BullyCrew Cathy Rhodes/Hall/Gaylord exposed

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ELM5byJThe many names of Cathy Rhodes aka Raine. Cathy Rhodes/Hall/Gaylord/Davis/Bowersock.

Well, looks like the troll known as Raine has quite the sordid past and has been living all over the Dirty South! From Kentucky, North Carolina and Georgia. Riding and dippin’ dirty in several cities in those states as well. One thing is for sure is that this girl sure does know how to move! Was Raine on the run?  Running from debt collectors? The IRS? Something fishy going on! Word on the street is that this lady has more delinquent bills than the city of Detroit!

Another thing this gal is an expert on is filing for bankruptcy. She sure does know a lot about a chapter 13. Ole Cathy is also no stranger to appearing as a defendant in criminal court as well. So Cathy, what criminal offense did you allegedly commit December, 2nd 1992 in Hendersonville, North Carolina? June 28th 1990 in Flatrock, North Carolina? June 27th, 1990 in in Flatrock, North Carolina? 5/14/1990 in Horse Shoe, NC? 5/11/90 in Horse Shoe NC? 4/27 Horse Shoe, NC?

Wow! I will be doing further investigation into those offenses once I find the time to search the clerk of courts in those counties in North Carolina.

Also, word on the street is that you were associated with a man by the name of Alfred Gaylord. A child molester. You two were listed as living at the same address in the 90’s. What were you doing shacking up with a child molester Cathy? Shameful behavior.

Furthermore, I was saddened to hear that you filed for personal bankruptcy in January. I’m also saddened to hear about the tax liens that keep adding up on the family business. Looks like you should have been attending to personal matters instead of screwing around and trolling online! You sure do know how to suck em dry don’t ya? Your first husband Ricky filed for bankruptcy while you were married to him as well. I hear your marriage may be headed for divorce because of financial matters. I’m sorry to hear.

Also Cathy… I see that you are leaving positive reviews for YOUR OWN BUSINESS online. How unethical lady! GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER! “Quote from Raine: “They do excellent work. Honest and upfront about the cost of repairs. I highly recommend them and I will use them again for all my service and repairs on my Mercedes.”

Why in the world are you driving a Mercedes with all the bills you need to pay. You need financial counseling.

I hate to write this about Cathy. Deep down, I feel you are a nice lady. I think you are IMPULSIVE. You act without thinking through. But there is a GOOD SIDE to you. I love the fact that you worked to claim unnamed murdered bodies to their next of kin. That is a passionate and caring person.

However, your behavior attacking Tricia Griffith, setting up smear forums to go after her… Contacting people like Sheryl McCollum to trash talk Tricia. Secretly recording people w/out their permission. All of that is snake in the grass behavior. Not to mention the fuckery you were involved in during the Dylan Redwine case.

I want to see more of the GOOD side of Raine. Less of the troll side. You have the opportunity to make things right and change course. I hope you do. Because I HATED writing this post, but it had to be done. Unlike some of the other bitches and fucksters I write about you do have some redeeming qualities.

I think this is a fair post. A tough post. But a fair one and I hope this causes you to do some soul searching Cathy. Because you love to point your virtual gun in the face of others online… How does it feel to have one pointed at you now?

Bully Crew Member’s Fake Happy Family

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Darci Whites Fake Happy Family!

Darci Riley White’s Fake Happy Family!

Darci is known as a control freak on the internet, a troll, a shit stirrer and a bully.

Unfortunately, she has carried these qualities over into her real life and family life.

It does seem as though this is a “get knocked up” to get the guy marriage!!

Alienating her husband and his son from their family is a disgrace. It’s a disgrace and not uncommon for men to bow to woman’s wishes  and demands, but it never lasts. It’s against nature.

The males may be wearing smiles in this picture, but the eyes tell the tale and they are not smiling.

No doubt Darci has in her mind reasons for all these cruel and hurtful actions, just as she believes she is justified for controlling and being a bully on the internet.

When there is a spiteful bully in any family – the older the children get, the harder that bullying and controlling is to dish out. Things get complicated.

Every bully has their day. Every bully eventually gets smashed in the face and Darci will find it will be the same for her.

But like the poster said in the post before this one regarding Missi …

“This automatically disqualifies Missi from ever being talked about as a “good parent”.”

The same goes for Darci White. Bad parent. Bad as it gets are all these Bully Crew.

