Salem – Redwine Case – It was criminal what she did in those threads,”

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She was certainly no friend to anyone that followed the case of Dylan Redwine, in fact? It was criminal what she did in those threads, no free speech when she was around. That Karma train keeps on comin. I don’t think it’s all the way here, but it’s coming faster and faster, I hope it smacks Cathy Rhodes right in her fat mouth. Toot Toot!

Websleuths’ Kimster Get Wings Back Or Were They Ever Clipped?

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  1. Kimster’s Wings r Back?

    …It also looks like Kimster got her flying license back?

    (musical mods! maybe somebody please explain?)

  2. Didn’t know she’d ever lost them. She hasn’t been around much but then you can count on half a hand the ones who have in recent months. I thought it was by choice.

Websleuths’ Bully Mod, Salem, Former Membered?

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Can this be true? :shock:


So Salem’s been former membered too. Soon there’ll be no mods left.

Cruelty Tricia Griffith Has Dealt With Including Fraudulent Emails, Statements And Gossip

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No one has ever said TG was perfect. They can’t say that because they, of course, are not perfect themselves. But nonetheless, they have attacked and inflicted as much pain and humiliation as they possibly could on a self employed single mother.

Why did they do it? Because they could and did it out of a spiteful nature. It gives them some kind of strange buzz.

The harm done to Griffith will take her years to overcome, even when it’s all proven untrue. Even when much of it is proven untrue in a court of law in the State of Texas.

People do strange things for strange reasons and TG has weathered all the criticisms and shit thrown at her for her management of a true crime forum. No one who owns or manages a forum, blog or chat room escapes that. It comes with the territory. It’s part of the deal and mature people know that. They also know that sooner or later the weirdos and loons will find you.

But the latest round of accusations against her are the most amusing, because they come not from being  banned, called down or timed out. They come from those who kissed her ass for months, years maybe, and then a vehicle arrived where they could show their true selves.

The vehicle was Sue Pruitt. You can figure out the rest and the motives.

Numerous emails have been “edited” to suit evil needs. It’s sick really to see people stoop that low, but they did. Recorded phones calls were edited to highlight what were innocent statements and then made to sound as she was guilty of whatever they wanted.

Here’s a good place to start if you are behind on the facts. Ursa has blogged it all and many thanks to Ursa for doing such a tremendous amount of work recording every detail. That’s a lot of work and she did it all,

On The Docket, Off The Record | The Secret Lawsuit Threads

Beach’s Shocking Reveal About SSM!!

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On second thought, why the hell hold back now? I mean, WTH? Really though.

MRJ is such a dear personal friend of Sue’s that she stood guard while Sue snuck around Tricia’s home and snapped cell phone photos of Tricia’s humble home, including one of the inside of her closet!!! Two stand-up women, I tell us!

And before anyone asks, YES, I have the proof.

Beach Announces Judge Denies SSM’s Continuance Filing In Websleuths Lawsuit

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*waves* Hi y’all!

Want to clarify — the Trial date is February 23. (One month from today) Sue’s attorneys requested another continuance but it was denied at today’s hearing.

That hallway just got a whole lot shorter. ;)

Misses and xoxo!

Ursa Posts New Filings In Websleuths Lawsuit

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Hi, here they all are:

Go to the bottom of the page for new filings :)

Tricia Griffith’s Powerful Counter-Suit to Sue Pruitt’s Measly Filings

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I know it’s the Christmas and New Year’s Season and we all have other things to do than read court documents, but it must be brought to everyone’s attention that all in this lawsuit launched by Sue Pruitt is not at all it may have seemed in the beginning.

Yes, Pruitt filed the lawsuit and that created a huge buzz… but Tricia launched a counter-suit of significantly more substance that Pruitt’s measly offering.

Pruitt has a measly 2 claims against Tricia… while Tricia has a whopping 6 against Pruitt and they are STRONG! They are valid.

In your spare time – please review what Tricia has filed against Sue… and they are more than expected to prevail. I know court docs are boring and often hard to understand… but review them and discuss them among friends and you will see Tricia has this hands down!!

Poor Sue!!

If Sue’s attorneys had believed she had a case… you would have seen more and more robust filings. You haven’t, so that should explain the entire matter in a nutshell.

