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Over The River And Through The Woods

November 25, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  No Comments

Over the river and through the woods,
To grandmother’s house we go;
The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh,
Through (the) white and drifted snow!

Over the river and through the woods,
Oh, how the wind does blow!
It stings the toes and bites the nose,
As over the ground we go.

Over the river and through the woods,
To have a first-rate play;
Oh, hear the bells ring, “Ting-a-ling-ling!”
Hurrah for Thanksgiving Day!

Over the river and through the woods,
Trot fast, my dapple gray!
Spring over the ground,
Like a hunting hound!
For this is Thanksgiving Day.

Over the river and through the woods,
And straight through the barnyard gate.
We seem to go extremely slow
It is so hard to wait!

Over the river and through the woods,
Now Grandmother’s cap I spy!
Hurrah for the fun! Is the pudding done?
Hurrah for the pumpkin pie!

Happy Thanksgiving And Stay Safe!!

November 24, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  4 Comments

Mark Redwine May Have Made A Grand Flub!!

November 21, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  3 Comments

Looks like a huge goof to many!!

Words mean a lot – especially the wrong ones!! Or should it be said – finally the right ones.

Not too bright, but very revealing and it’s the big reveal many have waited for, expecting it sooner or later.


Lostutter Resorts To Violent Threats Again!

November 21, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  4 Comments

No idea what started all of this, but it would seem Deric should learn positive dialogue skills over violent threats when he is angered.

Good anger management instruction would teach him those much needed skills – if he wanted them.

Life gets hard when you present yourself as an immature punk trying to out punk other punks all the time.

Mother, friends remember 3rd anniversary of Dylan Redwine’s disappearance

November 19, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  12 Comments

The 13-year-old disappeared on Nov. 18, 2012.

Today is the third anniversary of the disappearance of 13-year-old Dylan Redwine on a court-ordered visit to Vallecito with his father, Mark Redwine.

“Thank you for all your kind thoughts, silent prayers, love and mostly your dedication to Dylan,” his mother, Elaine Hall, wrote on her Facebook page on Tuesday. “…I was overcome with gratitude and love for all that have taken the day that Dylan was taken and remembered him with your posts and picture changes. I am always at a loss for words when this time of year comes around because even though it has been three years, it still feels like yesterday and sometimes I still cannot believe he is gone. But, the one thing I do know is that he has truly blessed us with many great people who refuse to give up on him, or us. We will forge ahead because we all know we have to… for Dylan.

Hall reported him missing the next day, Nov. 19, 2012, after Redwine texted her asking if she knew where Dylan was.

In late June of this year, she filed a wrongful death lawsuit agasint her ex-husband.

In July, the La Plata County Sheriff’s Department classified Dylan Redwine’s death as a homicide and also said Mark Redwine is a person of interest in his son’s death.

Partail remains of Dylan Redwine were found in June of 2013 on Middle Mountain, which is across the reservoir from Redwine’s home on County Road 500.

Friends of Hall’s continue to tend a memorial bench for Dylan in Pine River Cemetery.

“I love you all and thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for your kindness, love, support and never ending devotion,” she wrote in her post on Facebook. “God speed my son. I hope you see how many people love and miss you and we together will never let you be forgotten. Until I see you again you will always be where you belong..in my heart.”


Paris Darkens Eiffel Tower

November 14, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  5 Comments

Deric’s Latest Calamity!!

November 13, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  6 Comments

Ewww – Deric’s foot looks painful, but at first glance – I thought it was Murt’s MOUTH!!

Nastro – She Devil Haunting Defunct Alcatraz Island!

November 12, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  No Comments

Holmseth’s Latest Mugshot! Or Is That Murt’s?

November 12, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  No Comments

Holmseth’s Exclusive Club!!

November 12, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  No Comments

Generosity Is A Gracious Act!

November 12, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  2 Comments

Deric Wants Fairness!

November 12, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  2 Comments

Recently a twitter sock popped up and it was said to be Deric Lostutter, upset about lack of fairness from this blog considering his situation with Sam and BBJ.

Well, he addressed those complaints to my twitter handle, but called me Levi Page. God! Even Deric knows that I am not Levi.

Anyway, I’m not completely sure what has been requested of me, other than fairness… and I am more then happy to provide that…. if I knew exactly what that “is”!

