Dylan Redwine’s Mother In Vallecito To Learn More About ‘Person Of Interest’

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DURANGO, Colo. (CBS4) – The mother of Dylan Redwine is back in the town of Vallecito near Durango after the sheriff’s office says there is a person of interest in the teen’s death.

Dylan Redwine disappeared while visiting his father for Thanksgiving 2012. His partial remains were found six months later.

Early last month investigators went back to the area where Dylan was last seen and found what’s described as items of interest. Since then the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office has worked with a former FBI profiler to identify a person of interest.

“(We’re) trying to be as thorough as we can in the case. Our ultimate goal is to find final justice for Dylan,” Dan Bender with the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office told CBS4.

Dylan’s father, Mark Redwine, told CBS4 the sheriff’s office never told him about a person of interest or new details.

Dylan’s aunt told the CBS affiliate in Colorado Springs the investigators did not identify the person to the family.

Dylan’s mother, Elaine Hatfield, has sued his father for wrongful death.


Helena aka Gracie A. Marks aka Erin Dixon Standing By Her Diaper Boy Man

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Following the article stating a person of interest has been fingered in the Dylan Redwine Case, using her “Erin Dixon” persona Helena posted the following bit of delusional tripe! The page is now *poof* of course.

“Until now, investigators have not identified any person of interest or suspect. On Wednesday, they were firm in saying that they do not yet have a suspect.”

Astro’s Daughter Has Criminal Record!!!

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Susan Angela Nadar Putnam Earman Queen of Pedophiles & Pigs

Hey Susan, you sure have a lot of nerve accusing everyone of being a criminal when your own daughter, Jennifer Putnam, has a criminal record of her own. Not only do you suck as a human, you clearly suck as a mother. Question, is Jennifer as bat-shit crazy as your are, or did that gene miss her? Criminal kid. Wow! You’re a real winner, AstroTurd.

Investigators say they have ‘person of interest’ in Redwine case

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Former FBI criminal profiler, mountain search help advance case

La Plata County Sheriff’s Office investigators said Wednesday they have identified a “person of interest” in the Dylan Redwine case after a former FBI criminal profiler was hired to help create behavior analyses.

“It’s a fair statement that we are very encouraged that we have crossed the bridge from the unknown to the known,” said Pete Klismet, who retired from the FBI after decades with the agency.

Investigators declined to name the person.

Investigators also said they have found “items of interest” after conducting searches on Middle Mountain Road, where Dylan’s remains were found eight months after he went missing in November 2012 from his father’s house near Vallecito Reservoir.

Until now, investigators have not identified any person of interest or suspect. On Wednesday, they were firm in saying that they do not yet have a suspect.

Saying that they have a person of interest and that they found notable items during searches in early June give the case momentum it has not had since the teen’s remains were found.

“There is a level of excitement right now that has not been previously felt before,” Klismet said.

Investigators say based on what they found during the searches last month, more searches are planned in the area.

(snipped) Much more…


Dylan Redwine’s mother files wrongful death lawsuit against Mark Redwine

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Two years and two days after her son’s partial remains were found on Middle Mountain, Elaine Hatfield Redwine filed a wrongful death lawsuit against her ex-husband, Mark Redwine.

Hatfield filed the complaint for wrongful death and loss of consortium on Monday, June 29, in District Court in Durango.

The complaint said their son, Dylan Redwine, was visiting his father on a court-ordered visit on Nov. 18, 2012, when he disappeared. A massive search ensued, involving community members and local, state and federal investigators. On June 27, 2013, some of Dylan’s remains were found approximately three miles from Redwine’s home in Vallectio.

A parent in Colorado has the duty to provide proper parental care for a child, the lawsuit states. Mark Redwine breached that duty “when his conduct resulted in the death of their son, Dylan Redwine,” the suit stated.

It continues, “the death of Dylan Redwine was the proximated and direct result of the negligence of defendant.”

Hatfield also has suffered the loss of consortium with her son and suffered damages from that, the suit stated.

In the lawsuit, Hatfield asks that she be compensated for damages, costs and fees, and she also requested a 12-member jury if the suit should go to trial.

(snipped) Much more…


Holly Briley Identifies Astro, Face And All

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Astro Announces Twitter Toys Of Choice!