Ursa pointed all of these out…

Amended counter-petition which spells out the claims against Sue Pruitt including Abuse of Process, Breach of Contract, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Defamation, Negligence,and more.

These are huge!! Happy New Year Tricia Griffith!

Websleuths Leaks? Deep Shit Looms As Well As Court Date!

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Everyone is always asking me for any new leaks coming out of the Websleuths Lawsuit debacle.

Well, there are some, but they are very general as one would expect.

After the demotion of Adnoid…. rumors flew that Kimster was in deep shit. This one, unfortunately,  was not in such general terms!


Apparently a lot of her chat room conversations … and that of several of her amigos… were forwarded to Tricia Griffith’s attorney and proved to be a treasure trove… shall we say the mother lode of conspiracies that had been at play against TG and who all was involved.

Not only methods to ruin TG’s reputation, but who cooked them up!! :shock:

(I can’t share the text of those conversations on fear of my life, as I vowed a blood pact of secrecy, otherwise, you can bet I would.) You will see them soon enough anyway when the trial begins.

Oh my! I think it’s gonna be awful. :(

Crime Of The Fraudulent Tricia Griffith Email

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The man who change and rearranged… then added vulgarities to Tricia’a email and then posted it on a blog as if it were all said by her committed a crime.

There was nothing wrong with the actual words used by Tricia – they were warranted, but the additions of the vulgarities, threats and out right lies made it defamatory and fraudulent.

Yes, he was threatened to be sued and should have been, but that is horribly expensive… but maybe with some luck his day is coming. I sure hope so. I made a statement about it earlier… but here it is all in one post, as it was posted on the blog. The man who did this is a criminal and should be treated as one.

Look at it this way – once she collects thousands from Pruitt for defamation and other crimes, she can then sue this bastard…. and I hope he is reading here or has friends who are. Dee?

A direct quote Tricia Griffith sent via email (all misspellings are her own):

You tell me you sniveling sob sister . . . What else could I have done to make you little punks happy? I’m all ears. I own WS and I makde the rules. You don’t pay my bills. I am in debt to keep WS going.
I can assure you this can happen to anyone who has to rely on the help of others to run a forum.

Your attempt to smear me is what is sickening and I am going to get my lawyer on you. Then we’ll find out all about your past and see how you like that. I know who you are. I know your real name and I will be watching your activities”.

And that’s just a PARTIAL quote from an email the “revered” Tricia sent to a former member.

Yes. She explicitly made a THREAT! That’s not free speech, which I am an undying proponent of. That’s a terrorist threat which is NOT protected under the 1st Amendment.

Maybe Homeland Security, the DOJ, the FBI and other alphabetical agencies should be taking a closer look at WS and Tricia along with some of her fascist mods who continue to terrorize people. I think the end of WS isgh. ni

And it couldn’t have happened to a better deserving group of asshole

I have given this enough time to make the rounds… so now it’s time for me to say this email supposedly written by Tricia is a fraud… vulgarities were inserted and a lot of other things and then posted on a blog a long time ago. Should this end up as part of the of the court record or in court itself — the guy who wrote it will have to show up and admit it’s 95% BS and then he can finally be sued for defamation as he should have been a long time ago. FYI, so you all know. — Radio

A continuation of the above email:

“I won’t be dragged down by dirty filthy pussy’s like you. I bet you smell. I bet your kids have fleas.

Tell your buddy Shannon and Princess I said hello.

I am thousands of dollars in debt trying to keep Websleuths running. I am very hily respected and you might know I have been interviewed extensivly. What have you done? Besides spent a lot of time on your kneess.

With over 15 thousand members and over 1 million posts we are stronger than ever. Despite efforts of uniformed and rude, filthy people like you.

Do not ever contact me again. I an going to sue you. I will file a complaint of harassment with your ISP and get you kicked off the itnernet for ever. You are banned. Don’t you dare come back to my forum or you will find yourself with LE at your door as I have many connections there who will act on my say.

Tricia Griffith
6300 N Sage Wood Drive
Suite H # 214
Park City UT 84098″

And the name of the lawyer she threatened people with? As I said: a real estate lawyer. Radio, I know you have an unexplained bias and some weird loyalty to this crazy woman. You owe me or anyone else any explanation for your decision to adamantly defend her.