According the Grandmother’s blog, Jason’s son isn’t even allowed to have a relationship with his natural sister.

Denying the little boy Dyllin a loving relationship with his sister is hideous beyond words and it punishes both of them. Very cruel. That will come back to eat Darci’s ass someday and she better wake up and make efforts at being a decent person, not a controlling bully.

Darci, this is not about YOU or YOUR feelings, it’s about all 3 of these kids, 1 which lives with you and 1 which is your own. 1 you shun. You are obviously bankrupt when it comes to morals and decency. Real bankrupt. It’s also about contributing to a normal loving family. I bet your family isn’t excluded. I bet your family gets to see their grandchild. Every child needs all their family, not just half of one.

Inlaws are nothing new or exclusive to you, Darci. Most take it all in stride and get along for the benefit of the person they married and the children involved. But no, not you. You are treating them all like shit. And sounds like shit stirring as well.

Grandmother’s blog link with more detail:

“Since we thought she was due in March, your Dad came by to try and work something out before the baby was born to late. When you would not open the door for him in the snowstorm it broke my heart. That’s why I called and left those horrible messages.I had missed Dyllin so bad ,you so bad.! I am a mother and I was fighting for my family My one and only grandchild was being taken away. We wish we could of attended your wedding. I felt like we could of helped a lot with the wedding to make it nice for you and Darci. And you can ask anyone,Mothers don’t usually like it when they are not allowed at their childs wedding. We are so sorry that we didn’t get to know when our granddaughter Jayci was born or what she even looked like. Please try and forgive me! A lot of people are hurting. I will never hurt Darcis feelings again”

The above was blogged in 2013.. and no blogs saying things are any better. What a heartbreaking situation and a fucking disgrace Darci Riley Winters is.

Can The Bully Crew Women Ever Be Considered “Good Parents”?

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Who’ll Stop the Raine

Excuse me? It’s possible to be a cyber-stalker and a good parent? I’m sorry for the pain Missi caused you and your daughter. However, a parent is supposed to be a role model for their children, set a good example. This automatically disqualifies Missi from ever being talked about as a “good parent”. They should all be removed from her home immediately. If her children don’t grow up to be monsters, it will be in spite her, NEVER because of her. Smdh!

“Inconsiderate Bitch And Mrs. Kravitz”, Aliases of Bully Crew Member

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I gave you the true deets about Missi. It’s sad that one even knows this much about her. I don’t care about how many kids she has, she can pop out as many as she wants as long as she doesn’t abuse them they way she’s done to others out in the IntraWeb. I never wanted to know about her kids, why would I care? But she was certainly interested in mine as she posted various things about my daughter under her alias of Inconsiderate Bitch and Mrs. Kravitz, mean things that shouldn’t have ever been said. I hate this gash as much as the next human, but she has custody of all of her children aside from one in Texas, and that one ain’t never lived with her she’s been in Texas all her life. They also have custody of SV three, all of them. You can still be a cyber stalker and a decent parent, I hope.

Previous Info

Someone Rats On One Of The Bully Crews Child Custody Problems!

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MSKV only has custody of one of her children. That child is MSKV and Skylar Viebrock’s child. Viebrock is her current husband. The other young children are Skylar’s children from another woman. Her ex-husbands’ are Charlie Solis and Kevin Koch.

Facebook Group S.W.E.E.T – Bully Crew And DB’s Family

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This was sent to me earlier….

Welcome to the Facebook group S.W.E.E.T! Where “Bullies” gather with family members of Deborah Bradley.

That’s right everyone, now the cat is out of the bag. It is no secret that family members of Deborah Bradley have surrounded themselves in these private groups on Facebook with the bullies!

Isn’t it obvious what they are doing? They use these bullying tactics to impress Deborah and her family. They feel inferior. Important. They are part of this story now. WOOHOO! GO BULLIES! YOU ARE SPECIAL NOW!

This isn’t the only family interaction we’ve seen. We’ve seen Lisa Irwin’s grandmother chillin with the bully crew online too and a few other family members.

Motive? You be the judge.

Meet One Of The Bully Crew

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Darci, I regret this post. You may not believe that, but I do, because as far as I know, you’ve done nothing to me.

However, you and your Bully Crew friends have done much worse things than this to so many, a sense of justice for them is required.

First of all, is it Riley or is it Winters?