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The Strange Love Of Astro And Deric!

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Ever notice how Astro loves someone, then hates them and then loves them again?

I’m sure you have if you pay any attention to her at all.

Now, her once hated Deric is the object of her love – her true love. <swoon>

Now why would she do such a thing? Maybe to get info on Prinnie and Michelle? Yes, I think that might be it. Holly Briley stuck duct tape on Murt’s mouth, so he can’t join in. LMAO!!

Of course, Deric has a bit of that same behavior mode himself. Up, down and all around they go.

Below is is pictorial of the school yard games they play. Hahaha!!

Astro Badgers And Insults Kim Picazio, Levi Page And RadioNewz!

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Her mind is stuck in false delusions, yet she hasn’t the common sense to simply give it up.

All lies, she presses on.

Not only does she badger the above mentioned, but Holly, Prinnie, Noni, Susie, Michelle, Vicki, Tricia, Pops, Deric, the Moon, the Stars … and the list just goes on and on.

No doubt she will eventually end up in a mental instruction – the same one she ended up in before. She was better for awhile and then slipped big time from her recovery.

She has attacked and lied about every person who has ever showed her kindness and tried to help her.

She is a viper by nature and most psychiatrist’s say there is not cure for that character trait. It’s ingrained beyond what therapy and medication can correct or temper.

Murt Is Repulsed By The Female Vagina

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Murt selects women who are so obese he can’t actually see the female vaginal. He can’t see it because the extra belly hides it.

It must be some kind of mental block from his childhood and that event is contained at a juvenile treatment center in Elmira, NY.

Yes, we know it exists, but because it’s a juvenile record, it is sealed.

Yet rumors in the community of his youth say he was involved in incest with a close relative, while others say it was most likely a neighbors barnyard animal. All forced upon them via rape. Who knows? My money is on cruelty to animals.

Word gets out in small communities.

Murt the pervert and deviant. Something he has never been able to escape.

It haunts him to this day.

Obesity is nothing to laugh at and I’m not. Just saying Murt prefers obese women and for a peculiar reason.

Astro Shows Private Parts Trying To Insult And Threaten Pops!!

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Oh my!

Doesn’t Astro know Pops – or anyone else – cares not  about her lunatic and empty threats?

Simple girl indeed! SMH!

All blown up for nothing. And when I say blown up, I mean blown up. Everyone knows Astro is 6 times that size.

Look at the view that dog has!!! I bet he’s never seen anything so big in his life.

Murt The Sick User Of Mentally Challenged Obese Women On The Internet

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Murt creeps about the internet finding dysfunctional and the mentally challenged he can suck into his web of bitterness and hatred, convincing them he is a poor pathetic retired truck driver being harassed by people on the interntert.

Being of that aslant anyway, they join in and champion his sic causes by attacking and defaming this he points them too.

How much sicker than you can get that he always recruits obese women, who feel they are always dissed anyway – yet do not want to admit the are obese – fat hogs, so they join in with a MAN and thing hat absolves them from their own shame and allows them to take up the sickness of another – Murt.

Murt is a sick puppy and he knows it, while trying to convince others he is not.


Murt Got Muzzled And His Wings Clipped By Twitter

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Since Murt got muzzled and his wings clipped by twitter for his vile and abusive behavior, he has relied on Astro to spewed his hate for certain people.

He is contained by doing only retweets. LMAO!!!

It’s a joke. So are the silly socks they utilize.

Now, he has joined SSM’s forum – no doubt his last refuse for attempted acceptance.

Will he find it there? I doubt it. Not one wants contributions from one accused or pedophilia and over all nastiest on the web. Everyone there knows what shit he is.

This man is a waste of human excrement. It burns with hate flames when he dumps it.

Of course we know the players of this forum has enlisted his help before, when Raine ran to him to blog the lawsuit against Tricia Griffith and Websleuths.

So who really knows the ugliness that exists in SSM’s forum and who they will welcome, but we do do they have welcomed more than one low life.

Nothing new for SoSueMe. A skank herself.

Astro Continues Tweeting Gibberish Fronting for Murt; Haleigh Cummings

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Poor demented Astro has so many things wrong.