Your own actions are your own. You own them fully. Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are.

“SoSueMe the Criminal” Sues Again!

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SoSueMe the Criminal” Sues Again!

Gosh, so many questions.

One of them being: Why has SoSueMe forgotten to post her latest allegations in her spite-driven quest (1/8/2015 date) on WS?

Could it be SSM’s finally learned her lesson about posting her lies on WS? Could it be SSM’s delaying while trolling for actual evidence in her hollow case against Tricia? Could it be SSM doesn’t want WS members to readily discover the details of the “crime” she’s “been accused of” committing?

Anyway, it seems there has been a new filing on this case 1/8/2015.

First off, a THANK YOU to URSA for keeping OTDOTR Blogspot up to date. I don’t think the new filing has been detailed here. It was recently “pointed” to (Arms Away) on Monday — found it via another thread.

SSM says Tricia defamed her publicly on the Websleuths website on Dec 18th, 2014 by accusing SSM of “committing a crime”!

And SSM, apparently, feels the burning need to depose Tricia about that in person. She’s asked to continue the 1/23 trial date until April and make 1/23 a hearing instead, so she can depose Tricia again.


As if the world didn’t already know that SSM has committed a crime?

Wouldn’t we love to know what “statement of defamation accusing SSM of committing a Crime” was posted on Websleuths?

Can anyone recall if Dec 18th was the timing of Beach’s formermembering? Is that Tricia’s Bday?

C’mon Radio. C’mon Ursa. C’mon Mods. C’mon WSers. What do you know? What are y’all holding back on this? Why didn’t we catch this filing the day Ursa posted it? Hmmmmmm?

So the trial’s been delayed officially, and 1/23 is now just a hearing about SSM’s new defamation claims against Tricia? I can’t tell if these are proposed orders or if this is the Court’s new plan for 1/23.

I suppose the good news is that if SSM has decided to embark on a life of crime, she’s had the genius criminal defense attorney Salem backing her up. It’s all starting to make so much sense now!


Greed? Is That Really The Root Of The Websleuths Lawsuit?

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I’m not talking about Sue Pruitt’ s greed, which is a falsehood – that was a power grab… that is a given, but what spurred that from what I’ve been told is a very nice lady – usually?

Well, it seems that there were some devoted volunteers who decided they needed to be paid for their “volunteerism”! Imagine such selfishness?

It seems there were those who signed on as volunteers because of the intense interest in true crime… and then decided it wasn’t such fun! Wanted to get paid? Be a paid employee?


What on earth about true crime is “fun”? It’s ugly… but that doesn’t mean you deserve to get paid for it just because the owner of a forum makes a living off of it. Everyone, media, bloggers, etc., makes a living off of true crime and a host of other things. This suddenly became an issue?

Yes, it did and maybe the Bible is right after all — money is the root of all evil. Lust? Power?

Who really wanted to be the Big Kahuna at Websleuths?

We’ll know soon enough.

Recorded Phone Conversations – Legal Or Illegal?

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Also, a lot of discussion has been going on as to all of these very backstabbing phone conversations that went on and who exactly participated in them.

Now, we must understand that this practice is legal in some states, but not in others.

Since Raine was the chief recorder and it is said this is legal in Georgia, where she resides, (which is why she was fingered for the task) now we find out that the directives to record those conversations and pass them around, even post them in a public forum owned and operated by Raine, came from a state where it is not legal.

I understand that is also recorded…. you know… “Raine, call TG and record them all”!

Sounds like Raine wasn’t the dummy she was thought to be.

So? :-| What looms for these nutcases at trial?

All Points Bulletin For Adnoid

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Was there really an Adnoid? A real one?

Tricia Griffith announced he had been replaced by good guy “Dave AHFB”.

Everyone applauded that bold move, but not one peep of regret that the person known as “Adnoid” was gone. Not even one word of sympathy or regret for the old geezer!

Was this character known as Adnoid similar to a ghost… maybe something like Casper, but not so nice and hardly as friendly?

Comments on this blog reflect he is less than missed as an Admin.

Of course, the biggest question on everyone’s mind is has he flown away from SSM?!! :shock:

Websleuths Lawsuit Date Looms

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The Websleuths trial watchers will soon have plenty to do… the trial date is very near.