Anyway…. I think he wanted this included… and I am more than happy to do it. Even though I am a total loser at court documents and have no idea what it means – but he does.

All I know for sure is that he, Sam and BBJ have had a running battle that have ended up in the courts.

So! Deric – if this is not what you are wanting posted – please feel free to use a TOR account and post what it is!!

TRO Against Deric Lostutter

November 11, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  6 Comments

Deric Lostutter Gets His “BS” Called Out!

November 5, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  4 Comments

Toss my Cookies

Deric, stop acting like an idiot, stop backing losing propositions like #OPHocking and Issue 3 just to try to scam some money and get back your fading notoriety, and get your damn act together and provide for your damn family. Stop trying to avenge people for calling you out on your BS because it IS BS and it should be called out. You are obsessed with always being right even when mounds of documentation say you’re wrong and it’s sick. Run your business like a business. What are you open, like 9 hours a week? How many repairs have you fucked up? How many customers have you alienated with your hostile attitude and poor customer service? How the hell are you going to make it like that boy? The halcyon days of KY Anonymous are over. They never really existed anyway. Those days were nothing but a house of cards built on lies and a gullible public with a thirst for sensationalism. KY is just a cartoon character in a blue mask. You are just plain old brokass Deric, a below average schmuck without a pot to piss in and a baby on the way. That baby needs a father and right now, you’re not up to the job. Get there.

A Few Reasons Darci Riley Winters Thinks She Is “Harassed”

October 31, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  4 Comments

As seen in the post below about Darci, she thinks she is a victim.

She bases this, apparently, on the fact that people believing she is a fraud have said so. They have that right.

People believing she is a bully have said so. They have that right.

People have mountains of evidence that she is not an advocate for missing children, proving their fraud beliefs and they have a right to say that too.

People are also aware of the pack of bullies she runs with and have named them. Another right.

People have told about all the harassment and bullying they have experienced by Darci and her pack of bullies and they most certainly have that right.

Darci is nothing more than a victim of her own actions and of the bullies she pals with.

Darci has nothing to complain about at all. Nothing.

If she cleaned up her act – no one would bash her or speak ill of her, but of course, no one expects that to happen.

Darci Riley Winters, You Really Are An Idiot!!

October 30, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  17 Comments

This is the most laughable thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen it all now. Wow!

You honestly think being called out as a bully, a fraud, an asshole and mostly a non-advocate for missing children on twitter, Facebook or blogs is crossing some kind of line? Well, it isn’t.

There is an abundance of evidence in black and white you are no advocate for missing children. You seem to forget that.

Your hurt feelings are not grounds for any kind of defamation lawsuit.

Possibly some of the families of missing children should sue you! They certainly would have grounds.

I don’t think any of the calling you out has cost you a dime in income. You seem to know nothing about how it all works. YOU would have to prove things said about you were “deliberate lies”. YOU would have to prove you were so badly defamed it resulted in monetary damages. None of it has – has it?

You really are an idiot.

Sam Strikes Back At Lostutter!! Things Are Heating Up!!!

October 30, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  14 Comments

Nastro Astro Calls Alex, Holly And Lynda “Sleazy”!

October 29, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  3 Comments

Twitter is full of all kinds of trouble lately and now Nastro aka Astro has called these 3 women “sleazy”!

I heard from Lynda and she was upset she had been downgraded to “sleazy” as she has been being called much worse things by Nastro. Slut, drunk, redneck and stuff like that.

What a mess. And Nastro of all people calling anyone “sleazy” or anything else. The woman is cuckoo! Earlier she was on Holly’s ass over Throw Back Thursday pictures of herself she has tweeted – Nastro says they aren’t her!! LMAO!!

What a lame and boring insult.

Lostutter Gets Warrants In NC Against 2 Prominent Tweeters!

October 29, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  15 Comments

According to tweets on Deric Lostutter’s twitter he has obtained warrants for cyber-stalking against 2 tweeters we all know. Sam and breakbeatjunkee aka Bobby.

What started as a twitter war of sorts, is now a legal matter.

From what I’ve been able to learn off other twitters is that he went before an 80 year old Magistrate who didn’t fully understand the issue of cyber-stalking, but Deric said he feared for his life, so, the warrants were issued.