Along with those things is that she and she alone brought down a forum I had many years ago.

The tiny forum was set up to accommodate the war and hard feelings between the 2 sides of the Haleigh Cummings case which it did with great success. When the war went silent and there was no new credible news about the case, the forum having served it’s purpose went silent, as it should have.

All of her and HGM’s attacks meant nothing and accomplished nothing, yet Astro continues to tweet that garbage. She also tweeted a long time ago that Kim Picazio and I stole $6.000.00 from her. Another lie.

You’re a big fail Astro.

Of course if you want some news, here is some from Haleigh’s maternal grandmother, Marie Grifiths. I think it’s hilarious, but no doubt you, Astro, will revel in it.

SSM’s Forum Takes A “Dip” On Social Issues, Cleary A Homophone Forum

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The comments below speak for themselves as to what tiny minds inhabit SSM’s forum.

Yes, well isn’t that a fine kettle of fish. Who is the biggest bigot of all if it isn’t Kim herself. My dictionary defines bigot as a person who is extremely intolerant of another’s creed, belief or opinion. Loosen up Kim and stop your holier than thou attitude.

Of course she would close that topic. She has no tolerance to many of life’s twists and turns. No tolerance at all.

Interestingly, closed thread had been posted in the political area.

The new lair of the Charlies guarantees comfort and safe haven from such outrages against Christianity entering their orbit.

(Progress on civil and human rights issues are, clearly, offensive to certain members. We’d certainly not want to alienate them or anything by having actual Supreme Court Decision threads appear in the political area.)

… all of it… Sheer idiocy.

Although, it does serve to underscore the mentality from which the Websleuths Lawsuit debacle arose.

SSM’s Crime Forum Picks Up A Turd Scumbag!! LOL!!

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Make that Sue, her minions, and …

WAIT for it ….

Shoot ALMOST stopped laughing long enough to post it…

… w8 4 it ….

Forum Statistics

… and … look! … lookout! … it’s

… em … you … are … tea !!!

SoSueMe’s Forum Hits 254 Members!! LOL!!

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Well, SSM’s forum is a joke about anywhere you look.

Her little army of mods must be feeling pretty low by now. No one really posts there except them. That has to be boring and oh, so lonely!

Kimster soldiers on. What else can she do? Where can she and the other despicable mods go? Nowhere.

When SSM failed to steal a forum that belonged to someone else she thought she could strike back by setting up her own forum – which she did. It’s a huge fail, just like her attempt to steal one!!

And so it goes over on SlimeWatchers!!

Is it sad? No, it’s called justice!! LOL!! Or in other words – getting what you deserve!!

The Laughable World Of Astro And Murt

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The account is actually a shared account at times. Both of these individuals practice the best forms of deception they know – which ain’t much. Both are a nuisance.

Both love rolling in the hay!

They work together claiming all sorts of abuse and harassment, all the while harassing those they accuse of harassing them. Bahaha!

No one is harassing either one of them.

Murt sits back and claims innocence – his trademark. He claims I don’t exist — while tweeting to me with his socks like a maniac. Astro too.

Only shit stains, nutcases, deviants, perverts and all that stuff would tweet to someone who doesn’t exist. LMFAO!! They wouldn’t read the blog of someone who doesn’t exist and make jealous snarky comments about it. God Help Us All!! SOS!!!

Tsk, tsk!!

Astro soldiers on talking to accounts that don’t exist about things the voices in her head tells her. SMH! All so pointless. All so futile. But it does make for good laughs!

They seek attention…. LOL… like I’m giving them. They glory in being called shit stains, nutcases, deviants, perverts and all that stuff. It makes them feel important.

So – today, they are important!!! LMAO!!

And yes, both are twitter shit stains, nutcases, deviants, perverts and all that stuff. :)

The Trayvon Martin Case Obsession And The Consequences

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It’s a sad tale. Anytime a young man loses his life – it’s sad. Trayvon Martin was young – 17 years old,

The media and the race baiters were in hog heaven with this case.

The parents were paraded on tv, toured around the county, appeared at celebrity events.. Money was raised. There was media outrage.

George Zimmerman? #GAG!!