I notice under your husbands info he lists the co-habitants at:
403 NW Shamrock Ave.
Lee’s Summit, Mo 64081
As being Darci Riley and Jon Dylan Riley

However, under your information you list as your co-habitants as:
Jason E. Winters and Jon Dylan Riley

You seem to use the Riley/Winters whenever you want.

I guess, if anyone has any questions about that oddity they can call you at: 816-398-2925 or 816-527-7452. You’ve changed phone numbers almost as often as addresses.

On the run from what?

You moved to Lee’s Summit 11/20/12

Lee’s Summit is a large suburb of Kansas City, Mo, just like the suburbs north of the river, where the Irwin’s live.

In your young life, 28, you’ve had 19 different addtesses, some overlapping with your current one. Odd.

Your husband, Jason Winters, seems to have a lot of financial problems, just as non-payments, eviction and that little felony thing over being a dead beat dad.

He got evicted from Williamsburg Square Apartments, owing $1,805.00. Filing 1 – #0516CV09390. (Jackson County, Mo)

Then the matter of Broadway Studios. #7CV105011568 (Jackson County, Mo)

Felony Class D #07HE-CR00402, Nonsupport In each of six individual months within any twelve-month period. (So Henry County – Clinton)(27th Judicial Circuit)

Meet The Winters Family—–screaming and bitching out the customer service department at Verizon.…..where you ask? Of course, on Verizon’s FB page!….the most highly effective place to get solid results from Verizon corporate, of course!


Are The Bully Crew Women “Murder Groupies”?

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I saw this in a comment and it does make you wonder a bit.

They fight tooth and nail for at least 2 people suspected of harming their own children. Murdering them.

While Dylan Redwine’s father has not been named as a suspect by law enforcement, the vast majority suspect he is the guilty party and wait for LE to make that statement and make an arrest. Some believe it will come soon.

Lisa Irwin’s mother hasn’t been named by law enforcement as a suspect, yet the vast majority believe she is guilty of murdering her child and getting away with it. Baby Lisa gone without a trace.

Law Enforcement is not stupid, even though we often think they are when they don’t name the likely or the obvious suspects and arrest them. LE has opinions they hold close to the vest. They also have information they hold close to the vest. They wait, watch, listen and investigate.

No one knows who is guilty in either case for certain, but with at least 99.9% of the general public believing Mark Redwine and Deborah Bradley are guilty, the Bully Crew insist they are innocent. They do this on social media and they create chaos, hostility and out right hatred at those who disagree with them. They have done horrible things to people.

Why such strongly held opinions? Why such bullying and attacking? What is it really all about with them and these 2 cases?

We know some have become friends with both Redwine and Bradley. Why would you want such close association with those the public suspect of murdering their own children? It’s creepy.

Possibly the commenter who used the term “murder groupies” has it right. Maybe the Bully Crew are just that – murder groupies!

The Bully Crew are all known. Everyone knows who they are and now, adding to Bully Crew they may be known as Murder Groupies! Just disgusting, imo! Gag!

Sick, just sick.

More Suspicions – Baby Lisa Case Parental Involvement

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This was sent in to me by an interested party…

Baby Lisa’s father was confirmed to be actively participating in the private Facebook groups with the online bully crew.

A Kansas City private investigator discovered the email address of baby Lisa’s father and published it online. It was as simple as typing in Jeremy Irwin email address Kansas City.

He had two fake accounts, one that had actively been posting in one of the private Facebook groups the online bully crew was working hard. Working hard as in, performing their bullying antics, attempting to discredit information provided by police that Facebook group members were discussing about Lisa Irwin’s disappearance.

Jeremy Irwin was using the fake identity “Paulie Biscotti” to comment in the group. His profile image? A grim reaper holding a scythe. His email address “” which was published under some online whitepages was used to search the Facebook search box to identify him. The email account can also be searched on eBay to discover his account Jmoney3620. It is difficult to associate 3620 to the address where Lisa Irwin went missing. 3620 N Lister Ave Kansas city. A profile picture used on the eBay account shows the Irwin’s vehicle parked behind the residence where police and FBI spent many days searching for clues in Lisa’s disappearance.

Another identity “Killian Smitherton” was discovered by doing simple email searched for jmoney@otherproviders.whatever

It’s become evident to the social media users that have been following the case since the day Lisa went missing that the parents and their bully crew appear to spend more time trying to discredit social media users for their opinions instead of advocating for Lisa Irwin. 99% of the media interviews you see with one parent or both only shows them defending their actions and proclaiming innocence instead of pleading for Lisa’s return.