According to information on twitter, Sam and Bobby have high profile Ohio lawyers and intend to quash the warrants and say these will never go to court. I won’t name the lawyers at this time, but they are more than up to this task.

Last I looked Pops was being baited by Deric and I hope Pops can keep his cool. I’m sure he knows he’s being baited and why.

Also, if Kim Picazio is aware of this, she will keep Pops out of trouble. She is tops in her field and sharp as a whip. I doubt Deric would want to deal with her.

Anyway folks, that’s the big Newz on twitter.

OMG, Did Deric (KYAnonymous) Really Tweet This?

October 28, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  6 Comments

Now you know why he is called Murt Jr.!!!!

The Playful Libelous Sock Puppet Accounts

October 28, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  15 Comments

Yes, we have those who like to do libelous sock puppet accounts.

They are in love with some and hate others, but they tweet the same bizarre bullshit every day.

They are are a joke and usually center around “defending Murt” or attacking Levi Page!! How hilarious.

First, they started after a concert that 3 friends attended together. Yancy Faith. Kim Picazio and Levi Page.

Oh my!! The rage that created and …. jealousy.

The sock puppets emerged to make sure non other than Levi Page was tormented for his attendance and his friendship with Kim Picazio.

It seems that any friend of Picazio is considered an enemy of a certain crowd. That crowd being Murt, Astro and Holmseth, so there is no real mystery as to who is doing the socks.

Oh how they hate Levi and the Eagles!! LOL!!!

Of course, they never attack Picazio or Murt and understanding that she and Murt have a solid friendship – that’s the answer to many questions that many have asked. People are not stupid.

Murt even texted Picazio that Timothy Holmseth was contacting CNN and HLN to make sure Levi never got a job there. Really? Yes, and that’s not a real surprise, but it was Murt’s friend “Donna” who appeared on twitter threatening Levi’s future employment that Picazio had to intervene in.

So it’s no surprise that Murt would text Picazio to cover his own ass.

Donna is not Holmeth’s friend – she is Murt’s friend. Haha!

Pops was even attacked and he has nothing to do with Holmeth, so that makes things even clearer. Oh my!!

Attacks against Prinnie were also launched by “Murt’s friend, Donna” because she had won an award and been interviewed by Legendary Women!!! My goodness!! Or should I say “good grief”??

Why such low life and trashy attacks would be made against Levi Page make many wonder. Why go after Levi all the time when he didn’t initiate the gathering? Hmmmmm!

It is curious isn’t it? Hmmmm….

Let’s be blunt! Is it his friendship with Picazio … or is it that he has refused to fuck someone who wants to fuck him? Most have that figured out. LOL!! The drama game has become quite clear. SMH!!! Someone should really be ashamed.

This is the kind of trash they tweet to me, Levi and Prinnie, but never to Murt, Astro, Holmseth or Picazio. Weird, huh? Not even to “Rocket”!!! Double weird. No, not weird at all. No, not really. This is today’s offerings. SMH!!!

Plus they can tweet this bullshit to me all they want. I don’t give a shit. LMAO!!

It’s just a sick game. SMH!!

Helena Posing On Facebook In A Red Wig!!! Haha!

October 24, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  15 Comments

“Bahaha….Helena using an app to slap a red wig over her grey hair. You can see it sticking out the bottom in back. Wonder if that 12 year old swung back when she assaulted him and knocked her tooth out. Since it’s Halloween this week, she should just stick a candy corn in the empty space. That wig will probably blow off when she gets on her broom.”


Nastro Astro Finally Spills The Truth!!!!

October 23, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  8 Comments

Legendary Women: An Interview with Alexandria Goddard

October 22, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  2 Comments
  1. For people who might not be aware of your role in the Steubenville rape case investigation and reporting, can you tell our readers a bit about that?

On August 22, 2015 I was living in California and was surfing the net when I decided to read up on Steubenville, Ohio local news. I used to reside there years ago and like anyone who leaves their town, I checked in every now and then to see what was happening there. After I read the news story and knowing how heavily embedded into the local culture as in many small steel towns in the Ohio Valley area, I knew that two Big Red high school football players being accused of rape was a big deal and that people were probably discussing it online. Out of curiosity, I started researching online for additional information. I located a football roster for the team and began searching their social media for discussion about the case, as well as reading some local football forums. Once I started reading local chatter and the social media accounts of students, I was appalled at some of the conversations regarding Jane Doe.