Vickie Pate has been accused of being a racist. I strongly disagree. Vickie has a beef with the way media handles these cases and that is not being racist – it’s being smart. It’s being honest.

Below is an excerpt from Dylann Roof’s “manifesto”. If true, the Trayvon Martin media hype, along with the outrageous statements of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Benjamin Crump, resulted in the most inhumane act one can imagine. Mass murder due to racial hatred.

Roof was and is a racist. He’s nothing else. There is always something that sets that off and in this case it was the media and Trayvon Martin.

High price? I think so. Click on image twice to make for good reading.

Does It Need To Come Down? #DIXIE

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I believe it needs to be removed from a government site. That’s ridiculous to have it there, although I understand the sentiments that has it there. It’s a War Memorial. That doesn’t need to be on government property either.

If that flag needs to fly, then let it fly at the Confederate Cemeteries and there are plenty. Let the flag be at War Memorials and cemeteries, not at any state capital. I doubt that South Carolina will remove the War Memorial from the capitol grounds, but the flag should not be flying on any government grounds.

That flag needs to be removed from a government sight. It has no place there. It is out of step with the present and the future.

All of the Southern States have proud traditions and I understand that. Those traditions need to be shown in the appropriate places and if that could happen, I don’t think there would be the blow up we see now.

Most of my family is buried in Missouri. On Memorial Day I have always seen the Confederacy markers placed on the graves of those who fought for the Confederacy. I was shocked at first to see it being done in Missouri. I think that is appropriate, but still it shows how much power is behind that memory.

Some of the older cemeteries there have graves of both Union and Confederate soldiers. Not every cemetery does it, but one I go to does. The other has a stone set to say that here are the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers. I don’t think they know who is who or what is what, but they know there was a small skirmish close by and the dead were buried there.

My grandparents are buried in a cemetery where both slave, the dead from the Trail of Tears and Union and Confederate are buried. It’s interesting to me.

To be honest, the Confederate Flag flies in many Southern States, in one form or another. It needs to be retired to the past and appropriate places, where it belongs.

Dylann Roof’s Rhodesian Hair Style

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Right away I wondered why a young man in South Carolina had such a strange hair cut. Even the police when releasing his photo remarked about the “distinctive hair cut”.

It looks like he was trying to model the look of the young blonde white soldiers of the Rhodesian War. His website and manifesto is called “The Last Rhodesian“. The site is on a Russian server, so it’s unlikely it will come down unless he decides to take it down.

That’s my opinion. What do you think?

Spoken Like A True Racist!

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Only the racist mindset makes such statements.

Who on earth would have connected the sorrow in Charleston to “riots”? No one but one who harbors racist thoughts to begin with… and there have been plenty of Murt’s tweets, videos and audios posted here in the past to establish his true self, a racist self.

Some old dogs simply have no interest in learning “new tricks”! Even when he’s fumbling around trying to hit the “right note”, an acceptable note, the bigotry shows through! Real clear!

Victims Of Charleston AME Mass Murder

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There are no words really to describe the sorrow of Charleston or of South Carolina or the Nation.

Below are the victims of a senseless act of racist hatred.

The Rev. Clementa Pinckney

Tywanza Sanders

Cynthia Hurd

Sharonda Coleman-Singleton

The Rev. Depayne Middleton Doctor

Susie Jackson

Ethel Lance

The Rev. Daniel Simmons Sr.

Myra Thompson

You can read what is available at this hour about who they were at this NBC link below.

Congratulations And Praise For Levi Page!!

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SSM Still Being Reported As Down In The Dumps!

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Oh my! So much for SSM football!!

It doesn’t look good for SSM’s new crime forum. The ONE that was hailed to not only bring down Websleuths, but also replace it.

Hard work isn’t it SSM?

p.s., lol

Members Online:11
Guests Online:14
Robots Online:8
Total Visitors:33
Totals may include hidden visitors.

Lostutter Admits To “Social Engineering”!!

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Say whut?

Social engineering?

As I recall, Prinnie was originally accused of that.

What’s going on here? LOL!!

Switching infamous roles?

Deric Lostutter Threatening To Sue All His Pals

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Well, ….

There seems to be a serious rift among the former Steubenville buddies.

What to make of it all – I don’t know, but it can’t be good.