While I’m not sure on the exact date… it is scheduled for late February.

Possibly one of our readers know the exact date, but I heard it was the 23rd or around that time.

Sue Pruitt up or down… Tricia Griffith up or down? Which way do you think this lawsuit will go? It’s supposed to be argued in front of a jury!

Websleuths’ Tricia Griffith Makes Major IT Change

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IT Changes

Dear Websleuths Members, 

Adnoid is no longer our IT person for Websleuths.

Thank you Ed for the years you contributed to Websleuths. 

Our new IT person is Dave AHFB. Feel free to PM Dave or email me with any problems you may be having.

You can also start a thread about technical issues in our Forum Finesse area. 

Thank You,

Tricia Griffith

** It’s also being reported Adnoid is no long an Admin, but has retained mod privileges.

More Murtwitnessone Cry Baby Social Media Behavior!

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It’s just never ending with Murt and his little ” cry baby get you back” schemes. He has done this take down bullshit over some of the most stupid things…. this being his latest.

He had a take down done to Michelle McKee because she tweeted a spoof graphic… which has been tweeted before and is actually still on someone’s twitter account

However, because his ugly mug was inserted. He now thinks he owns the image shown below..

Murt is an extremely immature social media participant. He can dish it out, but he can’t take it when it comes back to him. What a cry baby!! You can bet he is a  bitch is that not only cries but howls and screams!

Crystal Sheffield Is Now Officially Mrs. Chad Vernon Griffis!!

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Very few ever thought they would see this happen.

It may last or it may just last long enough for Ron Cummings to get out of prison!

With Crystal’s history – it’s anyone’s guess.

You can read the entire marriage document here:

Murt, Mr. Nasty Mouth

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Everyone has noticed how Murt is so nice and polite on his Murtwitnessone twitter account.

That’s because he’s a two faced fraud.

You should see some of the language he has used on twitter sock accounts directed at Levi Page, myself and Kim Picazio. He’s ashamed to use that kind of language on his main account, because he believes all he has to do is say it isn’t him doing the sock accounts and the world will believe him.

No one believes him, but he believes they do. He has even stated he would never use such language he uses on his sock accounts. He is so deluded his doesn’t know his asshole from a hole in the ground. Whatever sense he may have have command of just a couple of years ago had deteriorated into the abyss of his desperate deviant mind.

Anyway, here is the Murt in person video using his real mouth.


Courtesy of True Crime Assholes

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: Murt’s Truckstop Video! #Warning

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Murt’s favorite truckstop! His glory hole on the road, as he says he was a truck driver for many years.

This is real folks.

Thanks to True Crime Assholes for bringing this to the public and exposing what a pervert and deviant he is.

A hole located in a partition in which one’s penis is inserted, thus separating the participants and ensuring anonymity throughout the act of copulation or fellatio (or possibly a titty wank).In higher class establishments, this hole will be fabricated with duck tape to prevent genital chaffing.
Mother…. is that you??????

SSM’S New Years Plans!!

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The SSM Philosophy!!!!

December 26, 2014 |  by  |  Blog  |  1 Comment

SSM’s Advice!!

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“SoSueMe’s talent in life is expressed in her moniker. She is always up for a conflict. She eats conflict for breakfast. She only listens to gain trust and manipulate. She is right. Facts be damned. Truth is irrelevant. She knows best. It’s her show. Don’t mess with her script, her way or the highway. No one else’s feelings or reputation matter. No one else’s opinion concerns her. This is war.” Commemt by SoSueTriciaGate

Websleuths – Accusations of Racism, Mod Favoritism, Censorship

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Before I begin this post – I know neither owner is going to appreciate it a bit.

Having said that I can say now that the lawsuit facts are out and Tricia’s filings are powerful and overwhelming compared to the whiney “I want to be sole owner of Websleuths” filings by Sue Pruitt – it’s obvious Tricia has this deal hands down.

Sue Pruitt will have to face a judge and jury over the counter-suit with very strong filings of claims of Abuse of Process, Breach of Contract, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Defamation, Negligence,and more by Tricia Griffith. Sorry mess for SSM.

The fighting over this lawsuit has been intense and it has raised issues on this blog that could never be discussed on the Websleuths forum.