Not knowing what evidence local law enforcement had, I telephoned my friend in Steubenville whose husband is an Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation agent, and who just so happened to be one of the agents on the case. She gave me her husband’s cell phone number, and I left a voicemail telling him what was online and if he wished, I could email him screenshots. I never heard from him and assumed that law enforcement was aware of the postings, and on August 26th I blogged about the case which immediately drew a firestorm of discussion from locals — both for and against Jane Doe.

2. What gave you the inspiration to search for evidence or information via social media accounts?

I have been a true crime blogger for many years, and in my experience as a legal consultant, I have learned, as have many others — if you want information you can usually find it via social media. Those using social media sometimes do not realize the worldwide audience that may have access to their public postings.

3. Why do you think that the police and mainstream press didn’t use the same kind of sleuthing techniques?

The use of social media in policing is an issue that has only begun to emerge in the last few years, and many police departments either don’t have the resources to mine for information or are not technically able to do so. I am not aware of Steubenville Police Department’s technological level of expertise regarding social media in 2012, but do know that they were aware of the social media as Jane Doe’s parents had presented it to them when they made the initial complaint. As for why local media did not discuss or sleuth the social media, I don’t have an answer for that. Again, because social media is relatively new, perhaps local journalists did not realize its value at that time. However, since the Steubenville case, many mainstream media outlets are using social media as a research tool, and I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing because vetting information before posting it is so important.

4. Some people were angry about you screencapping and using the social media information/reposting it. Our question foremost is, why do you think the teenagers involved posted so much online publicly about such a horrific event? Somehow it’s not just the disgusting fact that they hurt this girl but then the horrifying part where they also bragged about it. Do you have any ideas about why they felt so free to Tweet and Youtube post about it with impunity?

I think the teens did not realize the audience they were subjecting themselves to. My generation wasn’t brought up with internet, or having the ability to constantly be connected in realtime to our peers. Many parents do not understand the lasting digital footprint that is left by social media, and probably never had a discussion about responsible use of social media. The teens no doubt did not think of the possibility of the world seeing the inappropriate content or discussions they had online. As ugly as some of their tweets were, I believe that they just did not think twice about posting it or the potential ramifications for doing so. To this day, in part because of research of social media for some of the legal cases I consult on, I still see so much inappropriate content posted by teens with public social media accounts.

5. Both Jane Doe and you received cruel comments and harassment because of the case. One person even hoped you’d “get AIDS and die” on social media. Why do you think schools and towns work so hard to protect their athletes to the point that they re-victimize those hurt or harass people who try and speak up?

I don’t think this is just a Steubenville problem, or a high school problem when protecting athletes: It is a national problem. We live in a society where one’s social worth increases exponentially if you can throw a ball well or if you have superior athletic ability. Just within the past 5 years the number of professional and collegiate athletes are tremendous, and with each case the victim is revictimized, blamed and shamed solely based on the accused’s athletic status.

6. Similarly, what do you think the entire Steubenville case says about rape culture in American society?

The Steubenville case turned rape culture into an actual thing rather than just being a “feminist buzz word”. When the infamous video was released to the public, it was an in your face representation of rape culture in action.

7. Did you have any inkling at the time how big your blog and your role in the case would become? Again, why do you think the mainstream press (most notoriously CNN) were so bad at covering this?

I had absolutely no idea how big this case would become. In the beginning, we were just trying to get mainstream media attention on the case because of the potential for impropriety based on locals’ response to conflicts of interest with the prosecutor and the teen suspects. Again, and going back to rape culture becoming a real issue rather than a buzz word, I think that the video and all of the screenshots of social media really threw it in the public’s face about we as a society treat the subject of rape, and/or how we unknowingly enable it in our choice of words or reactions. Also, because there was so much emphasis on the fact that these were young, aspiring athletes — again it is how society perceives athletes and celebrities in comparison to Joe Schmoe down the street who might have been charged with rape.

8. Would you do the same things again?

No, not really. I constantly look back and think well — maybe if I would have not allowed some of the comments that were the subject of the defamation suit maybe there would have been no lawsuit, but then I think no — because it isn’t rainbows and unicorn speech that needs to be protected; it’s the ugly, truthful speech.