Deric has dissed Prinnie, Michelle and Pops… they in turn have dissed him!

My goodness!! LOL!!

Award winning performance? Deric even used the talents of his wife to deal with Pops!! Haha! https://twitter.com/DericLostutter/status/609525954587815938

Always a good show on twitter. LOL!!

What next peeps? What next?

Plenty of tweets to read on the matter, if you look around.

Criminal Mindz: Dede Spicher Called As Terri Horman’s Likely Accomplice #KyronHorman

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Top Ten “Red Flags” Pointing to Dede Spicher’s Involvement (Part Deux)

In Criminal Mindz latest post, Dede Spicher is called Terri Horman’s accomplice… or most likely accomplice.

It’s a good read and well worth the time taken to read it.

An excerpt below:

“Well folks, I gotta be honest.  After writing that last blog entry I felt quite nauseated at the growing realization that Dede Spicher was, quite possibly, Terri Horman’s accomplice.


SSM Sends Out DIY Drone Looking For Forum Members Who Will Actually Particpate!

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Be careful peeps – she’s serious!!! 😯

SSM Said To Have A Case Of The “Boo Hoo’s” Over Failed Crime Forum

June 10, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  15 Comments


Three members, eight guests, eight robots on now.

Terri Horman Gets A “Dose Of Reality” On Facebook

June 10, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  2 Comments

Terri, you are fat, ugly and your Momma hates you…oh and your hair is a rats nest.

Where the hell is Kyron?

And before I get one negative comment on how I should not sink to Terri’s level. I don’t want to hear it. I want to sink to Terri’s level, I want to pick on the only thing that matters to Terri…herself, her looks, her hair. Why? I have no clue, she is a mess and everyone can see it haha.

Kyron Horman's World Soldiers's photo.
Kyron Horman's World Soldiers's photo.
Kyron Horman's World Soldiers's photo.

Helena “Strikes Out” Looking For Love On Twitter

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Helena, accustomed to finding love in the bully pit – seems to always “strike out” looking for love on twitter!

I wonder why? LOL!!

Maybe Mark Redwine can dress up in his “girlie” clothes and help her out!!! Hahaha! Right down her alley!!

@YancyFaith Denies Use of Psychic Dog

June 10, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  1 Comment

@YancyFaith is one of the more colorful people on twitter. Never at a loss for an opinion on anything!!

However, while another Yancy “opinion” is that she has denied the use of a “psychic dog” has fallen into serious question!!

Really? LMAO!!

I seriously doubt @Levi_Page is buying this!! Levi is pretty hard to fool when it comes to any kind of fuckery on twitter!!

SSM’S Crime Forum Appears To Be A Flop!

June 9, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  4 Comments

No big news here.

These “butthurt spinoffs” always are a flop, except for the handful of “butthurters” that hang there.

No news here folks… move on. LOL!!

Cathy Rhodes Gets Ripped AGAIN!!

June 9, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  No Comments

Good GOD, who are these people? This is lower than low, and not surprised that Cathey Rhodes, (now banned Websleuther) is part of this group.

I don’t know this guy, but Cathey Rhodes shouldn’t be anywhere near any missing child case with her history of bullying and cyber stalking under her fake pages and names. Her history at Websleuths should be your first clue as to her unethical behavior.

It seems that all of these organizations harbor this same group of weirdos that keep stalking families of the missing. Seems like it’s more about media attention than anything else, who does THIS?


Alex has informed me that she is turning this guy in to a group that tracks those who steal “valor”! This isn’t her first case in this area, so this guy, Chuck…

The Cody Haynes Story, 11 Year Old Missing Since 2004!

June 7, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  6 Comments

When Cody went missing in 2004.  There was as much sensationalism surrounding missing children as there is now.  Facebook, although started in 2004 had not had a chance to reach the public yet.  Although I personally feel it is the number 1 source for sharing information about missing people, it was just a start up at the time that Cody went missing.

You have to go way back in the archives of the web to find out what happened after Cody went missing:

“At this point our whole area has been thoroughly searched,” said Dunnagan. “We are comfortable he is not within the general area. We have no idea where he is. We have exhausted our leads. We are committed to finding this child. We are in it to find him.”