Concerning racism at Websleuths… and racism is a crime in this country so there are many who hang around the water cooler and talk about it. Talk about it a lot. Following is some of what they say…

Why Websleuths can’t seem to cope with any race issues seems to be a definite pattern in regards to cases that get shut down if they have anything to do with black – white problems. Why can’t you say racism exists on Websleuths?

There is racism in America but you can’t say it on Websleuths! Are any of the mods BLACK? Are they all white women? If this is what exists, it could explain a lot.

And the Left has quite a bit to say about it too…

It seems it’s the more liberal minded posters are the ones who get snipped on this issue, it’s ok to be a fucking racist on Websleuths, you will get to stay, but being too ‘lefty’ can see you sent to the sin bin. WS needs to toughen up and allow these debates without the censorship which has become the norm.

Racism is a crime in this country and Weblseuths is a crime forum, so what exactly is the problem?

Many of the problems exist from the constant circle arguments some will post and post and post. Mods can deal with that without snipping, banning or doing time outs, in most cases. Using an intelligent heavy hand and being a hateful bully mod are two very different things.

There have been many complaints posted on this blog concerning mod abuse and mod favoritism. Once this lawsuit is over many things will be different at Websleuths…. and the owner or owners will have to deal with all of it and all the changes the chaos has caused.

Racism, mod favoritism, censorship!! God what a mess the Administration is going to have to deal with…. and none of this has even addressed all the infighting over the lawsuit that will have to be cleaned up.

Let us all hope they are up to the tasks at hand…. because they are at hand.

OMG! is just the beginning….

Merry Christmas

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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…

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Father Christmas Flying

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Santa Preparing To Leave The North Pole!!

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Santa Claus Responds To Pruitt And Margason’s Letter!

December 21, 2014 |  by  |  Spoof  |  6 Comments

In a truly shocking and unexpected move, Santa Claus did not wait until Christmas morning for Pruitt and Margason to find out if they would get the stuff they were asking for.

They got an unprecedented “denial” letter straight from the North Pole.

The letter stated in part that while Santa and all his elves knew they desperately needed the cosmetic work gifts they had asked for – that was the least of the things they should be asking for and the requests were simply too shallow to grant.

Santa Claus said he was ashamed of both of them for asking for a known mentally ill man named Murt for a husband. He suspected they planned abusive fantasies to be performed on him. Maybe even deviant ritual penis enlargement stuff, including a cruel and painful procedure known as “fart blocking”!

Santa did say the only sex toy they could have was something called a “Kimster”! This is reported to have been invented by an Oregon woman named Downey in Harrisburg. It is said to be the favorite sex toy of trolls who love chat rooms.

The Head Elf said Santa knew all about them and that they should have asked for “character remodeling” instead of cosmetic remodeling.

Santa Claus also advised he never ignores those living in the gutter, but had to make an exception in their case. Said their crimes had been to evil and had gone on far beyond childhood right into adulthood. He said it was well documented they were both still bullies of the worst kind. And whiners too.

Santa said he was saddened to know neither had outgrown their “mean girl” phase as teenagers and that could account for their having such failed lives as adults. Neither had accomplished much on their own.

One had to get an online law degree from a substandard institution and the other one is considering doing the same, so as to save on litigation fees, a known hobby.

It’s a sad situation, but it is what it is and these two women, Susan Pruitt and Kerry Margason, may soon be in the Guinness Book of World Records as being the very first two people who ever received a rejection letter from the beloved Santa Claus!!

Sue Pruitt And Kerry Margason’s Dear Santa Letter

December 20, 2014 |  by  |  Spoof  |  13 Comments

Dear Santa Claus,

We are writing this letter to you together – as one. We are joined at the hip, the brain and … you know..

We are not asking for much and we expect to get it because we have been very good girls.

We want some cosmetic procedures. No plastic surgeons – just do it!!

Liposuction, lip, boob and butt augmentation with implants, giant ones. Also rhinoplasty, because our noses are horrible ugly crooked from being in everyone’s business and we need permanent makeup too. And get rid of our varicose veins. We hate those. Make sure you do the hand rejuvenation. They look ugly and worn out from sticking them in everyone’s business, like our noses got messed up.

We also need some kind of cosmetic patch sewn into our tongues that not only make them glide easier, but to make our lies sound like the truth.