9. What would you like to say or impart to Jane Doe today?

I would tell her that she is a hero to so many men and women across the world and she has no idea just how many lives she touched, and how many lives she changed. I have received so many emails and stories from people over the years telling me how this case opened old wounds for them but they were hopeful in how society victim blames and shames would improve.

10. You also faced a suit over your blog. What argument did your legal team make in order to get the defamation suit dropped? Or, in other words, how can other blogs and sites like yours avoid being bullied or threatened with suits?

In late October, 2012 I did get sued as well as 25 anonymous John Doe commenters who had posted on my blog prinniefied.com. I was living in California and my legal team (Thomas Haren, Jeffrey Nye and Marc Randazza) did not accept service on my behalf. We never presented a legal argument to the Court as I was never served officially with the complaint. During the entire time the defamation suit was ongoing, my main concern and focus was finding the John Doe defendants legal representation. I was very worried that should their identities be revealed that they might face harassment in their hometown of Steubenville as most of the commenters who were visiting my blog were Steubenville locals. In mid-December, 2012, we were able to get representation for all of the John Doe defendant/commenters when the ACLU stepped in on their behalf. Within a week or so of the ACLU becoming involved, the Plaintiffs voluntarily dismissed the suit with prejudice, meaning they could never file it again. In my opinion, and that of my counsel, this was a SLAPP suit — a strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) is a lawsuit that is intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition.

My advice to other bloggers is to host their websites offshore with a company that is in a country that will not comply with US subpoenas, especially if they want their commenters to be able to speak freely without the chilling effect of a lawsuit.

11. If you could change one thing about how you covered Steubenville, what would it be?

This is a hard question. When the floodgates of media opened up it was very difficult to correct erroneous information that was being referenced and I was being sued — so it was very hard for me to try to correct information as I wasn’t able to speak publicly about the case because of the lawsuit.

12. What are you working on now? What types of news are you covering today?

My blogging at prinniefied has slowed down a lot. Mostly because after the lawsuit, it really did trigger a “chilling effect — not just with me, but commenters who were now fearful to comment because myself and my commenters had been sued. I am writing a memoir, and hopefully will finish it one day soon, but for now in this moment, I am focusing on my health and getting well. I am actually in the hospital now after having surgery 5 days ago. My surgeons removed an 8” mass and I am trying to get strong enough to be released home soon. Please excuse any typos or grammatical errors as they have me medicated.

13. Finally, how can people help support you and your journalistic efforts?

People can support me and my journalistic efforts by being an “upstander” rather than a bystander. I want people to walk away from my story feeling empowered to do the right thing, and by being that one lone voice in the crowd who speaks up even if doing so is uncomfortable.

Questions from editor:

  1. Not to invade Jane Doe’s privacy, but I’d like to know if she’s doing okay these days.

I have never spoken directly to Jane Doe, but do speak to her attorney regularly and have received messages from her mother through Mr. Fitzsimmons. I am told that she is doing very well. She graduated with honors, continued to play soccer throughout high school and was nominated for Homecoming Court. She is very fortunate to have a very loving, supportive family and others around her who love and support her, and she’s doing well. I applaud her. I’m not sure that I could have made it through something like this, but she did, and I foresee her doing great things in her life.

2. Have you heard of Carnegie Melon’s play on the subject?


No, I had not heard of this until you provided the link. I think it is wonderful that there are so many creative people who have used this case as a teaching moment utilizing the arts.

3. The years since have given rise to the “men’s rights” movement. Do you ever feel disappointed that the discussion (in pretty much every comment section I’ve seen) has become so muddied?

I think that many discussions have become muddied, and so many people have lost sight about acceptance, and being tolerant. I want equality for everyone but rights are going to be violated in order to create change. It’s the natural order of life. You have to find the problem to fix it. It is okay to agree to disagree with someone on their views and there is a respectful way to do so. It is also hard not to get aggressive sometimes when it is an issue you are passionate about. I don’t know that there will ever be middle ground or a time when discussions aren’t muddied. I think that is just human nature, and sadly there are a lot of people in this world who behave “sub-humanly”…so it’s a matter of picking your battles and choosing what you elect to drive you crazy. LOL.