According to David Haynes, Cody’s grandfather who posted on Websleuths:

Cody and his “step mother” (his father’s live in pardner) had a disagreement and he was sent to his room until his father got home. His family hasn’t seen him since. It gets a little complicated here but it wasn’t realized until the next afternoon that he was missing. He arranged his bedding to look like he was in bed. He would often pretend to be asleep and cover his head if he didn’t want to be bothered.
Yes, there had been CPS visits. The one involving the school was when one of Cody’s sister’s was bitten by a family puppy. CPS ruled the report as “unfounded”. The puppy was given away. Washington and Oregon CPS workers conduct business as tho they were using the Gestapo operations manual so don’t put to much into their visits.

Because they did not know where Cody was or why he left, they took his four sisters and have not allowed us to see them. A judge ordered them to allow the father to visit them on week-ends. They have been interviewed and do not appear to know any thing about where their brother is. The mother and father have been divorced for some time and she had no reason to fear him and was not hiding from him. Actually, it turned out that she was in Colarado instead of Florida. The police have determined that she was at her mother’s in Colarado the day Cody disappered and that he is not with her. This is not a family custody event. Cody has just diappeared and is not with any family members. The police and the family are still looking. Thanks again for your concern. –

ABC reported that Cody was arguing with his dad.  Then sometime in the middle of the night his dad leaves and “drives hundreds of miles”looking for car parts” until early morning hours.

Cody’s dad, Richard “Rick” Haynes stated that Cody had arranged his stuffed animals under his covers to make it look as though he were in bed, took a bag of clothes, and managed to slip away unnoticed.

Officers reported finding a bag of clothing inside a shed on the Haynes’ property along with the boy’s bicycle.

About one week after the disappearance of Cody, law enforcement authorities and CPS representatives removed his four sisters from their home. The girls were placed in foster homes.  A court order had been issued alleging abuse, neglect and lack of supervision. They remained in foster care for 6 months and then it was extended for an additional 6 months.

Rick  and Marla Jaye Harding, Rick’s girlfriend who was allegedly fired from her job as CPS worker, retained a lawyer and refused to talk formally with investigators.

“Their behavior is definitely curious,” Kittitas Police Chief Steve Dunnagan told The Spokesman-Review in Spokane. “It does make us ask, ‘Why does he have to have an attorney to help us find his son?”

David responded to that on Websleuths by stating, “Thank you all for your interest. The news hasn’t said much about it but the father did cooperate completely with the police at first. He even went with them as they searched for Cody. It wasn’t until he felt he was being accused of something that he withdrew. Also, the lawyer was first retained to help get the girls back from CPS.- David Haynes”

Lisa Doney, Cody’s mother told the KXLY news in May 2013, that she is still looking for her little boy and went to Sprague Lake to search, because a farmer found a blanket there, and Cody’s older sister identified seeing it at her father’s home.  Doney said, “apparently the law enforcement doesn’t have enough to make an arrest, yet.  I guess they are still looking for the smoking gun.”

My interview with Victoria of ISC Investigations at the above link. (link gone)  Victoria is working on both cases and her opinion is that Cody would have broken his legs if he had jumped out of his bedroom window.   She also spoke with Cody’s mom Lisa and there is a lot of he said/she said, and everything has to be taken with a grain of salt.


For a more recent assesment of events – read the gofundme page at: http://www.gofundme.com/JusticeForCodyH

Cody Haynes Family Was Ripped Off By Fake Search Dog Company

June 7, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  No Comments

Wendy or her dogs were not certified as they said they were when they searched for Cody. We were given certificates AFTER they searched for Cody. We didn’t want media to know where our search was. Wendys dogs “hit on” what she said was human bones. Less than 10 minutes later media had been notified. What she found was coyote bones! Not our Cody. Any team should know the difference between animal and human. She threw away the only evidence we had left. She had a vigil for Cody to raise money and she kept every penny. She said she doesn’t charge but then asked for gas money and a place to sleep.

**This fake company was blogged about here: Company Masquerading As A Trained Dog Team

No one should forget what they have done to many.