Shame on you Paulie Biscotti.
Shame on you Killian Smitherton.
Shame on you Jmoney3620.
Shame on you Jeremy.

At the very least, you violated Facebook’s terms of service using a fake identity. It’s a shame you weren’t on there advocating for your daughter Jeremy, you hooked up with the bully crew to defend yourself and your married girlfriend who got drunk and can’t remember whether or not she checked on her baby or not when she finished her boxed wine party on the front porch the night Lisa went missing. You got on there in another attempt to prove your innocence.

Baby Lisa’s Mother Suspected Of Being Part Of The Bully Crew

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These suspicions have been posted on this blog in comments, so this should come as no surprise.

I can only say I hope it’s not true and is just a really nasty rumor.

It has also been posted on this blog that MSV may have given Darci Riley’s name out to “someone” to use for dark purposes. I hope that isn’t true either and doubt that it is. Riley would have stopped that in a heartbeat if true.

After talking to several people familiar with these suspicions, who were and still are very involved in the case, they believe that Baby Lisa’s mother is involved and shares the name back and forth with Darci Riley.

No, this blog is not attacking a victims mother, but there were may who had issues with the mother from second one, so to believe she is part of the bully crew is not a huge step to believability for many.

Remember, at this time, this is just all rumor and speculation – but that’s what sleuthers do.

Bully Crew Butthurt Over Posts Getting On Twitter. Fuckery Games Underway

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Well, you knew it would happen sooner or later. One of the bully crew was going to get their feeling’s all hurt, start cryin’ and decide to play some fuckery games.

The fuckery games started on twitter when Missi got her feelings severely crushed cause her full name popped up on twitter over this post.  “Missi” Viebrock aka Koch Made Off With A Double Wide And Got Sued

You would think she had a good reputation and didn’t want it damaged with her name on twitter. She probably thought everyone in the shithole where she lives saw it and would think bad of her or of her current husband, Skylar Viebrock.

I did take a look at her Facebook page. It’s private. No wonder with the kind of language she uses… but I did notice something curious. In her profile pic, it seemed to have been taken in her new double-wide trailer and it looks to me like there is a fake fireplace in that thing.

Anyway, Miss Missi reported me to twitter and they asked me to take the tweet down, which I did of course.

I sure do hope she can hang on to this new trailer and it doesn’t get towed off like the last one did! That was a nice looking trailer!!

Bayou Mistress Banned From Websleuths

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A little birdie flew by here and said that Bayou Mistress had been banned from Websleuths!!!

Lots of people will be dancing in the streets over this news!! :)

The Secret Footprints Gang Facebook Discussion Group

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Helena (AJ Lima) and Darci Riley are admins and Estrella Collazo and Missy Viebrock are members.

Mommie, Who’s My Daddy?

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Melissa has been around the block a time or two, full name. Melissa Smith Koch Viebrock. 3 different kids, 3 different daddies. Been bullying on the web for years now. Her favorite thing is to tell people to “blow their heads off” and she loves to call them “whales” looks like someone needs to do more squats and find a new doublewide, maybe Darci has an extra slot over in her park.

“Missi” Viebrock aka Koch Made Off With A Double Wide And Got Sued

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Looks like Melissa made off with someone’s double wide and got sued.

Complete document here:

“Athena” aka Helena Jeffrey Roubanes A Jailbird!!

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Valid Rumor That Helena And MSV Involved In Copper Harris, Hot Car Death, Supporting Father

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At this time I can only report this as rumor, although it is a very well sourced rumor, waiting confirmation.

That they’re such tragic people that they get a rush out of cozying up to killers in the media, and the best way to do it is to act like they believe them and can give them a voice, and control the dialogue.

Exactly what happened with the Baby Lisa case. They “believed” the Irwin’s were responsible, so they coszied up to them in hopes of tricking them, defending their innocence.

I have no public opinion on who is guilty or not – but the hate speech needs to stop!

This is all appearing on Facebook.

No Sign Of A New SSM Twitter?

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A Shout Out For RadioNewz – Thank You!!

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Take A Look At A Few Infamous And Shameful Cyberbullies!

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Darci Riley Winters. Kindergarten teacher in Stover, MO. Poor kids.