We love to thank Ms. Goddard for being such a trooper and interviewing with us while she’s in the hospital, and we’d also like to take this moment to thank her for the work she did on behalf of Jane Doe and against shaming of survivors of assault everywhere. We’re so very sorry how much it cost her and still feel that the world is truly blessed for the courage and sacrifice she showed on behalf of her fellow women. Thank you, Ms. Goddard, you are truly legendary.

We want to thank our friends at the Women’s Peacepower Foundation for helping to arrange the interview with Ms. Goddard, a winner of their 2015 Women of Peace Award.


Dunna Speaks Incognito

October 21, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  5 Comments

What do you do when you realize everyone has found you out?

You scurry to your mentor for advice, who in this case is Murt, sock up late at night and pretend you are a negotiator for the United Nations!! Hahaha

    1. You’ve gotten a lot of people angry with you. I’d suggest paying them back. Looks like you have the financial stability….

    2. I’m sorry your children were dragged into the nonsense.

    3. Uncalled for. Deric should apologize for that sort of unbecoming behavior.

    4. If I am coming across as dismissive, that is not my intentions.

    5. However, I realize I’m in over my head and I’ve been met with resistance. 

    6. I have been watching this play out for a while. Thought I’d try to resolve it.

    7. I had to try to make peace. Emotions are boiling over and this is a lost cause.

    8. Threatening children is uncalled for. I can understand how that would cause emotions to boil over.

    9. I knew how I would be characterized this way and possibly met with resistance. I had to try.

    10. No. I really take umbrage to the way I’m being treated. I’m trying to be respectful to all parties.

    11. I’m sorry you feel this way. Guess I’m trying to resolve a lost cause. :(

    12. When everyone is at the table, talking openly and honestly. I think the dialogue is healthy.

    13. If that is your grievance I won’t include her. Only purpose is trying to bring everyone to the table.

    14. Please take in enough electrolytes and minerals dear.

    15. I was just wondering if Mr. Olsen had been arrested. I seriously hope not. I want this resolved.

    16. She needs to take it to small claims courts & judicially deal with it

    17. Donna, if you tried to contact the people that gave an award. Apologize, retract and move on. Like a lady.

    18. Legend. That is a stretch. She’s smart and brave. But a legend? Not hating. Just sayin.

    19. Please do not call names. That will only make the feud intensify. Please try to deescalate.

    20. What is the main issue with Deric and how can he correct his alleged wrong doing?

    21. Please use ‘s real name. Not immature variations. Let’s resolve this please. cc

    22. Question. Did tell Deric she wanted him to pay back when she gave him the money?

    23. Hi dear. I’m trying to get resolve the underlying issues with . Are you interested?

    24. Lynda, Holly. I think you two are making this situation worse. Can we be mature? Please.

    25. Would you be interested in settling this feud with Donna and Deric? You and your hubby ?

    26. If you can stand back from the drama & give the parties involved the chance to squash this I would appreciate it, Thanks dear

    27. I am going to extend my services and give you all a chance to make up your minds. Sound good?

    28. Deric, you have so many projects. I would hate to see all of it hindered because of online drama.

    29. Donna, as a graduate student, I know this distraction is not going to help you.

    30. Especially considering your health status. Donna, you need to concentrate on your studies.

    31. ( ) Prinnie, I’m sure that you do not need the undue stress of all the drama.

    32. ( ) I would like to help you all put this drama behind you.

    33. ( ) The three of you need to work out your issues and resolve matters in a mature adult fashion.

Murt and Dunna’s dicey relationship has been know forever.


Prinnie Wins “Women Of Peace” Award And Haters Go Nutz!!

October 14, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  7 Comments

1.2015.jpg (20087 bytes)2. Alexandria Goddard, Ohio – When a YouTube video went viral about a young woman  being gang raped by a high school football team, Alexandria felt she needed to be the voice of “Jane Doe”. Despite having to endure threats and forced to go into hiding she continued her investigation to get justice for Jane Doe”. 


Prinnie, as we know her, was attacked on twitter and quite vigorously! Wow!

Of course, it was the same old names, etc…. but they sure did get upset.

One got so upset she tweeted this:

Now, I agree all that was a very brave thing to do, but I think you left out the fact it was your brother who “raped” you and you later let him move into your home where you had 2 young daughters.

I know family incest situations are complicated, but I think maybe that’s how you lost your award.