These are stories about ‘them’ and their many victims: https://www.facebook.com/WrongedByForensicsK9?fref=ts


Congratulations to Cody Haynes Facebook Support Page

June 7, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  No Comments
Today is a very special say for us. We are only 9 likes away from 10,000. We have worked so hard to get this far. We couldn’t have done it without you all. Thank you to those of you on here that support Cody and want him found. As for the ones on here that are trying to hide the truth, you better come forward before it’s too late for you…

Glass Houses Promises To Make Terri Horman’s And Cohorts Lifes A Living Hell

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Dear Terri,
I seriously cannot understand what makes you tick. Why the hell you have done this. But I am going to tell you this. Your lies are now exposed. Its all in black and white. In no way are you going to get away with this. You think this last 5 years have been bad for you? Think again. We are fed up with your shenanigans. We are fed up with your constant SILENCE!! You sicken me to my core!! You will NEVER be able to move forward with your life!!! We will not stand for it!!! Kyron matters!!! We told you we will NEVER go away!! Your life will continue to get uglier every single day you sit on your ever widening ass remaining silent and keeping Kyron from his family!! We are going to find the truth. We will work harder than EVER to make your life a living HELL until you step up and confess and tell us where this child is!!!!! To those who support your bullshit, the same goes for them!!! Nothing will stop us from our resolve!!! NOTHING!!! So put on your seatbelts, this ride is far from over!!!


Terri Horman’s Snitch With $50K!!!

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It’s gonna happen. No doubt about that.

Kyron went viral and that has produced some long awaited results.

Terri, more than you and Dede know what you both did and they are starting to crack. You think I’m joking – I’m not.

Law Enforcement has received new information. They’ve stepped up the investigation. Think that isn’t true? Well, you’re delusional.

You’re not going to tell where Kyron is. Neither is Dede. You don’t want to admit you did what you did and you sure as hell don’t want to go to prison, but that’s where you are going. You don’t have to confess. The facts and the evidence will confess for you. They are going to find Kyron or enough of his things to tie him to you. So, stay silent. Hahaha!! You don’t know what the case is they are building or what evidence they have… and more is coming in.

You have a mole, a snitch and they can pocket $50K just for ratting you out. They are feeling the pressure. They know all this has numbered days…. and the clock is ticking, the calendar moving. What I’m saying is that your days are numbered…. all of you criminals will soon be behind bars.

Various charges for those who have helped you out…. but you and Dede know what is coming for you. Possibly Sandi Lessman too. #FACT

You think your inner circle is solid, but it isn’t. Just wait. Just wait.

Big Mabel and her friend, Big Bertha, with their DIY dicks aren’t going anywhere and they’ll be there to “comfort” all of you. Oh joy!!

Terri, you may like that, you’ve said you’re always horney and wanting some, but I bet Dede won’t enjoy being bent over one bit. LMAO!! No lube!!

Oh Terri, Dede, Sandi And Others… Some Breaking Newz For You!!! ROTFLMAO!!

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This might be in order for her and all the Terribots…. it might help loosen up their mouths and they will tell where Kyron is. You know that they know!! Big Mabel is waiting for them all in prison with her DIY penis!! They are really gonna need this!! LMAO!!

BOLO For Mark Redwine Support Page

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It’s missing, MIA …. and peeps are wondering what on earth happened to it!!! 😯

Maybe it got all dressed up in girlie clothes or a diaper and pooped on it’s self and got lost.

Maybe all of them are having a poop party! PARTY TIME!!!

Who knows, but the Facebook page has vanished! Yes, vanished! Maybe someone should check Darci’s house. They are probably all there.

That’s kinda, sorta half way between his place and Helena’s!! If you forget about Indiana or Illinois. One or the other. :)

Cathy Rhodes was too busy digging out of her own pile of shit to attend.

Run Faster Terri And Dede – It’s Lookin’ Bad For Y’all!! Dunces!!

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“Local parents who’ve been following the case showed up to pay their respects, along with officials from the sheriff and DA’s office.

The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office was on scene at Skyline 5 years ago and we continue to be involved in the case so tonight we wanted to come out and show our support for everyone,” said Don Rees from the Multnomah Co. District Attorney’s Office.”

From the KPTV video:

Desiree: “Absolutely without a doubt, with all my heart I know that she did it. I think she was working with one or two possible people, ummm, but absolutely she did it. We know at least DeDe Spicher.”