Kim Bowman – how would you like to meet up with this brute in a dark alley? 😯

Helena Jeffrey – A snake that will bite you every time.

Melissa Smith Viebrock – doing Missi squats. Fat ass!!

MSV – ugh….

Cathy Rhodes – Chief Snake


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I know a recent post called for a “Banmesty” at Websleuths and I still support the members who feel that way. Not so many time outs, banning’s, humiliation’s and snipping posts of good and sincere posters.

However, that was before we found out that Websleuths is infested with some of the worst cyberbullies on the internet and in true crime cases. Cockroaches.

Now, I realize this is an awesomely hard job for the mods at Websleuths to find all of these nutcase cyberbullies and kick them out. No telling what names they are using – or how many!!!

But I do know most WS mods have very keen eyes and instincts and can, if they pay attention, figure these people out….. and then kick their asses out. They are a disgrace!!

Many have been named here and in comments. I say – hunt them down and then kick their asses out!!! These vile loons do not deserve membership in a true crime forum such as Websleuths.

Weblseuths has a reputation of protecting victim’s families and these cyberbullies, running all over the internet harassing and tormenting people, is not what Websleuths wants to be about. I’m sure of that.

Some of the things these cyberbullies have done to victim families, put a chill right down the spine. Enough is enough.

Kimberly Bowman
Scott Bowman
Erin Dixon

Teresa Nordbrok Martinez
Bridget Redwine/Simmers
Melissa Smith Koch/Viebrock/Mixologist74/Truthforlisa/Inconsiderate Bi**ch
The Real Deal/Starving Zombie
Annette “Annie” Dabbada
Cathy Rhodes/Pixie Dust/Raine/Estrella/On the Docket, Off the Record (OTDOTR)
Sharon Wright
Michele Overton/Chele Gonnate/DylansGma (NOT related to our Dylan)
Gracie A. Marks
Grace under Fire/Bayou Mistress/Bayou Mists
Darci Riley Winters/LI Footprints in the Sand/Footprints for the Missing
Alicia Sale/Sandage
Jodi Baker Key/Jodi Key/ Alolliegag
Rachel Phelps / YidArmyRach
Michelle Lupton Thompson

Nancy M. Turnage/Money Girl
Jacie Estes/Wastela
Louis Charles Sturgeon/Bandido Sinn
Emma Coleman/Emma Ems/nightsangel/Artemis/Tris/Shadowhunter

Don’t Want To Be A Real Websleuths Mod – Just Give Me Some POWER!

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Please reconsider on organ donation. They might take your brain and put it in an unsuspecting person! 😯

Yes, Karma does come around!! :)

But has absolutely no idea of what anyone is talking about!!

OTR Members Claim Ignorance Of Lawsuit, Congratulate Tricia!! GAG!

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Someone should take their own advise, especially after being a part of OTR and claiming to know nothing.

You can’t make this shit up folks!! Pure comedy gold!!

Then go to the Jury Room at Websleuths on the Great Things thread!! LMAO!!

LOL! Really Want To Join A Sue Pruitt Crime Forum??

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It’s not looking like anyone is going to want to join their crime site anytime soon. Imagine this crew having your personal info.

From the Lisa Irwin sites many think Darci R. is none other than w/s RANCH. No idea if this is true but LMAO if it is.

A Comment Shout Out To Websleuths Concerning CyberBully Members And Mods

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I hope you are following all this closely and watching the dots being connected. Seems more than a few mods need cleaning out; membership needs to be evaluated. It’s disgusting that so many sick individuals have teamed up together. I have seen them in action on a closed Baby Lisa group about a year ago. I would say there are at least 15 to 20 of them that all at once within a week joined up. Gracie was the ring leader from what I saw. They would call people’s employers, churches, post to the person’s FB friends, etc. It didn’t take very long for the mods to do a clean sweep of the pack & yes Darci was there too. I never knew about this bunch & had no idea it seems so many belong to a reputable group like Websleuths. It just blows me away & is creepy to know I was posting on threads with a number of such evil people who can’t tolerate a different opinion.

Eradicate The Cockroach Infestation

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If you know who any of the people are in real life… or their geographical locations… turn them into Facebook and/or Websleuths so they can be stepped on and eradicated. They prance from one tragic case to another, creating as much sorrow for families as they can. Time for them to be stopped, no matter what case they are currently involved in.