Prinnie eventually had something to say about the matter herself. At the time of these attacks she was hospitalized and well…..

You can read what Prinnie had to say about this at: http://truecrimecrazytown.com/wp/index.php/2015/10/13/dunner-dimbledorf-the-internets-anal-sac/

Yup! That’s what she said. LOL!!

“Molly Fisher the Collapser” Contributes To RadioNewzBlog!!!

October 14, 2015 |  by  |  Blog  |  No Comments

Hey, believe it or not… the real Molly Fisher showed up.

Not as “Molly”…. whoever that was – her or someone else, but this time the contribution was civil. LOL!!

Molly Fisher the Collapser in California

Last month Slate reported that there is some drama surrounding the possibly premature report from Maxim that season 2 will be about the American POW Bowe Bergdahl http://www.slate.com/blogs/browbeat/2015/09/23/serial_season_2_topic_is_bowe_bergdahl_according_to_maxim_is_their_story.html

Another good true crime podcast: http://swordandscale.com/ It’s not Serial, and it’s not a serial, but if you’ve heard the first Serial, you’re pretty sure Adnan is guilty, and you would like to listen to something else until season two gets going, that’s a good one.

True Crime Buffs – “Serial” Podcast

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For those who are true crime buffs – you probably already know about this hit podcast series, but if you didn’t, you might be interested. FYI post.

“It’s Baltimore, 1999. Hae Min Lee, a popular high-school senior, disappears after school one day. Six weeks later detectives arrest her classmate and ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, for her murder. He says he’s innocent – though he can’t exactly remember what he was doing on that January afternoon. But someone can. A classmate at Woodlawn High School says she knows where Adnan was. The trouble is, she’s nowhere to be found.”

Serial’s first season, which debuted in October 2014, is complete. You can access its twelve episodes below, for free. Season 2 will feature a different story and will be coming sometime later in 2015. Sign up for newsletter updates . Serial is a spin-off of This American Life, a radio show and podcast which produces new shows throughout the year and which you can listen to here.


After Major Surgery “Prinnie” needs our help!

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I’ve been asked to post this YouCaring fund page and I’m pleased to do it.

The Story
The morning of October 5, 2015 Alexandria Goddard, also known as Prinnie, underwent a life threatening but necessary procedure known as a Sigmoid colonectomy after many years of battling diverticulitis. A very painful and life altering condition. On the same day they also removed an 8 inch mass from her bowel. She is currently still in the hospital and desperately needs our help. The expected full recovery time is 3-4 months. She is a single women (with two dogs) and during this time of recovery will have no means to support herself or pay her medical bills. Prior to surgery while being very ill she took consulting work to stay afloat but won’t be able to do this during recovery. She has spent her life helping others from food drives to housing the homeless and now we ask that out of the kindness of your heart you help our friend in her time of need.

A little background:
Alexandria Goddard is the creator and editor of Prinnified. She has a 20+ year career as a legal assistant with experience in fraud analysis and risk management as well as being a former volunteer guardian ad litem-court appointed special advicate for the juvenile court system. Goddard is also a business owner, providing social media profile analysis to parents, as well as offering training seminars to parents and educators to enable monitoring of children’s social media. She is a published writer and was just recently been honored with the “Women of Peace Award” presented by The Women’s peacepower foundation for having to endure going into hiding after she publically “outed” players of a Steubenville OH football team who live tweeted the rape of a 16 year old Girl. Despite death threats and having to hide she continued her investigation to seek justice for “Jane Doe”

She is an amazing person and a dear friend. Any amount will be greatly appreciated and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Murt Jr. (Deric Lostutter) Harasses Goddard While She Is Hospitalized!!

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Deric you can’t tell me or anyone else that you didn’t know Prinnie was in the hospital undergoing a major surgery and going through a terrible recovery process. It was all over her twitter.

The surgery she had was more than painful and the recovery is worse, yet you just kept up the harassment.

To do something like this has hit a new low for you, which I thought was impossible. I was wrong. You’re just like Murt – spiteful, small and revengeful. That has gotten both of you no where, but except at the bottom of the gutter.

You even attacked Sam and Bobby because they were trying to deflect you away from her, allowing her some peace, but no – you kept right up

Deric, you once had the world at your finger tips and then you went weird and completely melted down.

Shame on you!!