We both also want a shared husband. We think Murt is sick and nasty enough to please both of us. Our second choice would be Mark Redwine.

On Christmas morning we expect to wake up as really hot chicks with a nasty husband!! Murt is the best choice to fulfill the perverted sexual needs we have, and we have a lot. Murt likes vibrators and dildos and so do we  – so get with it.

If we think of anything else, we will write to you right away, but be aware if we don’t get what we want, we will not only call you a luzer mother fucker, who can’t manage your assets, and will sue you and take your ass to court!!

Your friends,

Susan and Kerry

Christmas Star

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Santa’s Workshop

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Nostalgic City Christmas Scene

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Father Christmas

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Santa In Forest

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Cajun Santa – Joyeux Noël

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Christmas Magic Soon

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Christmas Tree Magic

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Why Did Raine Balk At Telling Her Story?

December 19, 2014 |  by  |  Blog  |  18 Comments

Raine commented here several times she was going to tell her story. The whole story.

Said she was free to talk because she was not part of the lawsuit.

Said numerous times she had been used as a scapegoat and sucked into things she didn’t understand.

She said she had been used and she would tell all…. but she never did.

She did say she was always told what to do and what to say… but never said by whom. It’s assumed this all pertained to the Websleuths Lawsuit between Susan Pruitt and Tricia Griffith… now some wonder if she was following Salem’s, the almost attorney, orders in her Redwine activities. Was legal advice being slipped to Mark Redwine? It’s a fair question.

No doubt in real life Raine does a lot of good. There is an article from the Augusta Chronicle posted on Websleuth’s … or it used to be. I can’t find it now, but hopefully a member can – if it’s still there.

I personally do not think Cathy Rhodes is a bad person… not at all. I do wonder if her sleuthing activities with such people as coroners and police all over the country, have given her a false sense of entitlement and possibly delves into risky issues, taking chances, etc…

She works with coroners, police, detectives and is considered an amateur sleuth that works to unravel mysteries of unclaimed remains. What else does she do on her computer and phone… or phones?

But the big question is why did Raine go silent? We know she has the deets!

She confessed her dirty deeds, pointed dirty fingers at Beach and Ticia… but never ever at Sue or Salem. How odd.

What and who is she afraid of?

Beach Called As Witness In Websleuths Lawsuit

December 18, 2014 |  by  |  Blog  |  8 Comments

She probably feels free of the shackles and oppression that she’s experienced and needs to reflect, regroup and get her thoughts and feelings in order.

And who could blame her?

She’s become a scapegoat for Sue and her minions and this clusterfuck lawsuit.

Sue needs to look in the mirror to see the person to blame but blood suckling vampires don’t have a reflection and n this case morals, ethics, and shame.

This. Exactly.

Thank you for saying it for me. xoxo

Also, I am witness in this case when it goes to trial. It wouldn’t be responsible to disclose much of what I would like to at this time.

***Note: It is my understanding Beach has been called by Tricia Griffith’s attorney, Meagan Hassan.

Have Kimster And Adnoid Been Spanked?

December 18, 2014 |  by  |  Blog  |  17 Comments

And speaking of Kimster why is hiding in the basement these days?

Bessie Applauds Ursa!

December 18, 2014 |  by  |  Blog  |  Comments Off

Whoever is Ursa, s/he has done a terrific job of posting the pleadings, such as Tricia’s amended counter-petition which spells out the claims against Sue Pruitt including Abuse of Process, Breach of Contract, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Defamation, Negligence,and more.

Websleuths Ed/Adnoid aka SLIMEnoid Gets Ripped & Exposed AGAIN!

December 18, 2014 |  by  |  Blog  |  3 Comments

“But my guess is SLIMEnoid is full of shit. Did he list the sites you actually went to? And you probably already know this BUT never click a link to another site while in one site. Especially forums and blogs. Ask any blog owner about track-backs.”

Yep, my bad. I did leave it open. That’s how he tracked me. There was no spyware involved. Just my stupidity. I’m better educated now. I’ve also seen that photo of Ed holding the gun at hip level in the desert.

Many of those who got their asses banned because they trusted Assnoid, were among the best sleuthers. Back then there were mods and admins that had a lot to hide in their private lives.

And yes, private messages were read. One of mine was quoted back to me just to let me know I was “outed”.