Reporter: “You’re saying DeDe Spicher?”

Desiree: “Yes, oh yeah, she’s one of them.”


FailSqrl's photo.
  • Stacey Morris BIG SMILES!!!
  • FailSqrl I love that officials from both MCSO and MCDA showed up to the vigil for Kyron.
  • FailSqrl Interesting that they were there when Desiree made the above statement and they didn’t interrupt to clear DeDe. Hmmmm. lol
  • FailSqrl Why hasn’t Mr. Stavely made a comment about these claims? Does anyone know if he still represents DeDe? I am interested in him weighing in about all this.
  • FailSqrl It would also be nice if the DA could comment and clear everything up. The fact that Rees was there in support, and this comment was made, speaks volumes IMHO. I wish we could get an official statement!

Pamela Smart’s teen lover released from prison in Maine after serving nearly 25 years

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WARREN, Maine – The triggerman in the Pamela Smart murder case — one of the first high-profile trials about a sexual affair between an instructor and a student — has been released from prison after serving nearly 25 years.

William Flynn was 16 and known as “Billy” in 1990 when he and three friends participated in what prosecutors said was Smart’s plot to kill her husband in Derry, New Hampshire. Flynn pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and served his sentence in Maine.

Scott Fish, a spokesman for the Maine Department of Corrections, confirmed Thursday morning that Flynn was released. He was granted parole in March.

Flynn got married while behind bars, has a teen stepdaughter and has earned his GED and electrician’s helper license.



Duggar Story – Senator: Springdale Police Chief Should Be Fired Over Child Sex-Crime Report

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Sen. Bart Hester, R-Cave Springs, said the girls have been re-victimized now that the report is public. He said Police Chief Kathy O’Kelley acted recklessly in releasing the report and should be held accountable.

“The law to protect minors’ identities is not a suggestion,” Hester, pictured, said Saturday (May 23). “So sad to see the person charged with protecting the community being so reckless and irresponsible. I believe it is unavoidable that the Springdale police chief should be terminated. She has re-victimized these young ladies.”



Jill and Jessa on furor over brother Josh Duggar’s past abuse: ‘We’re victims’

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Two of Josh Duggar’s victims—his sisters Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald—spoke to Megyn Kelly in the second part of her exclusive interview with the Duggar family that will air Friday on “The Kelly File” at 9 p.m. ET.

The now married sisters tell Kelly in a preview clip that they are horrified by the way their story has been told and re-told online and in the media, and Seewald speaks up in her brother’s defense.



Is Serial Shooter on the Loose in Colorado?

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LOVELAND, Colo. — The overnight killing of a man on a sidewalk has raised fears that a serial shooter might be trolling roads in northern Colorado after a bicyclist was recently gunned down and a driver was wounded.



Fourth Death Confirmed in South Korea’s Worsening MERS Outbreak

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More than 1,300 schools have closed as officials scramble to contain the virus

A fourth person has died in South Korea after being diagnosed with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, health authorities have confirmed.

The 76-year-old man passed away Thursday as he was being treated for the virus in a public hospital, the state-backed Yonhap News Agency is reporting.

Public-health officials say five new cases of the respiratory virus have been identified. Forty-one people in total have been diagnosed nationwide with the potentially fatal viral disease.

Officials this week also ordered more than 1,500 people to self-quarantine after they unknowingly attended a meeting with a physician who was infected with MERS.



** I heard on CNN International that some US service personnel on the military base in S Korea are infected. Yuk!

Desiree Young Speaks At 5th Year Vigil For Missing Son, Kyron Horman

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Young also spoke about trying to cope with her son still gone without a trace, how she keeps a withered dandelion from Kyron because it’s one of the last things he gave her, how she has to remind herself at times that he’s not at home with her and the one instance when she went to a grocery store and thought she saw her son.

“And suddenly you’re reaching and grasping at anything on the shelves just to keep standing, all while people are looking at you and they just don’t understand the roller coaster of emotions that you just experienced,” she said. “The quick elation and then the truly terrible drop when you realize it’s not your son.”


Fail Sqrl – A New Facebook Page Dedicated To Terri Horman’s Failures

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