Hissing Cockroaches

Hissing Cockroaches

Kimberly Bowman
Scott Bowman
Erin Dixon

Teresa Nordbrok Martinez
Bridget Redwine/Simmers
Melissa Smith Koch/Viebrock/Mixologist74/Truthforlisa/Inconsiderate Bi**ch
The Real Deal/Starving Zombie
Annette “Annie” Dabbada
Cathy Rhodes/Pixie Dust/Raine/Estrella/On the Docket, Off the Record (OTDOTR)
Sharon Wright
Michele Overton/Chele Gonnate/DylansGma (NOT related to our Dylan)
Gracie A. Marks
Grace under Fire/Bayou Mistress/Bayou Mists
Darci Riley Winters/LI Footprints in the Sand/Footprints for the Missing
Alicia Sale/Sandage
Jodi Baker Key/Jodi Key/ Alolliegag
Rachel Phelps / YidArmyRach
Michelle Lupton Thompson

Nancy M. Turnage/Money Girl
Jacie Estes/Wastela
Louis Charles Sturgeon/Bandido Sinn
Emma Coleman/Emma Ems/nightsangel/Artemis/Tris/Shadowhunter

For the full story – read here:

It’s not just the Dylan Redwine case they disrupt, it includes Lisa Irwin and others. Most of these roam from tragic case to tragic case disrupting and bullying.

Sue Pruitt, Cathy Rhodes And Helena Jeffrey? Questions Abound!

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Sue Pruitt, Captain Cockroach

Sue Pruitt, Captain Cockroach

Now that we know Helena Jeffrey was one listening in with Raine and God knows who else to phone conversations with Tricia Griffith, for the sole purpose of setting her up for defamation and such… one has to wonder just how tight all of the conspirators were.

SSM obviously knew Helena and if Helena is as nasty of a person as she seems to be… just what all did she do for SSM?

One just has to wonder how low SSM really stooped when she associated herself with such a person.

I’m glad the lawsuit is over and Tricia has sole ownership of Websleuths… and for all the problems that may exist there – they don’t compare to the problems headed at the people named in the title of this blog post.

SSM projected herself as having friends in “high places”, but it looks like it was quite the opposite when it came to her online activities.

One more ugly thing we know about Sue Pruitt… and this is ugly!! Talk about friends in “low places”. It doesn’t get much lower, peeps. Well, they did hook up with Murtwinessone, so low is nothing they mind doing.

Sue Pruitt, Cathy Rhodes and Helena Jeffrey. Sad, sad people.

But anyway you look at it — Sue Pruitt was the head cockroach!! Captain Cockroach!

Sleuther’s Already Nailing “Athena” aka Helena Jeffrey!

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Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
A user's photo.

Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
A user's photo.

Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
A user's photo.

Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
A user's photo.

Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
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Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
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Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
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Yes Ms. Roubanes, don’t beat me

A user's photo.

Oh, now I see where she gets her control issues from.

A user's photo.

Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
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Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
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Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
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Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
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Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
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just sayin

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Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
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Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
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Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
1 hr ·
A user's photo.

Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
1 hr ·
A user's photo.

Oh Helena, you big fat troll.

A user's photo.

Aleister Crowley added a new photo.
1 hr ·
A user's photo.

“Athena” Identified As Helena Jeffrey

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Athena has been identified as one Helena Jeffrey.

Sleuther’s better get busy! LOL!

Jeffrey was listening in on many of the phone calls to Tricia Griffith and and that’s why she was added to the witness list.

Let’s call her an “ear witness”.

Now, we know who Athena is and how low she stooped… so low as to listen to Tricia being set up time after time.

What all “Athena” has done in cases mentioned is up to all you sleuther’s to discover.

Happy sleuthing. Her name is on the witness list:

It’s already started I see! LOL!! …. the bullies got this Facebook page taken down, but you can still see a lot of it here: .. that’s what they do on Facebook… well, this isn’t Facebook here. :)

UPDATED: “Athena” Known!!

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And those Sue trolls are the very same people who endlessly harassed Elaine Redwine and her family and friends. I guess it must be all that Red Wine I drank last night, but I’m thinking this isn’t their first Rodeo, ask Lisa Irwin followers, these same people harassed them endlessly, keep digging and you’ll find Darci Riley from Footprints in the Sand right in the mix of harassment, Melissa Smith Viebrock, Cathy Rhodes, Kimberly Bowman, and then the burning question?? Athena??? WHO is Athena? I know

Athena Identified As Helena Jeffrey