I’m over WS and doubt if I’d ever return. I read on a case in the public area and with all the restrictions and almost all the posts had been edited, it was useless. Much better information at sites that the powers that be strongly urged members not to read, LOL.

And yes, an Admin can read PMs. On a Topix forum someone posted:

They are using a vBulletin add on that modifies the code:

It allows mods and admin to at least:

[*]read pms by entering userid
[*]Shows a list of users that have pms
[*]Search pms
[*]Read pms by entering username (or userid)
[*]Shows a list of the last X pms
[*]Parses message and separate sent from received on list of PMs

— Upload “read_pms.php” to your admincp folder
— Upload “cpnav_rpm.xml” to your includes/xml folder

Take it for whatever it’s worth. I did read in one of the exhibits that Adnoid wrote a program to put posts back that were removed or something like that. Ed/Adnoid is an evil little toad that from his photos liken him to a short, balding, getting fat, tinpot third world country tinpot dictator.


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Got it. ;)

Of course, Sue’s attorneys will try to protect Salem’s privilege. It’s up to Tricia & Tricia’s attorneys to decide if they want to go after that. Salem may have very clear conflicts of interest at WS, no doubt. Again, up to Tricia’ & Tricia’s attorneys to call that out. At some point, you have to choose your battles for budget purposes, but skeletons like this help win settlement.

See also this comment by hi jack.

Best Descriptive Pic Of SSM, Salem, Adnoid, Kimster

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The Lowest Gutter Backstabbing I’ve Ever Seen!!!!

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I’m also told savvy sleuthers are busy finding the public deets on Miss Sue Pruitt.

More than just maiden name and marriages, but exactly how many litigations has she been involved in, business dealings.

Litigations seem to be a hobby of sorts and now having hooked up with Salem…wow!

Everyone has a public record and so does Sue Pruitt… and that’s just a bonus to the public record she has made available about herself in the Websleuths Lawsuit… and Ed… and Salem… and Kimster.

All fair game peeps. All of it. All of them. None of them deserve any kind of protection.

They all made a public spectacle of Tricia Griffith, so no less is expected to be made of them.

There’s more to Salem and Ed/Adnoid and Kimster than has been posted. Much more. None of these people are clean.

The lowest backstabbing morals I’ve even seen. They deserve no mercy. Look what they did to Tricia?

Decent moral people do not do this kind of thing to another human being who they have embraced as a friend. It’s more than low… it’s gutter morals.

If you know stuff on these people but are shy to post it yourself … email it to me at and I will personally see it gets on this blog and exposed.

I will say this again… I know Tricia is not perfect… but not no one should be able to take what is hers away from her — that isn’t right, it isn’t moral and it should not happen. It isn’t the American way or ideal. It’s wrong on every level.

If you, whoever you are, have a moral bone in your body… you will speak out against this crooked, immoral hostile take over and try to stop it. It doesn’t matter whether you like Tricia Griffith or not… you know this is WRONG.

Sue Pruitt can take this to a jury, to the Supreme Court of Texas… but it’s still gutter litigation.

Is a Beachhead Coming?

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I can’t tell. I’ve been sworn to secrecy and I always respect that, but it sure could happen and I suspect it could be devastating to those it’s launched against.

I wouldn’t blame Beach for making public everything she legally can …. and the same goes for Bessie.

Bessie hasn’t received the best treatment or utmost respect either.

Do you think they should both let it rip? It’s your call sleuthers.

Beach has been blamed for exposing(?) Salem’s online information….. huh???

After Sue Pruitt made Salem’s name public in the court documents anyone could have found it – just like I did.

Then when the sleuthers took over exercising their excellent skills, SSM and Salem got pissed and banned Beach,blaming her for all of it.

To my knowledge, she did none of it, so it makes you wonder what those two characters are afraid of from Beach and what else those savvy sleuthers may find out about them.

Raine isn’t talking, is afraid to be the hero, she’s afraid of Sue and Salem, so maybe it’s gonna be Beach who becomes the hero and spills the goods.

Giant Kudos were given to Beach though for being the mastermind of such an ordeal. LMAO!!

Atta girl Sue!  You idiot.

RNB Sends Humanitarian Aid To SSM And Salem

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JUST IN: Current Conditions At Websleuths

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